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  • Look! An iPod Touch With a Camera + Pricing!

    If there was any doubt about the iPod Touch + camera rumor it should be put to rest. An iPod Touch with a camera looks real from where we're sitting. When? Probably the next Apple event that we believe is scheduled for September 8th. btw, we think it does video as well

    How much is this camera iPod going to cost? Daring Fireball says they have the inside scoop.
    The Zune HD prices look good compared to today's iPod Touches, but not so much compared to the new camera-equipped ones Apple is set to announce next month (16/32/64 GB for $199/299/399).

    via flikr engadget daring fireball
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    1. vincentpjimenez's Avatar
      vincentpjimenez -
      anyone notice that the mic is beside the camera lens? the little hole beside the lens is the mic! perfect for video recording coz what would a video be without sound?
    1. CaptainChaos's Avatar
      CaptainChaos -
      The cameras are crap so why bother? Bump up the Megapixels and make it worth adding it to a multimedia device.
    1. mdc929's Avatar
      mdc929 -
      hmm looks real enough but not totally convinced
    1. blacksti's Avatar
      blacksti -
      Looked like he drilled a hole and put in a camera

      That is true...
    1. ThePunisher457's Avatar
      ThePunisher457 -
      Its either home made, or a fake. notice it does not have the iPod Logo in the back. Some proof of it taking pictures would be nice, if its real that is.
    1. clawsonjack's Avatar
      clawsonjack -
      I want it!

      So many scratches though!
    1. supreme-livin's Avatar
      supreme-livin -
      bound to happen