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  • iPhone Graffiti - HWPen brings handwriting recognition

    Originally posted here, Hanwang.com.cn has developed a handwriting recognition app for the iPhone.

    Still in beta, Latin and Chinese characters are both recognized, and the input is currently done with the finger. Of course you could also use the Pogo Stylus or TapRight as well, if you're more of a stylus folk.

    Currently, the only way to get HWPen is to add iphonecake.com/src/all as a source in your Installer and grab it from there. I have emailed them to see if they'd like it hosted on our Community Source and Cydia as well, so hopefully you'll see it there as well soon.

    Note: this is a beta version, so backup your /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.SpringBoard.plist before you go! just in case...
    Many folks come from Palm OS handsets, and have fallen in love with their graffiti handwriting recognition, and miss that when they come to the iPhone. HWPen, while still in early stages, could fill that gap as well for the people who just can't live without their handwriting recognition.
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    1. HaiLong's Avatar
      HaiLong -
      Looks like this is the best dictionary for translating from Han Zi to Pin Yin/ English: http://stardict.sourceforge.net/Dictionaries_zh_CN.php
      Dowload the tarbal format of the one labeled:

      cedict-gb dictionary(zh_CN - en)

      After that, unzip the package and change the extension on the .dict.dz to .dict.gz and unzip that file, after that you should have a .dict, a .idx, and one other, place them all in your wedict library folder and ur good
    1. wearmaize's Avatar
      wearmaize -
      Quote Originally Posted by imode69 View Post
      How about a cookie instead?
      It's passover. I can't eat cookies.
    1. L!z@rD's Avatar
      L!z@rD -
      hii guyz from where i can download this app
    1. aspirine's Avatar
      aspirine -
      thanks for the link dude
    1. atgunit's Avatar
      atgunit -
      can anyone please post up com.apple.SpringBoard.plist for 1.1.4 firmware please to rapid share or anywhere. Thank you in advance.

      The original one please.
    1. Xaber's Avatar
      Xaber -
      This is what happens on 114 in landscape mode...anyone get this?
    1. atgunit's Avatar
      atgunit -
      anyone have the original 1.1.4 com.apple.SpringBoard.plist located in /System/Library/LaunchDaemons
    1. deck's Avatar
      deck -
      Quote Originally Posted by Xaber View Post
      This is what happens on 114 in landscape mode...anyone get this?
      Im also getting this, and I also need the original file to backup
    1. jpeg's Avatar
      jpeg -
      HELP ME
      I am on 1.1.4 unlocked and jailbroken i installed this and now none of my apps work i cant type and i cant push anything i can answer calls but i cant make them cause my buttons in my phone app sont work please help me

      by the way i was an idiot and didnt backup my plist
    1. tehippo's Avatar
      tehippo -
      WARNING! I had the same problem i think. I installed without backing up springboard plist , app wouldn't work so i uninstalled and rebooted. Now the iphone wouldn't start up. DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP (until problem is fixed)!

      I found a 1.1.4 plist here: http://rs355.rapidshare.com/files/10...ingBoard.plist

      SSH into your phone and browse to /System/Library/LaunchDaemons and replace the file.

      Now it works normally again.
    1. HaiLong's Avatar
      HaiLong -
      The app just released an update, and it fixed the whole safari issue, you can know use the landscape keyboard perfectly, but handwriting still doesn't work in landscape, the function is just removed if you are using the horizontal keyboard. This app is frickin awesome!!!!!
    1. wearmaize's Avatar
      wearmaize -
      The update fixes a lot.

      I'll keep it now.
    1. spkane's Avatar
      spkane -
      The file manager in iFuntastic works great for this as well, on Mac OS X. The actually problem is that you need to remove the reference to HWPEN from the DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES in com.apple.SpringBoard.
    1. ekidd's Avatar
      ekidd -
      Does anyone know if this app will mess anything up or if it will work just fine if you have modded keyboards on 1.1.4??
    1. `rzr's Avatar
      `rzr -
      does it still crash the phone ?
    1. LGgeek's Avatar
      LGgeek -
      Just curious what kind of modded keyboards do you have ?
      I didn't think you could mod keyboards (ala armadillo/ Aqwoah keyboard) past 112.
    1. ekidd's Avatar
      ekidd -
      Quote Originally Posted by LGgeek View Post
      Just curious what kind of modded keyboards do you have ?
      I didn't think you could mod keyboards (ala armadillo/ Aqwoah keyboard) past 112.
      well your wrong on that. I have the aqwoah, a blue, a red, a gold, a green, and a black keyboard on my 1.1.4 phone. of course i just switch to whatever colored/theme keyboard i feel like using with danimators customize....along with different colored artwork files too..
    1. 98xploder's Avatar
      98xploder -
      wow.. this app is cool. does it help when texting? or just in the notes..
    1. ctferrarajr's Avatar
      ctferrarajr -
      This app seems very useful for me but i cant seem to install it.

      I added the iphonecake.com/src/all source and can see other apps of theirs but not hwpen.

      I am using 2.2 if that matters.

      Somebody please help me. I have been searching the web for an alternative or an alternative source for about an hour.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Quote Originally Posted by ctferrarajr View Post

      I am using 2.2 if that matters.
      This app is for FW 1.2.x not FW2.X and as the last post was last May it looks like it's not been updated.