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  • "It's Official:" WSJ Confirms Verizon's Unlimited Plan for iPhone

    According to the Wall Street Journal, Verizon is poised to announce a $30 per month unlimited 3G data plan for iPhone users. However, according to a purportedly leaked memo from Verizon, this may be the only option available for any smartphone, as the entry-level data capped plans have all apparently been scrapped.

    The Wall Street Journal's Roger Cheng says that the company's chief operating officer Lowell McAdam told him he's about to inform investors of the new pricing structure, intended to lure away AT&T users who are stuck with that carrier's tiered plans. "I'm not going to shoot myself in the foot," he reportedly said, indicating that without an unlimited plan he thinks customers might not make the switch.

    Engadget's Chris Ziegler revealed yesterday what he says is Verizon's new data package pricing. If a tip from an anonymous source is to be believed, it appears Verizon will no longer offer its $15/month 150 MB data plan. Buyers of any new 3G smartphone, including the iPhone, will have to pay $29.99 per month for unlimited data. The carrier will offer a low-end 75 MB plan at $10/month for feature phones, the still-popular "special-ed" phones that are in between smartphones and dumb handsets.

    It's not clear whether this unlimited plan covers Verizon's Personal Hotspot due out with the CDMA iPhone 4 variant running iOS 4.2.5. It is pretty unlikely, however: current smartphone customers pay $30 per month for tethering, and have a 5 GB/month data cap.

    Source: MacRumors
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    1. deshawn1680's Avatar
      deshawn1680 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Riviera View Post
      Very nice!!

      If this is true ... Verizon is playing hard to get their customers back from AT&T. It will force AT&T back to offer their unlimited data plan, too. This type of competition is healthy; because at the end of the day, the consumers win.

      I can foresee the Verizon future ads "Who needs data & voice to work simultaneously when you don't have an unlimited data?".
      Good point!
    1. ZipZapp's Avatar
      ZipZapp -
      VZ, Please add unlimited to your iPad so ATT will follow suit.
    1. hotrod54chevy's Avatar
      hotrod54chevy -
      If this is true, I will SO be RUNNING to the Verizon iPhone whenever they get 4G working properly. I get spotty service with AT&T, and if iPhone 5 will run on 4G and it's not a total flop, I'm signing up as soon as my contract is up!
    1. Samcole28's Avatar
      Samcole28 -
      I got stuck on the 2GB data plan with AT&T and called AT&T support several times trying to see if there was anyway I could get back on an unlimited plan, they pretty much said "not a chance in hell!" at the end of every phone call I asked if "they would ever bring back unlimited?" the operator said that they would not because ALL the other carriers do NOT offer unlimited data. If what they said holds any validity then maybe, just maybe AT&t will bring back unlimited data.
    1. CaptainChaos's Avatar
      CaptainChaos -
      Call them back now and see what they say
    1. vantheman169's Avatar
      vantheman169 -
      I was talking to AT&T rep yesterday and all new customers automatically get enrolled in the 2GB data plan a month, i said well what if verizon offers unlimited will at&t change, and he said NO cuz we still have the fastest 3g Network and can use Voice and Data at the same time. I was like BOOOOO lol. But i have heard of a hack and I am not sure if it works still but at one point it did, i am going to try it when i get home from Italy with my 2G. Here is the link for that if anyone is interested.

      How to Get Your iPhone Back on AT&T’s Unlimited Data Plan
    1. thevmax's Avatar
      thevmax -
      Quote Originally Posted by trolius View Post
      Anyone that has 3g coverage and a grandfathered unlimited plan for ATT is not going to switch to verizon and give up that feature. In NY there is so little difference between the verizon service and ATT service that there is no way to justify paying more money for a phone with less features than I currently have. The only reason people should switch is if they have no plans on upgrading ever from an iphone 4 and do not have 3g coverage with ATT, I feel bad for you guys.
      Agreed. I am grandfathered in since iphone 3GS, and now running an iphone 4. I use google maps and the phone in combo all the time...
    1. Turb02's Avatar
      Turb02 -
      There is no way Im changing. I just checked my usage and Im over 6GB so far this billing cycle (4 days left).

      Id be curious to see what ATT does with 4.3 tethering and grandfathered plans...
    1. Carvensno's Avatar
      Carvensno -
      I to have the grandfathered unlimited plan One thing i would like to see is the tethering be free instead of charging someone 45.00/month that's insane just to channel the signal to a laptop LOL. I myself is using PDAnet, but still it would be nice just to be able to use the feature instead of having to figure out another way to tether. May hoping if Verizon is playing the game this way then maybe att will play up and offer the unlimited plan again with tethering
    1. maddawg05's Avatar
      maddawg05 -
      I'm luckily grandfathered in for unlimited data...for the mean time. It'll take alot for me to leave and go to verizon. Everyone I talk to bout limitation of CDMA and they say I don't need to talk and surf the net simultaneously....they'll see. All I've got to say is....GO GO GO!! Free up ATT network.
    1. exo128's Avatar
      exo128 -
      This article isn't entirely true anymore. Less than an hour ago Verizon retracted their "unlimited data" plan and will move to tierd plans.
    1. Dnice1987's Avatar
      Dnice1987 -
      Not bad on verizons part but I have unlimited talk text and web on my ip4 from AT&T for about $115 a month. Ima stay put!!!!
    1. dakota514's Avatar
      dakota514 -
      We just got 3g on at&t last spring. Had we not i would switch over to verizon. Lucky at&t finally got it here, and glad i got to sign back up for unlimited data the friday before they ended it.
    1. JLick's Avatar
      JLick -
      Quote Originally Posted by exo128 View Post
      This article isn't entirely true anymore. Less than an hour ago Verizon retracted their "unlimited data" plan and will move to tierd plans.
      omg say it aint so
    1. vantheman169's Avatar
      vantheman169 -
      ^^HA thats sux for verizon customers and at&t customers i suppose cuz competition is what consumers benefit from! Damn u verizon, i still hate you!
    1. CaptainChaos's Avatar
      CaptainChaos -
      They are going to drop unlimited data shortly after launching the phone. Makes sense. Lure them in before dropping the plan.
    1. AUZambo's Avatar
      AUZambo -
      Quote Originally Posted by CaptainChaos View Post
      They are going to drop unlimited data shortly after launching the phone. Makes sense. Lure them in before dropping the plan.
      Sounds like an easy class-action bait & switch law suit waiting to happen.
    1. iBwizzle's Avatar
      iBwizzle -
      We wouldn't have this problem if you Americans weren't so sheep! Carriers will continue to rape us in plans because we rely on subsidize prices. Pay for an unlock phone and take it where you please!

      On the other hand, I am no carriers b***h... This is why one of my next phones will be an Nokia. Nokia has 5 band GSM radios that will work on any GSM network (Hint Apple)!
    1. bignighttrain's Avatar
      bignighttrain -
      This is just going to make AT&T drop prices again. I'm glad I still have my unlimited data plan on both my and the wifes IPhone 4 and iPad 3G.
    1. GrandMstrBud's Avatar
      GrandMstrBud -
      I'm curious to see what their plans will be for the voice and text packages. I'd love it if you could get unlimited text and data for the 69.99 like Sprint has but I'm sure it will be 69.99 plus 20 for unlimited text plus 30 for unlimited data.