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  • Make Professional Videos on the iPhone with ReelDirector

    video via nexvio

    ReelDirector is a surprisingly full-featured video-editing app that extends the video capabilities of the iPhone, allowing you to create a professional looking movie without uploading clips to your computer.

    Like the iPhone native video editor, you can trim video clips. ReelDirector starts with the same functionality, then adds the ability to overlay text in four styles to any one of nine positions on the screen. You can add clips to your video project, and then use the "timeline" interface to drag and drop clips into position. Clips can be cut together directly, or you can select from a palette of 27 transition effects to merge them.

    Once you've laid out your video, you can preview it immediately on your screen. Videos can be saved to the Camera Roll or emailed from your phone.

    It's a pretty slick piece of work for $7.99 on the App Store. And apparently, enough people agree to make ReelDirector number 60 on the Top Grossing Applications list.
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    1. markjnj's Avatar
      markjnj -
      until someone can get compression of video working correctly on the 3G this app won't work.
    1. tomcooldrummer's Avatar
      tomcooldrummer -
      Is it just me, or is this a step closer to iMovie mobile??
    1. rwin84's Avatar
      rwin84 -
      very f'in cool
    1. hollow0's Avatar
      hollow0 -
      Man for those of you who don't have the built in recorder that sucks :/ but i hope the app works for you! I might wait until pay day to download it.
    1. captainmccool's Avatar
      captainmccool -
      Haha, I came to this thread to see if a couple of people were wondering about Cycorder or IVR being compatible with this. I hardly expected it to be 90% of people asking that. Well, if anyone figures out how to make it work with 2g or 3g phones that'd be awesome.
    1. ecd5000's Avatar
      ecd5000 -
      Quote Originally Posted by se23 View Post
      Wonder if we will be able to use this with cycorder???
      same Q
    1. paocer's Avatar
      paocer -
      it does not work with cycorder... it stores its videos on directory / folder

      reel director does not show any videos to add

      maybe we need to transfer these videos to where 3gs saves its videos.... can anybody post it here?


      Quote Originally Posted by markjnj View Post
      I installed it, and am able to get reeldirector to acknowledge the videos in the camera roll but when I click on use video clip it seems to be at trimming video forever w/out actually continuing.

      How did you do it? Acknowledge the videos in camera roll? what directory did you put your videos in?

    1. pacmac's Avatar
      pacmac -
      i tried it..i like it ill mess with it some more..cant wait for updates ..

      [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XCpnZ5QjIw]YouTube - Mouthoff O Lantern[/ame]
    1. markjnj's Avatar
      markjnj -
      Quote Originally Posted by paocer View Post

      How did you do it? Acknowledge the videos in camera roll? what directory did you put your videos in?

      I installed videoedit from cydia. videoedit allows you to view cycorder videos in your camera roll and allows you to trim video like you would on the 3gs. only thing it won't let you do is compress the video for sending or uploading or working w/reeldirector. Hopefully they get that working.