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  • Ripdev - GOOD BYE

    Ripdev has been a presence in the iPhone community for a good while now. They took over Installer from Null River, and worked WITH Null River for a while before doing so.

    They're behind Icy, Kate, and a few more notable iPhone softwares.

    And now, they're shutting down.

    Citing only "circumstances" as their reasoning, Ripdev states they'll be closing their doors, ceasing all support, and are giving out the source to Icy to see if anyone would like to do anything with it.

    We've always been Cydia proponents - I don't even have Icy installed on my iPhones, and never have except a brief review period when it initially came out. With Icy gone, guess we're in the same exact place - Cydia is King, and the people have spoken.

    It's been a great two years, but unfortunately, the time has come for Ripdev to close its doors. There are many reasons for this, most of which we probably will never disclose (unless we are forced to). The important thing is that due to circumstances we will likely be unable to support the titles we have created over the years further. They will be perfectly operatable on the firmware versions they were created for, and you will be able to download and use them — but they will no longer be supported and updated (except for i2Reader Pro that is not being developed by us and that will be kept in sync with its App Store version). We will, of course, transfer the licenses to the new devices — just email us. Our Cydia repository will be operational until at least next year, so be assured that the products you liked and paid for will be available for you to (re)install.
    Icy, our lightweight DPKG installer, is now available in source form under MIT license. You're free to do whatever you want with it. It would be nice if someone picks up the project…
    It was a honor to be in the iPhone jailbreak community, and we are proud that we have certainly made a ripple or two. Farewell!
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    1. sungod661's Avatar
      sungod661 -
      mmm lets see icy sucks......kate was crap ok ripdev is gone makes sense
    1. ianbroste's Avatar
      ianbroste -
      Even though I never used icy. Losing any group or person who works and provides so much for us jailbreakers it's always a bummer.
    1. sungod661's Avatar
      sungod661 -
      oh and i nticed the up down left right a,b select start MR CONTRA
    1. JacquesChirac's Avatar
      JacquesChirac -
      they had baller stuff
    1. Conas's Avatar
      Conas -
      Aw man what a shame. Thanks for everything, Devteam. There's no really no telling how far back we'd be if it weren't for yall's success.
    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Conas View Post
      Aw man what a shame. Thanks for everything, Devteam. There's no really no telling how far back we'd be if it weren't for yall's success.
      ^Ripdev is not the Devteam bud
    1. ppfd's Avatar
      ppfd -
      I appreciate all the hard FREE work these guys do. But Kate bricked my phone, nothing in installer never worked when I tried it, and Icy looks pretty much like installer. Cydia does everything I need. That being said, thanks for all the all the work you put into the iphone!
    1. ebl4287's Avatar
      ebl4287 -
    1. alaiwy's Avatar
      alaiwy -
      Quote Originally Posted by sungod661 View Post
      oh and i nticed the up down left right a,b select start MR CONTRA

      up up down down left right left right b a b a select start if we're being correct!
    1. iRockish's Avatar
      iRockish -
      Never really liked Icy, RipDev never really gave ME anything. But I guess goodbye.
    1. dbizzy1's Avatar
      dbizzy1 -
      Man I just started to use icy a little bit too...Cydia is better but I think there is always room for other sources that help push the boundries for use jailbreakers...and they had a cool icon 
    1. toyvan's Avatar
      toyvan -
      so that leaves us with Cydia and Rock...I wonder which one will be the demise of the other..?!?! maybe they should just join forces and become "Cydia Rocks!"
    1. exNavy's Avatar
      exNavy -
      How about giving me a refund for Installer.app? You know that $7 desktop app that could download cydia programs?
    1. MacDevil7334's Avatar
      MacDevil7334 -
      But...but...where will I go to buy buggy software for my iPhone?

      RipDev's software has been garbage since day 1. Installer 4 was a constant crashing nightmare. As mentioned above, Kate caused so many conflicts with other apps it boggles the mind. And does anyone remember the desktop version of Installer? RipDev wanted you to pay $7 for the "ability" to install apps onto your phone from your computer (it didn't work most of the time anyway).

      Don't let the door hit you on the way out guys!
    1. Bernie-Mac's Avatar
      Bernie-Mac -
      sorry but good riddence. They caused nothing but problems on my and many others' iPhones. Good intentions but poor execution. I know I won't miss them and I doubt others will too. Bye RiPDev!
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      You do have to give credit for being one of the people from the early development. Then cydia came along and knocked them out.
    1. ukoda's Avatar
      ukoda -
      I'm pretty sure they were where I got a Russian keyboard addon back in the ver 1.4 days. I was good software that did what was promised. I wish the people behind the name well with their future endeavors.
    1. rastlr's Avatar
      rastlr -
      i never used installer, as only time i did, i downloaded hud and kate, and crashed my iphone everytime, but i did like icy, as when i wanted to remove stuff i downloaded off cydia, it only took a few secs compared to the 1hr of cydia loading/downloading/loading but other then that, never had a use for ripdev stuff, but i do agree sucks to loose contributors to the jailbreak community
    1. Atomi's Avatar
      Atomi -
      Installer was number #1 in old days but then cydia came. After 2.0 release cydia took the first place and have hold that place and will be number one in future.

      R.I.P. APPSNAP <3
    1. one1's Avatar
      one1 -