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  • Apple "Breaks the Law" in Boston

    A story that first came to light last week is getting more attention than it probably deserves this weekend. Nonetheless, all eyes are on Apple's potentially "illegal" activity in Boston, courtesy of an iPod marketing endeavor gone horribly wrong.

    I guess you could say the writing was on the wall... literally. And, as a result, Apple is taking heat for putting up an iPod touch billboard that reportedly violates local law due to its massive size and location. According to coverage from Apple Insider:

    Despite the fact that a 13,750-square-foot iPod touch banner on the side of a Boston self-storage building was declared illegal by the Massachusetts Outdoor Advertising Board, the massive advertisement has remained since the fall of 2007 with and without special permits.
    It turns out the billboard still stands. And it doesn't look like it's going away any time soon, even as a $110,000 settlement was paid to the state this summer relating to the matter. The Boston Globe was sourced by Apple Insider revealing that this is "the largest known payment for any such advertising dispute."

    On Sunday morning, several national television news programs addressed the subsequent "political controversy" that has since emerged involving Boston's mayor Thomas M. Menino, whose campaign aide apparently played a role in "helping a business acquaintance behind the advertising agreement" negotiate the permitting process. It seems the individual in question has been donating the maximum-allowed political campaign contribution to Mayor Menino every year for the last four years.

    The one-year temporary permit for the iPod ad expired last fall, but the partners behind it did not file for a new permit until June, when the $110,000 settlement with the state was reached.
    The billboard (which is particularly important to Apple since a flagship store was opened there last year), is likely now causing more headaches than it's worth. Although it is probable that the powers-that-be at Apple had no knowledge of the local laws and small-time politicking that would intervene in its Boston-area marketing endeavors, Apple now finds itself at the center of a bizarre controversy that is getting far more media coverage than Apple would likely prefer.

    Image via Apple Insider
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    1. MetallicaFan1991's Avatar
      MetallicaFan1991 -
      Lol nice. That is one huge Touch!
    1. awesomeSlayer's Avatar
      awesomeSlayer -
      What a huge billboard! The ad is annoying now. I keep seeing this ad everywhere on the Internet.
    1. brotherbond007's Avatar
      brotherbond007 -
      People in BOSTON are stiffs
    1. awesomeSlayer's Avatar
      awesomeSlayer -
    1. metaserph's Avatar
      metaserph -
      Au contraire mon ami. I am in the outdoor advertising business. There are several ways companies get away with marketing their businesses where the "regular Joe" cannot. The "fee" they paid the city is paramount to a "permit" in the sense that as long as they pay the fee, though a "violation" of city code, the billboard will remain. It is worth a lot more than the fee for Apple to keep the billboard so they'll pay the fine. As long as the city makes money, they really don't care. Everyone's happy so no real controversy. Business is business.
    1. brotherbond007's Avatar
      brotherbond007 -
      Did I say people in Boston are stiffs? I don't care how big your sign is, if your product isn't selling (small guy) that means no one wants your product. Its about fulfilling the need of the consumer. No who has the biggest billboard.
    1. big poops's Avatar
      big poops -
      who the F cares!!!!!! anybody???
    1. awesomeSlayer's Avatar
      awesomeSlayer -
      Quote Originally Posted by big poops View Post
      who the F cares!!!!!! anybody???
      The people of Boston.
    1. RonHC's Avatar
      RonHC -
      Somebody alert FOX News
    1. petterloco1's Avatar
      petterloco1 -
      Nice one apple lol
    1. Fallguy's Avatar
      Fallguy -
      It kinda sticks out like a sore thumb. I can see why it would be a eyesore , but by looking at the surroundings , it could be an improvement .
    1. yellowpad's Avatar
      yellowpad -
      Looks like the marketing campaign is working. It's all over the news...for $110K settlement, that is pocket change. Go Apples!!!
    1. Houls's Avatar
      Houls -
      It's also covering a beautiful mural by Wyland on the wall behind behind it. Greed knows no bounds with Apple and Menino.

    1. yahoowizard's Avatar
      yahoowizard -
      I think it's funny how the place looks pretty ghetto, and there's this huge *** poster that comes out of nowhere. But yeah, I honestly don't think Apple needs too much more advertising, and that this is just too much. As the picture shows, it looks like a pretty empty place, with two guys in the middle of nowhere. Pretty surprised it hasn't gotten grafittied on yet.
    1. agent005's Avatar
      agent005 -
      I just think its obnoxious . There is really, honestly, no need for something like that.

      Damn politics. $110k to be above the law. Although, is a bill board really worth $110k? Can anyone enlighten me as to how much outside advertising really costs?
    1. one1's Avatar
      one1 -
      That's the size of Touch I outta get for the price I paid.
    1. Luigi453's Avatar
      Luigi453 -
      Thats stupid. I'm from South Of Boston, That thing has been there forever! i believe it used to be an iPod nano. its on the south side of the city. best seen when your heading out of the city...
    1. xxhorseriderxxx's Avatar
      xxhorseriderxxx -
      Mayor John Menito of Boston is a real scumbag, he makes all his money off deals like this
    1. n00neimp0rtant's Avatar
      n00neimp0rtant -
      Please delete this post
    1. bruinsrme's Avatar
      bruinsrme -
      Based on the view I am pretty sure it is in the flight path coming into Logan

      Apple ipod advertisements used to cover every trolley car and subway station. haven't seen any in a while