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  • OpenTTD - Transport Tycoon Deluxe on your iPhone / iPod Touch

    ZodTTD, author of the PSX and GBA emulators for the iPhone and iPod Touch, has released another incredible app, this one a port of the classic game Transport Tycoon Deluxe, via an OpenTTD port.

    The game is now available via Installer on the MMi Community Source, weighing in at a whopping 5.1 MB download.

    Feature’s include:

    - Classic tycoon simulation gameplay!

    - 38 different languages supported!

    - Internet Multiplayer games on the iPhone and iPod Touch!

    - A nearly 100% accurate port. Only things missing from the PC version are text input, sound, and music which will be implemented into my adaptation of the SDL port in coming releases.

    - Multi-touch support for right clicking and positioning/clicking the cursor.


    The game comes with American and UK English installed. If you need other languages, there are 38 of them in the language file here, which you can install if you'd like. We chose not to include them all due to pure bandwidth.

    Visit ZodTTD's site and donate to get early beta access to his releases before they're made public.
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    1. gaz's Avatar
      gaz -
      Same problem I'm having... No OpenTTD under the Game category.

      Thanks anway.
    1. andrewe13's Avatar
      andrewe13 -
      i'm having the problem too... wish this was fixed on our side :/
    1. Cody Overcash's Avatar
      Cody Overcash -
      try going to sources and refresh, if it asks you to update, update.
    1. thelmuffinman's Avatar
      thelmuffinman -
      Quote Originally Posted by fmg00 View Post
      nice!! now im just waiting for a Civilization port...
    1. kaynine_9's Avatar
      kaynine_9 -
      did anyone play the game online
    1. anggana's Avatar
      anggana -
      hi All,

      I install this apps yesterday, after its finished installing my iphone hang, cannot do anything untill up to one point its screen turn to wait and restarted.

      After its reboot unexpectedly, the openTTD is there but unfortunatelly something has happened, my Dock apps crashed because of this and it appears the dsiplay for cammera is also a bit disturb (dont know why).

      Then I uninstall the OpenTTD, and reinstall the DOcks.

      The Docks sometimes crash on certain event, like when I did some theme switch or did some customizing.

      has this kind of thing happen to one of u guys?
    1. boksa02's Avatar
      boksa02 -
      You know I love to see a game supporting 38 different languages. I would really love to see NEW app. That would translate lauguages. At least one that iPhone supports . Call it iTranslate Could be a usefull app used world wide They may already have it but since I'm on 1.1.3 I kind a forgot lol.
      I'm glad that update didn't lasted for a week Great job Dev team !!! We THANK YOU! Now I can sleep at night LOL
    1. ishan_t's Avatar
      ishan_t -
      can someone help me!!! modmyi source is automatically gone from my iphone installer.. i tried to add it again but its not coming
    1. ajl917's Avatar
      ajl917 -
      Quote Originally Posted by ishan_t View Post
      can someone help me!!! modmyi source is automatically gone from my iphone installer.. i tried to add it again but its not coming
      Are you sure it isnt installed in your community sources area? If not, uninstall and reinstall community sources...
    1. BoostedEvoIX's Avatar
      BoostedEvoIX -
      i found it on installer easy
    1. BoostedEvoIX's Avatar
      BoostedEvoIX -
    1. BoostedEvoIX's Avatar
      BoostedEvoIX -
      So i dl this app from installer and when i touch the icon to play it, it takes me back to the main screen. I have plenty of space left on my phone.. What do i do to make it work? Im new to this phone so im kinda lost
    1. JakeA712's Avatar
      JakeA712 -
      Would Age of Empires work on iTouch? The online/multiplayer aspect wouldn't work but it's not much more complicated than Transport Tycoon. Anyways, great game.