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  • Images Surface of Apparently Apple Branded Tiny Touchscreen

    New and intriguing photos have surfaced courtesy of the very folks who have a history of successfully showcasing many iPhone components and parts before the devices are formally introduced to the public. The Taiwanese blog Apple.pro has published curious pics of what appears to be a relatively dinky Apple-branded touchscreen or LCD display.

    In May, the blog made waves and generated no shortage of attention for displaying the white panel of the iPhone 4 weeks before the next generation Apple smartphone was unveiled at the 2010 WWDC. This, of course, is just one example of a recent "inside scoop" to which Apple.pro has been privy. Of course, on occasion, they've gotten it wrong - like a false call that Apple would roll out a 15-inch MacBook Air. Nonetheless, these images are certainly thought-provoking, even though no one on the outside knows what the small screen could ultimately be used for.

    One theory presented by Apple.pro, however, suggests that the little screen may eventually find its place in an iPod touch nano, iPod touch shuffle, or a some other yet-to-be announced product or iDevice that is customized for a minuscule touchscreen. Needless to say, until we get a better idea of the hardware that will accompany this uncovered screen, we simply can't nail down any definitive estimates for its potential application. The site even created a hypothetical image of the screen in use for the still-imagined iWatch.

    In the grand scheme of things, though, Apple would have to alter its current hand-held product line pretty substantially to accommodate this screen, which simply wouldn't mesh, for example, with the current iPod nano.

    Only time will tell what Apple is up to (if anything) with this one.

    Images via Apple.pro
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    1. Fodd1337's Avatar
      Fodd1337 -
      As long as it doesn't actually run 1.x, I want.
    1. hacktarded1's Avatar
      hacktarded1 -
      Quote Originally Posted by CaptainChaos View Post
      An Apple watch. Now that is something I would buy. Drop in a couple gigs of useable hard drive space and I am in!
      Totally agree! I would absolutely buy a nicely built touch screen watch made by Apple, with maybe some sort of bluetooth or wifi based syncing with MobileMe and basic features that come on the iPhone as pictured above. I wear a watch every day and would love to have something like this.

      Quote Originally Posted by tudtran View Post
      That is stupid. You got to be a nerd to wear an Apple iWatch.
      Sorry dude, but anyone with over 600 posts on a tech board like this is kind of already a nerd don't ya think? :-)
    1. Jahooba's Avatar
      Jahooba -
      Apple needs to get rid of physical buttons altogether. All they do is break and collect dirt, anyway.
    1. Micara57's Avatar
      Micara57 -
      It looks more like a solar panel to me.
    1. 8r00k1yn8411!n's Avatar
      8r00k1yn8411!n -
      Quote Originally Posted by Fodd1337 View Post
      As long as it doesn't actually run 1.x, I want.
      I bet it's running 0.1x . no apps or bluetooth
    1. EddieLeonard's Avatar
      EddieLeonard -
      Quote Originally Posted by 8r00k1yn8411!n View Post
      I bet it's running 0.1x . no apps or bluetooth
      lol just a dock and a "No Service" tag at the top :P
    1. 8r00k1yn8411!n's Avatar
      8r00k1yn8411!n -
      Quote Originally Posted by rpgpromaster View Post
      lol just a dock and a "No Service" tag at the top :P
      but in 0.1.1 ,the "no service" tag will be replace with 5 bars so no one will complain about service problems
    1. moon#pie's Avatar
      moon#pie -
      too small for a trackpad or an ipod. maybe an old ipod nano screen?
    1. chrisrotolo's Avatar
      chrisrotolo -
      Kinda lame, those are probably the apps apple would use too
      No live time no live weather
      When is the jailbreak coming out for the iWatch qhen when when?
      Note: i do not wear watches and would not wear thing, would armband my iphone to my wrist before this thing
    1. eserfeliz's Avatar
      eserfeliz -
      Quote Originally Posted by mardinn View Post
      Second that xD. Very good, you're right on topic.
      Looks nice! I hope t actually come out.
      1) i'm just so frustrated playing with this phone with no MyWi, no 3G unrestrictor.

      2) it was slightly better than having some random dude post "first".

      but if it's completely necessary for me to be on topic, i hope they release this so that i can look at an apple-like GUI while i WAIT FOR A JAILBREAK.
    1. iphone?3gs's Avatar
      iphone?3gs -
      Quote Originally Posted by jeffhuys View Post
      Guys! New homebutton (scrolling?)!
      Hey this is a good idea except maybe to big....
    1. rhekt's Avatar
      rhekt -
      The so called "iwatch" as you call it is allready existent. It's even been reported on here. It's a touchscreen bluetooth enabled watch that looks like a mini iPhone screen. Just like what you have here. [However it's not made by apple] ;P
    1. realtimedeath's Avatar
      realtimedeath -
      I agree with the the guy who suggests this was a screen for a revamp on the iPod classic line. Seems like a bit of functionality being duplicated if they leave the scroll wheel and add a touchscreen. And also why wouldn't they put some sort of reference object next to the screen so it's clearer what size this thing really is. Anything a quarter, another touchscreen perhaps like an iPhone. Lol
    1. bignighttrain's Avatar
      bignighttrain -
      I seen the I watch on here but it's just a prototype we the public can't buy one can we cause I'm on here every day on my iPad and haven't seen anything about buying one.
    1. biofail's Avatar
      biofail -
      Quote Originally Posted by Micara57 View Post
      It looks more like a solar panel to me.
    1. CZroe's Avatar
      CZroe -
      First of all, that previous "iWatch" was mock-up... Not even a prototype. Second, I've always wanted support for say, a Sony MBW-150 Bluetooth watch. Third, it's not likely for a watch.

      I believe that it's either for a special keyboard showing context-sensitive buttons or it's for an external touch/tablet device like was rumored months ago (think "Wacomm Tablet") or it's for an external auxiliary display (think Microsoft Sideshow on a closed laptop) or it's for the new Apple TV's remote control (think Microsoft Sideshow on a Media Center remote).

      Yeah, one of those is probably it.
    1. wim66's Avatar
      wim66 -
      My money is on a new (incredible, beautiful, amazing) little iPod.
    1. Doran's Avatar
      Doran -
      Quote Originally Posted by wim66 View Post
      My money is on a new (incredible, beautiful, amazing) little iPod.
      You forgot "magical"