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  • New iPods exactly as rumored!!
    Yeah, that's true! The new iPod are exactly as rumored!

    There is a new model of classic with a 120GB drive as announced before and will cost $249 only!

    The new nano is curved with glass top. It has a new aluminium design and is the thinnest iPod ever! This one also has the rumored accelerometer support! The user interface has been enhanced dramatically! Also, there is support for a genius playlist creation which is a new feature in iTunes 8.0. Another great feature is shake to shuffle! There is even a recording option given a mic is connected.

    The battery life is nice too and offers 24 hours music playback and 4 four hour video playback too!

    These iPods are even nature friendly so no more environmentalist issues.

    The new iPods come in rainbow colors with a shocking pricetag of $149 for 8GB base model and $199 for 16GB model! The base one will be on sale today while the high end will need a week more.

    [Gizmodo and Engadget]
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    1. iBwizzle's Avatar
      iBwizzle -
      The sliver with the black scroll wheel looks crazy! That's a most have for me! Anybody what's to buy a 2G 4GB Sliver iPod Nano?
    1. esmandau's Avatar
      esmandau -
      here i can see it in video?
    1. elnekis's Avatar
      elnekis -
      nice looking! In my craziest dream I imagined a 32 gb model. Well I will have to wait for that.