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  • Will Apple Kiosks Soon Line The Land?

    Have you noticed that "the season of giving" has become a year-round phenomenon for Apple? Particularly in the world of iTunes, the marketing gurus at Apple are pulling out all the stops to ensure that we're all aware that gifts of music or apps are always in order. What's more, if you've discovered a cool app, Apple would like for you to "share" it with friends and family. Better yet, says Apple, why not "gift" the app?

    It's pretty obvious that iTunes content has become the obligatory gift you give when you don't know what else to give or when you need a last-minute present of some sort. Let's face it, the ability to gift apps is pretty cool. And an iTunes gift card is just about the most convenient and any-occasion appropriate gift one can possibly give. So it stands to reason that Apple wants to make iTunes almost as synonymous with gift-giving as it is with music and apps.

    In fact, our friends at Patently Apple have done their usual investigative work and learned that Apple may now be tinkering with a new "concept retail kiosk." The goal, naturally, would be to give customers the ability to purchase customized iTunes gift cards via kiosk in a retail environment. The options for customizing, however, wouldn't just be limited to a personalized name and message. Instead, you can also make a personal photo the background image of the gift card, which is packaged and presented as a regular gift card would be. Needless to say, the gift cards can be loaded with the dollar amount of your choosing.

    As we've seen in the past, just because Apple pursues a patent and develops an idea doesn't mean that it will ever see the light of day. And with the iPad newly released and a big year ahead for the next iPhone, it's unlikely that kiosks are near the top of Apple's priority list. Nonetheless, if iTunes gift cards continue to be the enormous cash cow they've become in recent years, perhaps we just may see a kiosk like the one pictured above at our local shopping mall before we know it.

    Image via Patently Apple
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