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  • Copycat Impact Forces Apple to Invest

    If you look up the word "copycat" in any new dictionary these days, there's a very strong possibility you will see a photo of the first Microsoft Store, which opened late last week in Phoenix, Arizona. To say that Microsoft's new store simply resembles the typical Apple store would be a great understatement, indeed.

    From Tuaw.com:

    As you walk into the store, employees in brightly-colored t-shirts cheer and applaud. The store is spacious, with large wooden tables placed far enough apart that the opening-day crowd, standing on a hardwood floor, isn't packed into the place. At the back of the store is an "Answer Bar," where you can ask questions about the operating system on your computer. No, Apple didn't open a new Apple Store in Scottsdale on the 22nd. Instead, this was the opening of the first Microsoft Store.
    Blatantly "borrowing" the look and feel of the Apple Store concept, Microsoft is even opening their stores near Apple Stores. Consequently, Apple is feeling the pressure to spruce up their own stores and the surrounding areas as quickly as possible. This fallout from Microsoft's new retail run hasn't
    been widely acknowledged, but Apple is beginning to shell out big bucks to touch up their retail presence.

    Look no further than my backyard in Chicago for evidence. From ifoapplestore.com:

    Apple has signed an agreement with the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) to spend nearly $4 million to refurbish a run-down triangle of land next to its future Halsted Street retail store, including a subway entrance building, the underground train platform and a bus turnaround driveway. The project would be Apple’s most expansive spruce-up to date, and will help bring sparkle to the surrounding shopping district, which developers hope is on the rebound now that Apple is arriving. Structural steel has been erected for the store on Chicago’s north side, and the store could open by fall, 2010.
    Similar examples are turning up at a variety of locations around the country where Microsoft could also break ground very soon.

    The turf war between Microsoft and Apple will be substantial in 2010. With Microsoft endeavoring to hire the former real estate chief at Apple to consult on location planning for stores, and efforts to hire Apple Store managers to run their new retail outlets, Microsoft is attempting to do more than just compete with Apple. Microsoft effectively wants to become the "new Apple."

    Consequently, Apple will have to do more than just invest in new products and software, they will also have to spend heavily to keep pace with the growth, expansion, and upkeep of a competitor's copycat retail chain.

    Image via Gizmodo
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    1. Zeal's Avatar
      Zeal -
    1. rhekt's Avatar
      rhekt -
      seriously folks...i think the first guy was kidding about the hot chicks...did you see the mammoth land whale in the green shirt at the beginning of this video...besides all my local apple stores make you feel like youve stepped into an abercrombie & fitch catalog...hot chicks and handsome dudes....[if thats what your into]..LOL

      dangit Zeal you got to it before me LOL
    1. Maerlyn13's Avatar
      Maerlyn13 -
      Which one in San Antonio? Cause I havent seen one yet.
    1. Channan's Avatar
      Channan -
      Quote Originally Posted by StealthBravo View Post
      The Apple store by me has several hot girls working there.

      The Apple store by my house has a bunch of fat guys.
    1. ipoong's Avatar
      ipoong -
      Apple, clone the hot chick.

      M$, lame copy. How about invent something USEFUL that others can steal. (sorry MS fanboiz, I use both)
    1. ebl4287's Avatar
      ebl4287 -
      This makes me sick
    1. Channan's Avatar
      Channan -
      Quote Originally Posted by never2hollywood View Post
      Well they had a choice between a boring "uniform" for all employees, which would deter customers, or a friendly, comfortable looking staff.

      Saying "they have brightly coloured shirts" contributes to their image as a "copycat" is ridiculous. Does that mean every time i wear a green shirt and jeans I'm trying to look like an MS Store employee?

      Also, open space and computers at comfortable working, eye level is just called ergonomics. Any corporation with a brain would implement this if they wanted to sell people on hardware. It makes it accessible.

      This whole argument for "Copycat Stores" is paper thin, if it even has any substance to begin with.

      THe only copycat action here are the stores itself. "Apple's got them, we should have them."
      There's a way you can achieve all of that without borrowing Apple's store designers. I really hope you were kidding, because it looks like MS moved into an already existing Apple store and replaced all the Macs with PCs.
    1. KooLLaiD's Avatar
      KooLLaiD -
      Quote Originally Posted by StealthBravo View Post
      I doubt MS will open more than two or three of these novelty stores. And trust me the chicks are hot at the San Antonio Apple Store
      That's what was said about the original Apple stores. I actually hope MS really pounds on Apple. I hate the stores, They are full of pretentious douchebags for the most part, and people that are usually lackeys. I worked for Apple Corporate for 8 years and quit because I was tired of the ********. I had heard numerous horror stories of the Apple Stores in Austin and other places. ****, My team which I personally supported over $45million in sales annually were doing a team building treasure hunt and had a bad experience at the Apple store. Funny how even Apple employees have lots of bad experiences at their Sister Stores. The Retail Stores are completely separate from Corp in reality btw.

