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  • Windows Mobile Developers Join Verizon for Apple Bashing

    The Windows Mobile development team has unleashed a subtle but stinging new video that promotes the Windows Marketplace for Mobile at Apple's expense.

    Indirectly addressing the glut of "pointless apps" that line Apple's App Store, the ad gently pokes fun at the superfluous applications that supposedly waste our time and serve little purpose.

    According to Todd Bishop's Microsoft blog at Tech Flash:

    That seems to be the underlying message in this spoof video posted on YouTube today by Microsoft's Windows Mobile Dev team, even though it features fictional Microsoft lab staff, and Apple is never mentioned by name.
    Although Microsoft continues to expand its virtual store's library by leaps and bounds since its October 6th grand opening, the company still offers only a paltry number of apps in comparison to Apple's current whopping catalog of 85,000 applications.

    The parody, however, also chides Apple's recent hypocritical behavior in determining which apps to accept or reject. In the video, the characters suggest ridiculous apps that Microsoft may have also shot down - including apps that shock the owner and create fake mustaches.

    Microsoft is trying to drum up interest in its rival to the App store, dubbed Windows Marketplace for Mobile, which launched earlier this month in conjunction with the Windows Mobile 6.5 release.
    Despite a flurry of recent attacks - including those by Verizon - Apple is largely unaffected. Having posted record quarterly earnings this week and then thrilling Apple fans with a slate of new offerings, the folks at Apple are probably laughing right along with the rest of us at the not-so-gentle jabs that have come flying from all directions.
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    1. riku98523's Avatar
      riku98523 -
      Wow that was hilarious X-D.
    1. unison999's Avatar
      unison999 -
      Quote Originally Posted by jdm.accord View Post
      Exactly. Funny how its "bashing" when its against Apple but its good advertising when its Apple doing the bashing.

      I think its good marketing either way. You have to go after your competition, no matter who you are.
      Well if Microsoft allow porn applications, I believe a lot of people would get something that uses its OS.
    1. tudtran's Avatar
      tudtran -
      ??????? That's stupid.
    1. rhekt's Avatar
      rhekt -
      this ad sucks stupid into dumbness....haha wait windows must be rubbing off on me im allready becoming dumbererer or sumthyng.
    1. sonofjemmi's Avatar
      sonofjemmi -
      Quote Originally Posted by reveritt90 View Post
      i hate to be that guy but what's apple going to say i mean yeah the app store great but the fact that there playing on the rejection factor is great apple should be bashed for the approval process..

      dont get me wrong i love my iphone but i dont love apple wants to tell me how to use it
      i feel the same way. i paid for the iPhone why can't i do what i want to with it, but this video is stupid and just for humor in that it points out what we already know about the apple approval process. love or hate it's apples way to earn money. as long as i have my iphone it'll be jailbroken and unlock.
    1. aries_green_monkey's Avatar
      aries_green_monkey -
      Okay, im not going to lie. I was not impressed by this "spoof" at all.
      I dont really see that as an attack on apple. More like "Microsoft developers cant come up with good apps so we rejected them all!"

      I mean seriously, SUN DIAL? Thats not even funny. Everybody knows phones have built in clocks.
    1. petterloco1's Avatar
      petterloco1 -
      Let's wait and see what windows7 have under the sleve, it might be interesting. never under estimate the enemy lol you could always get a surprise
    1. handsomePATT's Avatar
      handsomePATT -
      k is there actually a mustaceh app like that? cuz id totally pay forone
    1. Grassmasta's Avatar
      Grassmasta -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rota View Post
      Well someone totally missed the point.
      Lol, good point.
    1. aries_green_monkey's Avatar
      aries_green_monkey -
      Okay, i understand the basis and what is supposed to be funny, but it lacked any ACTUAL humor. I guess im just not easily amused.

      Quote Originally Posted by handsomePATT View Post
      k is there actually a mustaceh app like that? cuz id totally pay forone
      I agree! If a mustache app was put together well, i think it would be a pretty cool novelty app.
    1. ErikiPhone's Avatar
      ErikiPhone -
      I funny...but I don't like this kind of strategy...why insteas shouldn't they try to get out in the market something cool!!!??? or better!!?? Then the real competition starts!
    1. uturn68's Avatar
      uturn68 -
      Quote Originally Posted by icreepin View Post
      Have you took a look at the android OS? its completely opensource so anyone can develope and change anything on the phone. The hardware that the OS runs on is faster with more memory then the Iphone, Pre, and BB storm.

      I have developed (for a private firm) apps for BB, Iphone, and WM devices and will be doing the same for android.

      I can honestly say from a corporate stand point the android is more favorable then the BB devices, from a private stand point the android is going to give the Iphone a run for its money.
      i have seen the specs on the android,and i'll admit they're impressive. but until people choose it over the iphone(which they won't because 99% of consumers just buy whats cool regardless of specs)the iphone will still remain on top.
    1. anekin007's Avatar
      anekin007 -
      i agree with aries_green_monkey. its not funny at all.. except the girl in the background getting shock but the rest of it is all boring. only people that will understand the video is iphone users and iphone haters... other normal people that doesnt have a iphone and know very little about the iphone and its app will have no clue what is going on and boring.
    1. one1's Avatar
      one1 -
      What lesson do we take away from all this kiddies?

      MIcrosoft has no backbone and waits for a cell phone company to take aim at Apple before they get the NUTS to even try and talk about Apple in any way.

      Pathetic, as always.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Quote Originally Posted by aries_green_monkey View Post
      I agree! If a mustache app was put together well, i think it would be a pretty cool novelty app.
      Loved the vid - great add.

      Have you guys not got Mustache from the app store yet (didn't you even look for it?) It's a must have app for Movember.
    1. Grassmasta's Avatar
      Grassmasta -
      lol! I love how we personify corporate entities as if they were capable of making conscious decisions on their own! This is the great paper chase and these companies do what they do in order to get a piece of that global pie. Ethics are more like guidelines at this point. We like to accent the times when we follow ethical guidelines; however, we tend to sweep our unethical behavior under the rug in hopes that "out of sight" is truly "out of mind."
    1. se23's Avatar
      se23 -
      Ha haaaa I think it was funny and summed up apple well. I love browsing on my iphone and have realise most apps r crap and pointless. Buy windows did suck and still sucks a55
    1. sale666's Avatar
      sale666 -
      lol really funny... but even funnier is that its true lol!... most of the apps i mean like 90% are usless junk wile the good apps are rejeced!
    1. Kiserai's Avatar
      Kiserai -
      Wow. I am apparently the only one who noticed that when they're trying to figure out the time with the Sun Dial app, if you look at the clock on the wall behind them you can see it's actually 4:20.

      Coincidence? Probably not.

      And yes, Aries Green Monkey, you totally missed the joke. Fail is bestowed upon you, sir.
    1. lom51's Avatar
      lom51 -
      in the end apple will loose, its not just the whole app store thing, windows has always been more open to themes and stupid things like that.

      and say there are 5,000 useful apps in the app store, those will be ignored for the pointless MMO's, Games, RSS feeds, and whateverelse is usless in the app store.

      where microsoft only have a few apps, they are actually decent, over here in the uk, the BBC offers an iPlayer service which is extremly useful if you have missed a show on BBC, you can catch it on the iPlayer, and microsoft offers iPlayer as an app, apple doesn't.

      its just 1 small app, but it makes a difference, apple need to get serious about this multi-million egg they are sitting on, before it becomes full of utter crap and people go elsewhere for guarenteed quality.