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  • cheaper ipods coming soon?
    New, Cheaper iPods? | National Business Review (NBR) New Zealand - Business, News, Arts, Media, Share Market & More

    came across this a little while ago and figured I'd post it. Oh yeah, and on a humorous note, I also saw this.... LOL wait... I thought it was humorous but I guess some people might not ... anyway check it out

    Steve Jobs: Steve Jobs's Obituary, As Run By Bloomberg
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    1. cpjr's Avatar
      cpjr -
      Rumors of that, new nano's, new Macbook.....durn Apple for being so secretive.
    1. cmufan's Avatar
      cmufan -
      Yeah, I'd believe that the prices will drop. Oh man!!! That Steve Jobs obituary gave me a hard attack! like when I first saw that article I started to cry! Im not even kidding, that guy is not allowed to die anymore.
    1. sayam's Avatar
      sayam -
      What I am really waiting for is El-Jobso to prove it all fake on 9th September. So, watch out
    1. FrostyBrett's Avatar
      FrostyBrett -
      New Ipods around September, if I had known this sooner I would have bought my ipod later
    1. chbearsrock's Avatar
      chbearsrock -
      Lets hope for some massive overhauls. Apple needs to make a lot of changes if they want to maintain their stranglehold on the mp3 market.