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  • MMiThemer - browse/install SummerBoard themes right from your iPhone

    Updated to 0.21BETA 6/8/08 2:25AM:
    - zodttd pointed something out which should explain why it worked for some users and not others. Thanks zodttd
    - You used a libgcc_s in a path that doesnt always exist
    - Library not loaded: /usr/local/arm-apple-darwin/lib/libgcc_s.1.dylib was dscovered thanks to Drakenza's crash log
    - this has been fixed in version 0.21BETA

    Many people don't seem to understand the term beta so I am now including the definition:
    beta - preliminary or testing stage of a software or hardware product; "a beta version"; "beta software"

    ModMyI is proud to beta release MMiThemer, which gives you access to our huge SummerBoard themes database straight from your iPhone. Now available on Installer and Cydia, the app allows you to browse through our hundreds of available themes created by ModMyI members, and install them right from the iPhone.

    We will be updating this app frequently, but figured its to a point well enough now that you guys can start beta testing it so we can see how it works in production volume.

    cash edit: This is a BETA so post bugs in thread. If the bug has already been posted please do not post it again.

    apply theme with customize 2.0, summerboard, or Kate.

    Updated 6/7/08 11:17pm to 0.20BETA: The error of themes not showing up once installed should be fixed with the update. Also added more messages indicating that this is a beta.
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    1. smokepsp32's Avatar
      smokepsp32 -
      nice apps...
    1. scottyboy181's Avatar
      scottyboy181 -
      Themes downloading but not appearing in summerboard. Using 1.1.3 firmware. Any suggestions?
    1. artjr's Avatar
      artjr -
      ok so what kind of backup program should be use for the jailbroken iphone? I would also like to backup what I can on my iphone but what is a good program?
    1. jayc7176's Avatar
      jayc7176 -
      Many Many Props..! to mmi for this great App! Totally Awsom

      Many Thanks
    1. mobsta's Avatar
      mobsta -
      i tired to download tha skateboard them the jordan xxi theme n the i leaopard theme and they downlaoded then it went to springboarddddddddd
    1. starfreak's Avatar
      starfreak -
      The "Featured" section won't show up on my 1.1.4 FW iphone, pwned. (ZiPhone to be more specific)
    1. peeInMyPantz's Avatar
      peeInMyPantz -
      Quote Originally Posted by starfreak View Post
      The "Featured" section won't show up on my 1.1.4 FW iphone, pwned. (ZiPhone to be more specific)
      the featured page is currently empty because there are no featured themes yet.

      Quote Originally Posted by mobsta View Post
      i tired to download tha skateboard them the jordan xxi theme n the i leaopard theme and they downlaoded then it went to springboarddddddddd
      is it only for these 2 themes, or do you have problem with other themes as well? I tried to download them, but it's working fine

      Quote Originally Posted by scottyboy181 View Post
      Themes downloading but not appearing in summerboard. Using 1.1.3 firmware. Any suggestions?
      try checking permission of MMiThemer.

      Quote Originally Posted by Cristabelle View Post
      Themer is not a big fan of the Stewie theme on my phone, and the Megan Fox theme on bf's phone. Ironically I can install Megan, but it crashes when installing on bf's.

      Also, "load more" is usually followed by a crash in the popular and latest sections, and always when searching. As I posted earlier, the search function doesn't find all themes. I tried searching for Stewie and it didn't show, even though i spelled it correctly.
      Did you use the same jailbreak method as your boyfriend?
      what is the exact name of Stewie theme? With a capital S?
      the crashes with 'load more' happens to both you and your bf?

      Quote Originally Posted by deniser View Post
      I have installed this. I find after scrolling through a couple of pages the program crashes and exits. I have installed a few themes. Some of them show up in summerboard and some do not show up in summerboard.

      I have SUID fix installed. I uninstalled and reinstalled this app with the same results. Hope this helps the developers as this is potentially an awesome app. I am running a pwned 1.1.4 iphone
      what are the themes that show up and what not? I think sometimes that themes aren't uploaded in the right format. what's your jailbreak method?

      Quote Originally Posted by maximalimited View Post
      I have installer 3.11 and summerboard loaded. Just installed the new beta MMi themer. It isn't working and I wanted to remove it. When going into installer however it is not listed. How do you uninstall it?
      I think your installation was not complete. Did it crash during installation? Try waiting for the next update to show up, and install over existing installation. After that, see if it works. If it doesn't, and if you have installed it properly this time, you should be able to uninstall the application.

      What is your jailbreak method? and how was it not working? It crashes at startup? or the themes that you download does not show up? or it crashes when you are downloading your themes?

      Quote Originally Posted by camperchuck1 View Post
      same thing happend to me, i didnt have a recent backup so i lost 100s of photos of my newborn and lots of contacts, notes, etc. Note to self... ALWAYS MAKE A CURRENT BACKUP BEFORE YOU MESS WITH BETA SOFTWARE! Other than that its pretty neat app and i liked it.

      i tried ziphone, ibrickr, and iliberty. none of them would kick it out of restore mode. i rebooted my phone like 20 times with no success.
      what was the method that you used to jailbreak your phone?

