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  • GeoHot Turns Down the $10,000 Bounty for 3.1.2 Unlock

    GeoHot's decision to take on the iPhone 3.1.2 unlock was criticized for coming after Jody Sanders' offer of $10,000 - especially given that he had previously said he would not work on it. Today, in a scathing post on his blog, GeoHot said that though the unlock will be released on November 4 he was turning down the money, because Sanders "and the rest of the iPhone unlock sites out there are scum."

    GeoHot is the pseudonym of 20-year-old George Hotz, the illustrious hacker behind the iPhone jailbreaks purplera1n and blackra1n, as well as the at+stkprof exploit used in the yellowsn0w unlock, announced yesterday he had an unlock solution for baseband 05.11.07. While this was welcomed by the community in general, he was challenged by bloggers like the iPhone Download Blog's Sebastien Page for why he was taking Sanders's money. Sanders gained notoriety for selling iPhone unlocks, purporting it to be his own work that was entirely stolen from the Dev Team. Page said, of GeoHot: "He sure is a genius but the kid is way too cocky, pretentious and has no ethic."

    In today's blog post turning down the money, GeoHot called for a campaign against businesses who unethically "make money selling freeware:"

    Iím asking for everyones help on this. Our weapon is information. Get the truth out, that all iPhone unlocks and jailbreaks are free, and if you are buying something, you arenít getting anything a simple google search couldnít get you, and are probably funding someones crack habit.
    It would have been easy for GeoHot to take Sanders's money, even if he disagreed with his methods. But he decided that it wasn't worth compromising his integrity, and it's a class move to not only turn down the money, but to use the publicity that his decision is sure to generate as a way to spread the word that people should never pay for jailbreaks or unlocks.

    image via blackra1n.com
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    1. mrrippey's Avatar
      mrrippey -
      you the man bro, much lesser people would have tried to take the loot.
    1. southfrisco's Avatar
      southfrisco -
      He has my respect, unlike those out there that charge for software and theme beta builds. Just check the App Store and how many "beta" apps are listed in there for a price...
    1. pbateman420's Avatar
      pbateman420 -
      This actually amazed me.. props to Geohot.. Though i will admit i was cursing him while trying to get blackra1n to work (which it finally did.. lol)

      I find it incredible that he would turn down 10 grand for his principles.. I totally agree with his opinion of the situation but i dont know if i would/could of done the same..

      Props to you man, keep up the good work!
    1. tarekkkkk's Avatar
      tarekkkkk -
      if it was 100K thats something else ey geohot
    1. sandymary's Avatar
      sandymary -
      God bless geohot!!!!!He's a gifted man
    1. sonofjemmi's Avatar
      sonofjemmi -
      Much respect to all the hard work from Geohot, dev-tem and the others who take their time to bring this together.
    1. Mareshalu's Avatar
      Mareshalu -
      Humanity still has a chance...
    1. whysoserious1's Avatar
      whysoserious1 -
      I would like to thank you GeoHot for all your dedication and hard work for the iphone community. I think you are a gifted and talented person and that you will do well in life with whatever you do.

      I will definitely be sending a donation your way this week. I have also encouraged the people I know that have iphones to make a donation as well.

      In addition my friends, family and I have been speading the word of the Information Campaign.....In my area on Craigslist there are a lot of people advertising iphone unlocking and charging anywhere from $10-$50 for it and we all know that they are using one or both methods from the whitelist of people you mentioned in your blog post. I do not like the fact that some of them actually pass of the service as their own method and I have made my opinion known to them.

      Again, I thank you very much for all you have done.
    1. Go Gators's Avatar
      Go Gators -
      [QUOTE=24trepid;5017927]Geohot for PRESIDENT 2012 !!!!!!!!!!!!

      ANYONE would be better than Obama! Go Geohot!!
    1. dq13's Avatar
      dq13 -
      I think we should all hel GeoHot to spread the word that this is freeware.. I just posted an ad on local cragslist (Miami) and you all should do that. I explained on the ad this is free work and no one should sell it and posted the link to blackra1n

      here is the link

      GeoHot you are the s**t. I would bet anything that if any other 20 y/o finds this info, he/she would sell it and make tons of money
    1. alpawa's Avatar
      alpawa -
      Geohot for President! Guys with that kind of integrity are 1 on a million. On the other hand Sanders doesn't even deserve mention.
    1. hollow0's Avatar
      hollow0 -
      Quote Originally Posted by DeathIsMyGift View Post
      I was (still kinda am) a hater of Twitter but I signed up just so I could follow geohot, and a few others, to track the process of this unlock. Now I'm sort of addicted to the dayum thing. But whatever....lol

      geo, you are truly a class act. Thank you for doing what you do. Once I see "T-Mobile" on my 3G I will gladly donate. Hell...I'll do it anyway. Thanks for all the hard work and sleepless nights.

      (p.s.- I'm a lesbian and I think geohot is a dreamboat <3 lol)
    1. yhap2003's Avatar
      yhap2003 -
      Good decision by Geo! It was the right move. Those scum bags!
    1. mattoligy's Avatar
      mattoligy -
      I'v always had a good feeling about GeoHotz even when following his twitter you can tell what type of person he is... Even though he seems to be a very busy person he still fits in these JB's and unlocks for The Comunity, and charges Nothing!! This is the type of person that deserves rewarding, i think everyone that can should Donate!!

      EDIT: Also i have noticed, from when he starts a project it takes him no time at all to achieve his goal, only a few days this unlock took him when others are still scratching their heads, so he is clearly very talented!!
    1. StevenB's Avatar
      StevenB -
      So Jody Sanders gets to continue to sell the unlocks and still keep the $10k.

    1. anekin007's Avatar
      anekin007 -
      jody sanders and anyone like him are horrible scum! jody sanders been stealing the dev team's yellowsnow, pwnage and quickpwn software.. editing info and selling them as their own. they are selling free software! wtf. i have no problem with selling service because there are people without computers or broken computers or has the fear of breaking their phone. but people like jody sanders are selling diy freeware without doing any service. sites and forums that agree with geohotz should stop advertising for these scums.
    1. vondersaar's Avatar
      vondersaar -
      Good for GEO!!!
    1. nighthawk283's Avatar
      nighthawk283 -
      The man for unlocking that baseband
    1. cranie's Avatar
      cranie -
      Silly rabbit..you can't BUY Geohot!!
    1. toyvan's Avatar
      toyvan -
      Quote Originally Posted by blkcadi View Post
      The right thing to do would be to send a donation, I have.
      DITTO! Everyone who partakes of GeoHot's efforts should donate to the cause! don't be the cause of him ceasing his efforts due to ungrateful leaching...cheers