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  • YourTube 2 Hits Cydia with Sweet New Feature

    I don't want to over-dramatize the sweetness of YourTube 2, a new app which is now available via Cydia, but this neat little arrival to our app world certainly, at least from my perspective, falls into the category of "this app is so cool I'm bummed about having to write this article and take time away from actually enjoying it."

    If you're wondering, this app is, indeed, unique from the original YourTube and comes packed with new features, one of which is simply amazing and makes it worth this honorable mention. In a nutshell, you can now add movies/downloaded videos to your iPod Library. That is, you download a movie directly from YouTube.app and then you can add it to your iPod library from there.

    YourTube 2 comes to us by way of a dev group called Cocoanuts, which includes the likes of francis and westbaer and copumpkin among others we are fans of. Hosted by MMi in Cydia, YourTube 2 is now available and ready for you to enjoy on this long holiday weekend... although we're pretty sure the first vid you download from YouTube for later viewing on your iPod won't be Chris Martin's performance from last week's Apple event

    YourTube 2

    EDIT: Oh, and good to know as well: the tweak is free if you bought YourTube after July 1, $1 upgrade if you bought it before July 1, and $5 if you've never owned it. And it fully supports the iPhone 4.
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    1. D to the M's Avatar
      D to the M -
      how unfortunate this app is dead
    1. darkholeconsumer's Avatar
      darkholeconsumer -
      I am also crashing and on top of that I uninstantiated it earlier and new i have four icons in the bottom of youtube. Help?!
    1. matthew_d's Avatar
      matthew_d -
      This used to work great but I think now that im on 4.2.1 theres a bug.

      Everytime ive downloaded a video then went to the downloads page and click the movie to play it the youtube app crashes.
      But if i hit the arrow on the side of the downloaded video and add it to my ipod library it plays fine from in my ipod app.

      Don't know if anyone else has this problem but the developers need to come out with a fix.
    1. Hannahst2's Avatar
      Hannahst2 -
      I got this as soon as it came out not knowing what it really was. Great app though! Works fine for me. Just wish i could transfer the videos to iTunes.

      Sent from my iPod touch 2g using ModMyi
    1. iGood's Avatar
      iGood -
      Yerr.. Yourtube doesn't work on my itouch 3g
    1. iSP1N3R's Avatar
      iSP1N3R -
      it was working fine on iphpone 4 fw 4.2.1, but since updating to 4.3.1, it crashes when trying to play video after download, also transfer to ipod isn't working.