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  • [Windows] How to Jailbreak iPod Touch 1G & 2G Firmware 3.0 with RedSn0w
    With RedSn0w 0.7.2 iPod Touch 1g and 2g users can jailbreak 3.0 firmware on Windows. Before following this guide please restore your iPod Touch to 3.0 firmware. To get the 3.0 firmware you have to connect to iTunes, check for updates, and buy it for about $10. Yes Apple is screwing you. Positive side is that if you have both a 1g and a 2g you get to download firmware for both for $10.

    You will need RedSn0w 0.7.2 which you can download right here along with the 3.0 firmware file for your device. Since you already bought and downloaded the firmware in order to upgrade to 3.0 you can find it one your computer

    iPod2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw is the iPod Touch 2g 3.0 firmware file.
    iPod1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw is the iPod Touch 1g 3.0 firmware file.

    On XP they are located in
    CDocuments and Settings\ YOUR USER NAME \Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPod Software Updates\

    On Vista the are located in
    CUsers\ YOUR USER NAME \AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPod Software Updates\

    Lets begin. Extract redsn0w-win_0.7.2.zip to a location on your computer and run redsn0w.exe.

    Click Browse.

    Find your firmware file, select it, and click Open.

    RedSn0w will tell you that the ISPW has been successfully identified. Click Next.

    You'll see a pop up as RedSn0w does some stuff.

    Select to Install Cydia and click Next.

    Now you should plug in your iPod Touch and turn it off. Once you are done click Next.

    RedSn0w gives you instructions. We are entering DFU mode now. First hold the power button for 3 seconds.

    Keep holding the power button and start holding the home button for 10 seconds.

    Release the power button but continue holding the home button for 30 seconds.

    RedSn0w does its thing. Let it.

    Finally RedSn0w has finished loading everything onto your iPod Touch. You will see a pretty screen on your iPod as it is being jailbroken. Don't mess with your iPod while all this is going on. After your iPod restarts you are done!

    This article was originally published in forum thread: [Windows] How to Jailbreak iPod Touch 1G & 2G Firmware 3.0 with RedSn0w started by Cody Overcash View original post
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    1. grimmowes6's Avatar
      grimmowes6 -
      reboot computer and start safe mode then rejaibreak using redsn0w 7.2
    1. yoavtheking's Avatar
      yoavtheking -
      it worked!!
    1. TheCrow13's Avatar
      TheCrow13 -
      I went through the complete instructions and I downloaded the 3.0 firmware off a torrent online, I have the new 9.0 iTunes and I had the 8.2 when I started but after downloading the Redsn0w and extracting it with Winrar. I went through the whole process and it recognized the firmware, the whole process worked but after it is done downloading the fireware it is stuck with the usb. plug/the arrow pointing up to the iTunes symbol and won't shut off. I have it still plugged into my Vista but I can't get that image off the screen, and when I open up iTunes it says that it needs to be restored?? How do I do this and iTunes will just recognize it JB with the 3.0 firmware, and let me carry on with the finished product??

      Please help, Thanks
    1. yotama9's Avatar
      yotama9 -

      I have a new iPod touch 8gb with firmware 3.1.2 and model number starting with MC. I know that blackra1n doesn't work on my model but I couldn't find any support or disproof for my model with redSn0w.
      Will it work?

      Thank you.

    1. TheCrow13's Avatar
      TheCrow13 -
      Forget my post, I am now JB at 3.0 firmware and won't go to the 3.1.2 firmware because not tested yet with Cydia apps. Also does Lockdown in Cydia work on anyone with 3.0 FW at all, hope to hear from someone?

    1. Chadeezy's Avatar
      Chadeezy -
      UHH my ipod touch 2g keeps getting stuck on the reboot menu and i left it over night thinking it would load but it didn't i need help
    1. yotama9's Avatar
      yotama9 -
      How come is June a mark point for the ipod touch mc models to jailbreak?
    1. Chadeezy's Avatar
      Chadeezy -
      i should say that when i use redsn0w it does everything until it says "waiting reboot" and then it just doesn't do anything
    1. TheCrow13's Avatar
      TheCrow13 -
      Chad are you trying to go to 3.0 firmware, if so you need to download the 3.0 ipsw first and than open up iTunes and hit shift/Restore. Than pick the 3.0 ipsw firmware that you have downloaded and than it will do its process, I sent you a PM that I did it all on from 2.2.1 to 3.0
    1. Chadeezy's Avatar
      Chadeezy -
      o thanks
    1. dragontorres's Avatar
      dragontorres -
      I have : iPod2,1_3.1.2_7D11_Restore.ipsw
      I can't get it to work....help please....
    1. TheCrow13's Avatar
      TheCrow13 -
      I just PMed you with everything I used, you should be good
    1. dragontorres's Avatar
      dragontorres -
    1. TheCrow13's Avatar
      TheCrow13 -
      Your welcome and hope it works, it worked for me and let us know if your good
    1. rickymrtn93's Avatar
      rickymrtn93 -
      It worked on my iPOD TOUCH . It's very nice. But the worst thing happened that during this I forgot to backup my files. And unfortunately I lost them. So please everyone BACKUP FIRST.
    1. DD_8630's Avatar
      DD_8630 -
      I have an iPod Touch, first gen, v3.1.2, how do I jailbreak it? This guide would be deliciously perfect if I had v3.0, but I don't

      EDIT: nm, I think blackrain did the trick
    1. stekilvo's Avatar
      stekilvo -
      how do i install cydia to my ipod touch
    1. supertaco99's Avatar
      supertaco99 -
      my ipod touch (2.2.1 jailbroken firmware) won't restore to the 3.0 firmware i downloaded. I'm sure i downloaded the right one. It goes all the way until 'varifying software', then a pop up comes up saying an unexpected error occured, error(10). Apparently this error is very rare since i couldnt find much info about it. Some people say its probably itunes. i have version 8.1.something. I plan on using redsn0w for the jailbreak, but obvs i need to restore first. Help would be much appreciated
    1. TheCrow13's Avatar
      TheCrow13 -
      Stekilvo, you need to Jailbreak before you can get Cydia:
    1. madhan.nila's Avatar
      madhan.nila -
      hi, i did it..,but after the done! msg thr' redsnow..,,i clicked finish..,but still my ipod is showing a hard disk icon with msg downloading jailbreak data...is tis on correct track /