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  • iPod Nano Wristwatch Coming to Apple Stores This Week

    Remember last year when Scot Wilson debut his take on the iPod Nano wristwatch?

    Remember when Wilson couldn't secure a manufacturer for the design, leaving the concept in limbo?

    Remember how he then decided to post his creation on Kickstarter.com to raise funding, and in a month raised nearly $1,000,000 from 13,500 backers?

    Yea, neither do I, but Wilson's beautiful creations will be sold in Apple Retail Stores across the country this week.

    Wilson with no where to turn, proved every manufacturer wrong.

    "A lot of people just donít have the instincts to know whether itís going to sell, so they just donít want to gamble. But to see it globally accepted across 50 countries, thatís not much of a risk.I bounced it off of different contacts at different retail channels, and they all decided that it needed to be in that 34.95 to 35.95 sweet spot." - Wilson
    When posting on Kickstarter companies or individuals usually create tiered incentives based on how much is donated. Wilson's incentives worked. They lured prospective donators by making a $25 pledge earn them a TikTok watch kit (MSRP $39.95) and $50 scored you a metallic LunaTik (MSRP $79.95).

    The discounted prices proved successful. In fact it proved successful for Apple as well. In a survey sent out to his backers 76% of them bought a Nano just because of the watchband. Wilson sold 21,120 units through Kickstarter and another 20,000 through LunaTik.com.

    That's when Apple caught on. The LunaTik silver and red will be available in Apple Stores for $79.95 and the TikTok black and white will be available for $39.95.

    I never thought I'd buy an iPod nano. Till now.

    Source: Factsodesign.com, LunaTick
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    1. eg6motion's Avatar
      eg6motion -
      So apple is expanding their wristband line.... why is this news to so many that Nano wristbands exist. These have been available for quite some time.
    1. delusion950's Avatar
      delusion950 -
      Pass on this one as well but it looks nice..
    1. allgeekeverything's Avatar
      allgeekeverything -
      Thats what I thought when I launched the project but so many people have no idea the iPod Nano could be converted into wristwatch.
    1. PhantomPhoenix's Avatar
      PhantomPhoenix -
      Uhh Id rather not look like I'm in middle school. Seriously, maybe someday apple could do a watch with some type of style but right now you might as well wear a pocket protector or just a big sign boldly advertising that youre firmly in possession of your v-card and will be for the forseeable future.
    1. Cowboy's Avatar
      Cowboy -
      It's more or less news because they will be sold in apple stores they where an online only thing for along time
    1. slap690's Avatar
      slap690 -
      There will probably be a record number of these ruined by sweat, rain, or kids getting them wet washing their hands.
    1. unison999's Avatar
      unison999 -
      Would I go buy a nano and a band to strap it on when I have a TagHeuer or even a Casio on my wrist? Hell no!!
      #1. The damn thing is not water proof, no way am I putting that on my wrist.
      #2. I am not going to charge my watch every day, I am already byotching about self winding watches (automatic) which still needs winding once a week.
      #3. There is already enough watch band on ebay already.
      I am sure this will sell quite a few on Apple but it is just small percentage of people who buys Apple product.
    1. jamesgunaca's Avatar
      jamesgunaca -
      Looks cool, but the wearer wouldn't look cool wearing it.
    1. iRepairIndy's Avatar
      iRepairIndy -
      This design is so simple and its gonna make this guy millions.

      Why can't I come up with this kinda stuff... lol
    1. EddieLeonard's Avatar
      EddieLeonard -
      what i dont understand... is why not make a watch strap, with speakers in it??? so like the headphone jack is facing away from the wrist instead of up the arm or towards the hand, then have the watch face part connected to the strap with a speaker????? :@ its soo simple!!!!

      if i had the cash, i would sooo design that myself!!!!
    1. ninthchamber99's Avatar
      ninthchamber99 -
      I dont know what to say about this one....I think I would prefer a standard watch instead of a "nano-watch". Dont get me wrong, I love my apple products, but not that much to get this watch, I'll pass.
    1. Evilsaint's Avatar
      Evilsaint -
      Simple but I'll pass my tissot does it's job perfectly.
    1. luvmytj's Avatar
      luvmytj -
      Quote Originally Posted by beninspain View Post
      Let's hope this spurs the release of angry birds port for iPod nano.
      You gonna play that with some sort of snap-on magnifying glass? LOL
    1. hoqts's Avatar
      hoqts -
      I'm not a watch person. This will be useless for me
      I have my iPhone to tell me the time. I wonder if the nano watch needs to be charged like my pink nano. Lol.
    1. trentmorris's Avatar
      trentmorris -
      Whether you like how it looks or not, you have to give him props for raising a mil and making it happen. I'm very happy for him.
    1. iamutman's Avatar
      iamutman -
      I've owned this product for a few months. My brother contributed to the kickstarter thing as an Xmas present for me and I refuse to go to the gym without it
    1. Antman217's Avatar
      Antman217 -
      Why is this such a big deal. iPod nano watch straps have been around for a while now.
    1. mrrippey's Avatar
      mrrippey -
      I'll buy one.......for my wife.

    1. iCR4C's Avatar
      iCR4C -
      Of course this will sell out in minutes

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    1. Jahooba's Avatar
      Jahooba -
      That's good for him: well done, sir!

      I abhor big watches, though.