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  • MMiThemer - browse/install SummerBoard themes right from your iPhone

    Updated to 0.21BETA 6/8/08 2:25AM:
    - zodttd pointed something out which should explain why it worked for some users and not others. Thanks zodttd
    - You used a libgcc_s in a path that doesnt always exist
    - Library not loaded: /usr/local/arm-apple-darwin/lib/libgcc_s.1.dylib was dscovered thanks to Drakenza's crash log
    - this has been fixed in version 0.21BETA

    Many people don't seem to understand the term beta so I am now including the definition:
    beta - preliminary or testing stage of a software or hardware product; "a beta version"; "beta software"

    ModMyI is proud to beta release MMiThemer, which gives you access to our huge SummerBoard themes database straight from your iPhone. Now available on Installer and Cydia, the app allows you to browse through our hundreds of available themes created by ModMyI members, and install them right from the iPhone.

    We will be updating this app frequently, but figured its to a point well enough now that you guys can start beta testing it so we can see how it works in production volume.

    cash edit: This is a BETA so post bugs in thread. If the bug has already been posted please do not post it again.

    apply theme with customize 2.0, summerboard, or Kate.

    Updated 6/7/08 11:17pm to 0.20BETA: The error of themes not showing up once installed should be fixed with the update. Also added more messages indicating that this is a beta.
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    1. bklynjava's Avatar
      bklynjava -
      First test.

      Used the Popular tab and chose the first theme "tdk joker".

      The process ran like it installed but nothing shows on the phone.

      Areas I checked for the theme both show only what I originally had.


      Yet the theme is no longer available in the Popular Tab as if it installed.
    1. iPhoneMadness's Avatar
      iPhoneMadness -
      Quote Originally Posted by Argo_Rei View Post
      I'm having a similar problem...the actual program is running fantastic...the themes just dont show up on summerboard. I'm on 1.1.4 and i have no other theme related apps installed

      also i'd love to know how to change the ratings...i resent the big F on mine
      Same here.
    1. MetallicaFan1991's Avatar
      MetallicaFan1991 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Teh H4RrY View Post
      Works Perfect. I have not had any problems so far. Only thing, wheres the spring board icon? Its just a blank square. Or is it meant to be like that?
      (One beef i noticed. Loads of themes i have seen haven't made an icon for the weather program, Is there a diffuculty to make that one or what?)
      The weather icon doesn't work on most themes. Theres a fix in installer but not sure what it's called.
    1. Teh H4RrY's Avatar
      Teh H4RrY -
      Quote Originally Posted by A.T View Post
      The weather icon doesn't work on most themes. Theres a fix in installer but not sure what it's called.

      Ahh ok. Ill look into that
    1. 1_iPhone_Lovin_Canadian's Avatar
      1_iPhone_Lovin_Canadian -
      thanks everyone for the info, i just had to restore my phone and start all over again.

    1. Teh H4RrY's Avatar
      Teh H4RrY -
      Quote Originally Posted by 1_iPhone_Lovin_Canadian View Post
      thanks everyone for the info, i just had to restore my phone and start all over again.

      Damn thats a buggar. Question: When you restore does it put it to a "fresh out the box" State?
    1. billchase2's Avatar
      billchase2 -
      this looks great! nice job guys! installing now...
    1. mikerzt's Avatar
      mikerzt -
      great. froze my phone and wont even boot up now.
    1. cockyjeremy's Avatar
      cockyjeremy -
      works perfectly for me.. thanks!! my only idea would be to make it where we can load the themes we download without opening summerboard, customize, etc. other than that.. AWESOME JOB!!
    1. kay_5's Avatar
      kay_5 -

      i have install. the mmithemer. and when i download a theme. than i dont find it in the smb or in custumize.
    1. t.storbeck's Avatar
      t.storbeck -
      Same problem as most everyone else with the themes not showing up in Summerboard, but with an added twist it crashes in the search screen when I touch the blank area.

      1.1.4 w/ Summerboard
    1. zauriel's Avatar
      zauriel -
      Yep, way too buggy for me right now. Downloaded, found a theme I liked, installed, then it froze and restarted my phone (making me worried when it took like 3-4 minutes to hit the unlock screen). The theme didn't show downloaded, so I tried a different one, it seemed to stall but eventually downloaded successfully (or at least it said it did). But same as with the others, it doesn't show up in either SummerBoard or Customize. I was checking out Customize when suddenly my phone froze again and then rebooted. It got stuck in a loop which sucked, so I had to do a manual power-down and restart it, and after another 3-4 minutes, back to normal. I uninstalled MMiThemer as soon as I could after that. I'll be happy to check this program out again in the future once it's out of beta.

      The only complaint I had about the actual layout of the program is that a lot of those pics of the themes are screwed up once you select one to look at. They're either really close zooms of one particular area of the theme, or they're shrunk so small it's hard to make some of the icons out. There should be an option to see a full-screen image of the theme (i.e., there should be guidelines for submission indicating a specific image size must be provided, if there's not already).
    1. Mr. Six's Avatar
      Mr. Six -
      I'm having the freezing issue too, now my phone is stuck on the bootscreen and won't work. Have to restore now.

      EDIT: Phew, finally booted after about 8 tries, I REALLY didn't want to restore and start all over, I'm uninstalling this for now, I will try it again in the future when it is more stable.
    1. gymhead6's Avatar
      gymhead6 -
      Quote Originally Posted by chris52204 View Post
      Where does it install the themes? I can't find them anywhere.
      I can't find mine either, I have downloaded several, but cannot find them...
    1. tbluhp's Avatar
      tbluhp -
      The themes don't let me apply them under SMBPrefs (summerboard) and in the actual app under installed tab no apply button?
    1. cockyjeremy's Avatar
      cockyjeremy -
      Quote Originally Posted by gymhead6 View Post
      I can't find mine either, I have downloaded several, but cannot find them...
      That's weird. Mine show up perfectly fine in Summerboard.. i click it, hit the home button.. and it works fine. I guess i just got lucky.

      I'm on 1.1.4 btw.
    1. serge619's Avatar
      serge619 -
      awesome app but uninstalling due to it acting like poop. Can't wait till the non-beta version comes out. I'm having same issues as others. Themes not showing up and self rebooting to the apple icon.
    1. l0uisz's Avatar
      l0uisz -
      this is sweet ! i hope to see alot of development on this app! ill be on the look out for the those bugs
    1. Yaddada's Avatar
      Yaddada -
      i cant set the themes. i downloaded several and i cant figure out how to set them. i checked summerboard and customize but they arent there help??
    1. Piqui's Avatar
      Piqui -
      same for me, downloaded 4 themes, not one is showing up, booting up fine however