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  • [ HOW TO ] Jailbreak iPod Touch with redsn0w | 1G/2G | OS X

    This guide shows you how to jailbreak your iPod Touch (1G or 2G) using the DevTeam's redsn0w tool.

    First you'll need to do two things:
    1. Backup and Restore your iPod Touch. Just connect to iTunes and sync. If you have any Cydia apps from a previous firmware, they will be deleted when we restore. Here's a few places you may want to back up manually if you're worried about it... I didn't.

      /var/mobile/Library/AddressBook - Contacts
      /var/mobile/Library/Calendar - Calendar
      /var/mobile/Library/Notes - Notes
      /var/mobile/Library/Safari - Bookmarks, Cookies
      /var/mobile/Library/SMS - Text Messages.
    2. Download redsn0w.

      redsn0w 0.7 for Mac Megaupload Rapidshare
    Alright, open redsn0w now that you've downloaded it. You'll be greeted with the welcome screen, and asked to browse for your 3.0 .ipsw file. You should have already restored to it, so if you don't have it on your desktop (read: you downloaded it through iTunes), it will most likely be located at Macintosh HD/Users/(your name) Library/iTunes/iPod Software Updates/iPod2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw in your computer.

    Browse to it and find it, and redsn0w should sit a sec saying processing, then tell you the IPSW has been successfully identified. Click Next.

    redsn0w will run through a flurry of info in a popup window.

    Next you'll be asked if you want to install Cydia. You do. Click Next.

    K, this bit is a LITTLE tricky. You'll see the screen with instructions on entering DFU mode - only thing to be aware of is you should have your iPod Touch IN HAND when you press Next (after following the instructions to turn it off while connected), with your fingers ready to press Power and Home at same time - the instructions come fast, and are on a precise time limit. I had to do it twice.

    Follow the instructions in holding down the power button and various steps.

    Now you'll see the app telling you more info as it goes through its steps. During this time your iPod Touch will have some images on it as well.

    Assuming all went well, that's it! Click Finish, and your iPod Touch will sit doing some more stuff about 2 minutes, then you're all good!

    Note: If your iPod Touch won't start back up (just goes to Apple loading screen and stays), its probably because you didn't Restore to a fresh 3.0 BEFORE running this tool.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: [ HOW TO ] Jailbreak iPod Touch with redsn0w | 1G/2G | OS X started by Kyle Matthews View original post
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    1. mdmarein's Avatar
      mdmarein -
      hi, some one know the default password for sftp for ipod 3.0 jailbrake? thank!
    1. alaviarin's Avatar
      alaviarin -
      On the second step it is unable to recognize specific IPSW.
    1. ipod jesus's Avatar
      ipod jesus -
      Do you need a mac computer to download and jailbreak your ipod? Because I have installed redsn0w and it only opens up in a zip file and im not sure what to do...
      Could someone help me please?
    1. alaviarin's Avatar
      alaviarin -
      Double click the zip file, and open the folder
    1. xlolliqueenx's Avatar
      xlolliqueenx -
      Two things: Do you have to update your ipod touch to run 3.0 first before you try the jailbreak?


      You have to buy/use 3.0 in order for this jailbreaking method to work?
    1. mk12's Avatar
      mk12 -
      After you jailbreak you should add source "http://apt.ripdev.com" and then download Icy its like Cydia but much better. It works great for me. And when you say restore to fresh 3.0 what do you mean? I had never jailbreaked my iPod before, but anyway I bought and installed os 3.0 on my iPod and then jailbreaked... It worked. Also, if I ever have to restore, how do I restore to the normal 3.0 firmware and still have all my settings and stuff? Because my iPod has backed up a lot of times since the time before I jailbroke it..
    1. alaviarin's Avatar
      alaviarin -
      My ipod has the firmware of 1.1.4. 1G
      I want to jailbreak it so I don't have to pay for firmware 3.0
      on itunes it says it only works for a 2G, so what do I do?
    1. Snipeye's Avatar
      Snipeye -
      Fail. The instructions specifically say to buy and back up from OS 3.0 before jailbreaking, so you can jailbreak it.
    1. alaviarin's Avatar
      alaviarin -
      Oh sorry, my friend told me I should I use this. I have the first gen iPod touch, how am I supposed to get 3.0, because on iTunes it says 3.0 is only for the second gen only.
    1. staypuff578's Avatar
      staypuff578 -
      Quote Originally Posted by tsuishui View Post
      after the iPod itself installing the patch, it didnt wake up. what can i do now?
      you probably didnt restore it to a fresh 3.0 or whatever software you have. and if you did then go into itunes and run the recovery then try the process again. if that doesnt work then idk man
    1. doogiebrain's Avatar
      doogiebrain -
      Great, succinct guide for pros and newbs alike!
    1. supreme-livin's Avatar
      supreme-livin -
      wow that was soooo easy
      put the itouch in DFU b4 u start-makes that "tricky part" easy
    1. noetic97's Avatar
      noetic97 -
      This is my go to guide for both mac and windows computers. My friends and I thank you!
    1. cph download's Avatar
      cph download -
      once you've jail broke it how do you download apps you usually have to pay for for free?
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      You don't.
      Go away. We do not discuss warez here.
    1. dale1v's Avatar
      dale1v -
      Quote Originally Posted by cph download View Post
      once you've jail broke it how do you download apps you usually have to pay for for free?
      Don't ask here
    1. cph download's Avatar
      cph download -
      well sooorrrry for trying to find out something
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      You mean sorry for being a thief?
    1. staypuff578's Avatar
      staypuff578 -
      Quote Originally Posted by cph download View Post
      once you've jail broke it how do you download apps you usually have to pay for for free?
      if its that much of a hassle to pay the dollar or so for the app, then just sell your ipod.
    1. chungate's Avatar
      chungate -
      Every time I try to download this, it gets stuck on "Waiting For Reboot" what can I do?