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  • Luxa H1-Touch is the Best iPhone Holder. Period. [GIVEAWAY INSIDE!]

    Luxa2 is a company that specializes in creating a variety of awesomely designed products with great precision. H1-Touch is one of their finest pieces!

    H1-Touch is an iPhone and iPod Touch holder, which can be utilized with other devices of similar dimensions as well. Coming to the packaging first, it is very minimal and completely eco friendly, given that all of it is recyclable. Just adds to the luxury as well.

    It is very well crafted in aluminum and made of two parts - the stand and the head.

    The stand is fully aluminum, which offer stability to the set. It is designed to look like the base stand of iMac, which it mimics pretty well! The base has an extra padding. There's also a Luxa2 logo on it's back, surrounded with two tiny Swarovski crystals engraved in the aluminum, which adds to its brilliance.

    The head is where you place the device. The head and the base are held together with two screws that adds to the whole look. Further, the head has a sticking pad (leaves no residue whatsoever) on the front side where the iPhone is held firmly. It has 'arms' that can be easily adjusted according to the size of the device. This means that it should play well with most of your cases. These arms have rubber ends that adds more grip. You can swivel the head easily at an angle of 360-degree unlike most other stands that offers just 180-degree rotation. Another special thing about this particular stand is that it allows you to adjust the head vertically at 300-degrees.

    Overall, it is a pretty nice execution and I see no flaws in it. The phone is completely accessible even with it placed on the stand, which is pretty small at 152*93*102 mm (H*W*D). It definitely is better from *any* other iPhone / iPod Touch stand in department of design and usefulness both, something that I'd definitely recommend even at the price tag of $54.99. It's all about the luxurious design. However, if you can ignore the design for a cheaper price, you'd have to look somewhere else.

    The Luxa2 team was kind enough to provide me with 3 extra pieces for you guys. To win one of these, just enter the giveaway by leaving a comment that begins with "L2-".

    The giveaway ends on November 1 at 7 PM GMT.

    The giveaway has ended and the winners are reddawg, Dollfayce and <s>fletch33</s> isanta
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    1. jjustme's Avatar
      jjustme -
      L2 - think it's meant to be November
    1. macabre's Avatar
      macabre -
      L2- This was posted on Oct 28, 2009 - 5:32 PM, But the give away ends on October 1 at 7 PM GMT? Is that a mistake? Or am i being dumb?
    1. isanta's Avatar
      isanta -
      L2- That looks sick. I think you put the wrong deadline up.
    1. sayam's Avatar
      sayam -
      Thanks for pointing that mistake out guys!
    1. howlett15's Avatar
      howlett15 -
      L2- This would be perfect for my new desk at my new job! My co-workers would envy me!
    1. nhbfan's Avatar
      nhbfan -
      L2- Looks cool. Seems they've combined all the best attributes of other holders into one piece.
    1. kingkong's Avatar
      kingkong -
      L2- different
    1. soto806's Avatar
      soto806 -
      L2- That's one sweet looking holder!
    1. Jayman11's Avatar
      Jayman11 -
      L2- OMG This thing is the (.)(.)'s. I wish I wasn't broke right now cause this would look good on my desk at work!
    1. dbizzy1's Avatar
      dbizzy1 -
      L2- hands down the sickest holder on the market.
    1. NArush's Avatar
      NArush -
      L2 - Sweeet piece of artwork with elegant form.
    1. dougchapin's Avatar
      dougchapin -
      L2- very nice
    1. Paccoco's Avatar
      Paccoco -
      L2- very nice stand indeed
    1. woowoodengy's Avatar
      woowoodengy -
      L2- this would be nice with the new dummy iphone =)
    1. operate's Avatar
      operate -
      L2- He has a mac, do you really need to make his life worse?
    1. desmondojose's Avatar
      desmondojose -
      L2- that looks wicked awesome
    1. awesomeSlayer's Avatar
      awesomeSlayer -
      L2 - Awesome Genius. Useful when watching videos or using it as a mousepad!
    1. rdt1999's Avatar
      rdt1999 -
      L2- this would be perfect for my office! I hope I win one!
    1. CrzyBeautiful's Avatar
      CrzyBeautiful -
      L2 - That looks pretty darn cool. I can definitely see myself personalizing it as soon as I open the box. I love nice, sleek things. Great find & Thanks for the info/giveaway!
    1. Robertleehadley's Avatar
      Robertleehadley -
      L2- such an awesome looking product!