      Quote Originally Posted by brotherbond007 View Post
      This is so lame, just like their products. The only way to compete is to dress like them (Apple), sound, look, get more females (airheads). Who cares if their stores are bigger? This is laughable. By the way I own an Xbox 360, and mini netbook on windows XP and a mini mac. LMAO
      And yet you don't even know the proper name of your products? It's a Mac Mini tard

      Quote Originally Posted by blkcadi View Post
      I went to this new store today just to say I did, nice clean and new. The chatter and clapping got on my nerves. (get a life)
      Odd thing was, as hard as I looked around I didn't see any Apple products there at all. Gates is playing catch-up and soon will fail in my opinion just like Gateway did.
      Ugh. Gateway was Before the Apple Stores, and also It's not Gates Anymore. It's Ballmer
    1. santaf's Avatar
      santaf -
      i'm just gonna have to say that this article i do not like. Ummm so Microsoft decided to go for a spacious store instead of a packed one... that makes complete sense but yeah i guess every store that is spacious it's just a copy of apple store. they do look different. obviously they are gonna put their computers on tables spread out what do you expect them to do? float them in the air or just put them on the ground?
    1. Grassmasta's Avatar
      Grassmasta -
      Good looking girls in both the Apple stores in Austin. Lots of dorky dudes too, which makes it easy to come off looking rico swavay.

      I wonder what brand of pc's they will be carrying? I've certainly never heard of an MS pc. This MS store seems like a big fail.
    1. conoven's Avatar
      conoven -
      I dont see why people think that MS is not copying Apples store... it looks just like apple! And the only reason they yelled and **** was bc it was grand opening... come on MS do something better next time!
    1. smuggler's Avatar
      smuggler -
      too bad, doesn't change my opinion about the shoddy cheap hardware Microsoft offers, I actually think less of them now for their lack of innovation in reinventing the apple store
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      Quote Originally Posted by conoven View Post
      I dont see why people think that MS is not copying Apples store... it looks just like apple! And the only reason they yelled and **** was bc it was grand opening... come on MS do something better next time!
      I agree. It's so obvious that they are trying to copy Apple's store that its absurd that people would think otherwise. The fact is that they have been reactive instead of proactive when it comes to competing with Apple.
    1. supreme-livin's Avatar
      supreme-livin -
      lol what a joke

      apple isnt bought for looks
      peps just want a computer that actually works
    1. Carlos's Avatar
      Carlos -
      Quote Originally Posted by anix11 View Post
      i hope your kidding about the girls....
      me too, I swear i saw the Green M&M, in the video.....

      But as far as the store, WOW, it def copied the apple store guess apple will need a decorating patent or something...lol

      YOu would think the minds behind microsoft would be smart enough to come up with there own catchy store theme ya know
    1. kaaroFC's Avatar
      kaaroFC -
      Do you know all the swine flu you could get from so many hands touching... :s
    1. goodluck4287's Avatar
      goodluck4287 -
      I didn't read all the posts ahead of me, so it may have been said...

      I could definitely see the screens lining the room come to a halt with a beautiful blue screen of death. It almost looks like it already.

      That girl in the video must have been wearing a 5XL t-shirt. Guess Microsoft will have to raise their prices to pay for the extra fabric for her shirts and health insurance for obesity.
    1. TooSlo's Avatar
      TooSlo -
      Quote Originally Posted by KooLLaiD View Post
      And yet you don't even know the proper name of your products? It's a Mac Mini tard
      Feeling the need to reaffirm that whole image that only self important douchebags own crapples?
    1. Kruejl's Avatar
      Kruejl -
      ^^^"crapples"? Never owned a Mac, have you? DB.
    1. KartRacer's Avatar
      KartRacer -
      Except for the fact that Microsoft opened their first store on June 16 1999, while Apple opened their first store on May 15 2001. Or in other words 1 year, 10 months and 29 days AFTER Microsoft opened their first retail store. Yeah, Apple sure was first and boy did Microsoft copy them! Yes the Microsoft store didn't last but two years, but they were first to open a retail store that sold both hardware and software of the two companies. The reason they closed is because it was easier for them to sell software through other retailers. They make software to cover thousands of hardware configurations. While the control freaks, and wannabe dictators at Apple will only allow a certain set of hardware, no wonder they have less problems and can charge so much for their hardware, it's take it or leave it. Only fanatical retards get their panties in a knot when returned the same insults that they dish, and they have kept Apple in some alternate universe where they can do nothing wrong. I love my MacBook and I prefer OS X to Windows 7. But I'm not so blindly biased in favor of a totalitarian, hypocritical company of control freaks that I can't see a good idea, no matter who came up with it. The only thing wrong with owning a Mac is being stereotyped as being part of the Mac cult following.

      Quote Originally Posted by goodluck4287 View Post

      That girl in the video must have been wearing a 5XL t-shirt. Guess Microsoft will have to raise their prices to pay for the extra fabric for her shirts and health insurance for obesity.
      Wow, can't come up with a good criticism, so you resort to fat jokes.