      Quote Originally Posted by bklynjava View Post
      My 2nd test Clean install.

      Its Official this shiat ROCKS!!!

      Every theme I chose installed and works Great.

      Excellent Excellent Excellent....
      what was your jailbreak method?

      Quote Originally Posted by Cristabelle View Post
      Can someone add badboybills Tinkerbell theme to the themer? Have tried to install it (downloaded all 3 versions) for 2 days but it refuses to work when done manually.
      what do you mean by manually?

      Quote Originally Posted by mcdj View Post
      I've only used it to install 1 theme. It froze while downloading. I force quit the app then went to SMB and the theme was there.

      Other than the freeze it seems to work ok. My only suggestion would be to make the previews scalable. Some previews are of the entire screen, but too small to see, while others are large enough to see a corner of the screen, but can't be moved to see the rest.
      what was the jailbreak method that you used? were you playing songs while downloading?

      previews aren't scaled properly yet. I have not tested if I should scale it with the phone, because that'll slow down the program, and probably less stable since more memory are used. it'll probably take sometime before all the images are scaled properly

      Quote Originally Posted by SwEeTeStSuNrIzE View Post
      It seems to be constantly shutting down on me when I try to use it. If that was fixed it would b an excellent application.

      It would also be awesome if someone could make that infamous tinkerbell theme installable. I have tried just about everything to get it on my phone and it still isn't working.
      what's the exact name of the tinkerbell theme? just tinkerbell? is it available in mmi in the first place?

      what's your jailbreak method?
    1. mobsta's Avatar
      mobsta -
      Quote Originally Posted by peeInMyPantz View Post

      what's the exact name of the tinkerbell theme? just tinkerbell? is it available in mmi in the first place?

      what's your jailbreak method?
      it doesnt work for iphone themes
    1. laz305's Avatar
      laz305 -
      nice installed with np i browsed but nothing worth installing yet that i don't already have installed lol thx look forward to updates and using this.
    1. Maknificent's Avatar
      Maknificent -
      I recently updated to .24 beta I believe...and once installed I kept losing my "E" icon...my phone couldn't keep a steady signal and I could no longer receive or send sms...Un-installed it and everything's back to normal
    1. Portenia's Avatar
      Portenia -
      Downloaded the program on friday. It was working great (thou some themes didn't show up in summerboard). Today i installed the upgrade and now it's not working. The icon on the phone is clear. I installed SUID fix, reinstalled MMIthemer and nothing. Not working.

      Nevermind. It's working now
    1. y0ungSir's Avatar
      y0ungSir -
      The original theme is the best one.
    1. scorpio1973's Avatar
      scorpio1973 -
      Hmmm, the program seems to be working, but there is no pic in for the icon. Is anyone else having this problem?
    1. ifini's Avatar
      ifini -
      Same problem here

      What I did was SSH and replace the blank icon in /Applications/MMiThemer with the one that was backed up by my Customize Original BackUp files

      Here's the icon in case anyone needs it

    1. scorpio1973's Avatar
      scorpio1973 -
      Thanks for the suggestion!
    1. soupboy's Avatar
      soupboy -
      Posting feedback about my experience with MMiThemer.

      Jailbroken iPhone 1.1.4 with ZiPhone 2.3.

      Installed fine, opened first attempt, browsed through themes fine and loaded everything correctly.
      The first theme I installed though, install went fine, went into Summerboard and chose the theme quit summerboard like usual, little loading logo came up. Waited, waited and waited some more. Never loaded new icons, Tried rebooting, still won't get past the Apple logo with the loading sign. Loading symbol will eventually freeze and phone won't boot past this stage.

      As iTunes can still find it, wondering if there is an easy way to reboot/ssh possibly and just change the theme?
    1. miaseren's Avatar
      miaseren -
      MMiThemer works only partly for me'even works when installed . But sadly i can only brouse a few pages of themes b4 it crashes .

      Lots of ppl got probs with this , such a shame because if the faults can be fixed it would be great .
    1. ayanami22's Avatar
      ayanami22 -
      love the app so far, wish it wasnt so buggy, but ill live

      i have an unlocked iphone on 1.14

      when i install a theme, some of them work, some dont (the DC skate theme with icons doesnt work)

      additionally, installer asks to update MMiThemer from .24 beta to .25, when i update it wants to update again, but back to .24
    1. suave257's Avatar
      suave257 -
      is it ready for iphone 2.0.1 yet? and if so where can i get it?
    1. Real_Iphonecrazy's Avatar
      Real_Iphonecrazy -
      Yeh id like to try it out on FW2.0,1 if its available? If not when will it be available for FW2.0,1.