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  • China Obsessed with iPhone TV?

    Chinese consumers haven't quite warmed to their expensive iPhone options yet, but government officials in China love the device and, in particular, an application from state broadcaster CCTV.

    Using the app as a means to present its own spin on state happenings and Chinese news to the world abroad, the iPhone is becoming a mechanism to spin any news and information originating from the world's most populous nation.

    Putting its best face forward to the world, China is now endeavoring to harness the power of digital media - an entity that has, until now, been used primarily to paint the Chinese government in a negative light.

    According to PC World this morning:

    The free iPhone app, one of a growing number from Chinese state-owned news outlets, has gained 500,000 users in the month or so since it went online and is adding 2,000 new users each day, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television said in a statement on its Web site.
    Although one would presume that the bulk of growth in popularity for the app would be taking place within Chinese borders, CCTV is readily expanding in use and appeal overseas. Needless to say, some were upset with Apple for giving the CCTV iPhone app a plug when the iPhone went on sale in China last month. Apple's support of the app was interpreted by some critics to suggest the company's support of government-controlled media.

    Nonetheless, the iPhone seems to be more popular for now with Chinese government officials than it does the general public, with high prices remaining an impediment to the iPhone's widespread growth at the onset of its release. But it seems to matter more to Chinese officials that the iPhone has provided an unfettered platform for perpetuating their views - a controversial reality the ultimate consequences of which are presently unknown.

    China is investing heavily to expand the overseas reach of its state-owned news outlets, which often air official Chinese political views strongly at odds with mainstream Western views.
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    1. mikerlx's Avatar
      mikerlx -
      First, its cool and popular and proves the iphone means so much to so many so many ways a useful tool.
    1. rwin84's Avatar
      rwin84 -
      May the red army march on...
    1. b3nny's Avatar
      b3nny -
      i can see it now....

      ***que wavy screen flashback fade to a magical moment in Cupertino***

      "alright whats next?"

      "ummm this app contains caricatures of all the members of the house of representatives."

      "HELL NO! GTFO freedom haters!" *DENIED* "....alright what else you got?"

      "ummm, this app is communist china's government controlled news outlet"

      "sure why not." *shrugs* "i love an egg roll as much as the next guy." *APPROVED*

      "um, sir, the FCC is in the lobby. they're still asking about google voice."

      *checks his watch* "oh man... and something JUST came up. darn! *grabs his coat* "text me when they're gone."
    1. rhekt's Avatar
      rhekt -
      chinese people are neat. god bless em