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  • Holiday Ad Wars Kick into High Gear

    There had been some rumors and speculation in recent weeks that Verizon's next round of holiday "attack ads" would take aim at Apple, iPhone jailbreakers, and, of course, AT&T. For now, however, it seems that Verizon is just going to focus on coverage claims against AT&T.

    Apple Insider has amassed the new ads, which have just begun running. The titles of the ads include: "Naughty Nice," "Misfit Toys," and "Blue Christmas."

    [The ads] prominently feature the coverage maps first introduced in the "There's a Map for That" commercial. These maps were a point of contention between Verizon and AT&T, causing AT&T to bring a lawsuit against Verizon for misrepresenting AT&T's 3G coverage areas.
    Despite AT&T taking legal action, Verizon isn't pulling punches, even as AT&T claims that Verizon is misleading consumers with wild accusations about AT&T's less-than-stellar 3G coverage area.

    Strangely enough, this latest round of holiday ads may be foreshadowing a relationship between Apple, the iPhone, and Verizon - one possible explanation for why Verizon didn't deliver any harsh jabs anywhere else except at AT&T.

    In the ads, it is clear Verizon has tried to separate their criticism of AT&T from the iPhone itself, going so far as to call the phone "A great 3G phone without great 3G coverage." This may be an indication that the rumors of Verizon offering the iPhone sometime in 2010 have some truth behind them.
    The latest ads from Verizon come as research firm OTR Global "cites sources in the Taiwan handset supply chain" claiming that Apple is now working on a new iPhone for distribution in partnership with Verizon.

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