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  • iPod Touch Mounted on M110 Sniper Rifle

    OK I admit it, my first thought when I saw this was…cool!

    There are some good apps for shooting sports but users say that the new Knights Armaments M110 iPod Touch mount and accompanying ballistics software is simply wicked.

    The gun in the picture is the M110, the 7.62×51mm semi-automatic sniper system, which won the Army’s competition to replace the M24 bolt action sniper system. Knights Armaments has created a mounting system for the iPod Touch that attaches to a side mounted picatinny rail of the sniper. The mount is also protected by a protective case.

    Then Runaway technologies built Bullet Flight, an external ballistics calculator for the iPod Touch and iPhone. This is your standard ballistics app: allows users to set firearm and ammunition profiles, then use this profile and enter info such as distance, wind direction, elevation and temperature.

    The app is costly though, $11.99, now in the app store.

    My second thought when I saw this was that Apple is going to take out the Palm Pre by one way or another!

    Source: iPod Touch mounted on M110 Sniper Rifle | The Firearm Blog
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    1. BenzoHartt's Avatar
      BenzoHartt -
      We're getting off subject gentlemen...

      Its great to see that there is another use for our devices... i'm sure its only used for practicing, as stated before it would be impractical for combat. You can't charge it, there will be water damage, and don't our guys wear gloves... We all know it doesn't work using gloves.lol
    1. dreadlk's Avatar
      dreadlk -
      It's not only Not Cool it's pretty much useless!
      If you need a computer to help you take down a target with your rifle, you don't really know what the heck your doing. In real life that gadget is more of a liability than a plus, but hey how do you take a $300 item jazz it up with a metal case and add $10 worth of basic mathematical software and then sell it back for a few thousand? Tah Da Now that's why it's cool.

      Quote Originally Posted by domenicp View Post
      Personally, when I first saw this article I admit my reaction was this is totally NOT cool.
    1. danvicente's Avatar
      danvicente -
      does this use the accelerometer at all? otherwise it seems kind of silly. but it would be cool if you could use it to level and lock your target or something along those lines. Im not to familiar with ballistics applications and there purposes. But would it need to be mounted to the gun like that?
    1. Zakaryya's Avatar
      Zakaryya -
      Quote Originally Posted by Zakaryya View Post
      This is sick. I wonder if this weapon is also sold to the IDF and used to shoot Palestinian women and children.
      Hi, The point that I wanted to make but I let my heart take over my head, was that I don't think this is the place to glorify deadly weapons. Keep it fluffy. Sorry for any offense caused.

    1. hellomoto_25's Avatar
      hellomoto_25 -
      This is completely impractical in the field.

      Last time I checked.....stealth and light discipline were part of the snipers role. This would contradict both. I'm sure the adversary would have a hard time seeing your with your face all lit up from the screen.........;-)

      Something to show your friends at the range....yes.

      Something to be taken seriously......no.
    1. ifonemaniac's Avatar
      ifonemaniac -
      I can see it now...

      *rpg's exploding* *gunfire cracking*

      Sgt yells: AIM FOR THEIR IPODS BOYS!!!

    1. killermike's Avatar
      killermike -
      Thats pretty ******* awesome how we set that up??