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  • Orbit: Exposť for your iPhone
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eT8bIujbzqA]YouTube - Expose for iPhone: Second Look[/ame]

    video via Steven Troughton-Smith

    Sometimes it's the simplest ideas that are the most useful. Steven Troughton-Smith, a twenty-year-old independent iPhone developer (and student) living in Ireland, has finally released a working implementation of the "Exposť for Springboard" concept as a working app. Called Orbit, it's available for $1.99 on Cydia, and is a simple and straightforward way of navigating up to 12 home screens using a Exposť-like interface.

    The developer is said to be working on an Orbit 2.0 app that makes use of a "pinch" gesture to bring all miniaturized screens up at once. More than just another app, Orbit 2.0 would be a subtle but significant and fundamental modification of the basic iPhone navigation paradigm. Especially if you have a large number of home screen to navigate, this would make a significant difference in the smoothness and speed with which you can control your apps.

    Apple's centralized control of the "look and feel" of the iPhone interface is helpful - up to a point - for helping ensure the ease of use that we've come to expect. However, it may be that the jailbreaking community can provide these kinds of innovative breakthroughs that could make the iPhone eve better. It's further proof that both the authorized and jailbreaker ecosystems are important, and key to future innovation.
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    1. Hyperextension's Avatar
      Hyperextension -
      I LOVE this app. Works great and exactly like it does in the video. Just another superb app to make a jailbroken iPhone stand out from a standard out of the box iPhone.

      Showed it to many people, and they thought it was very cool and wished they had jailbroken phones.

      I only have 9 pages of apps, but this is perfect. Not that swiping left or right took a lot of time, but this is quick and nice.
    1. rustyhoge's Avatar
      rustyhoge -
      This is similar to the TapSB hack that was talked about early in the year. I hoped to that come true, but didn't. This is excellent. I tried Categories, then looked at Pogo Plank. Both well done and I really like the look of Pogo Plank, but they are both, IMHO, far to labor intensive. I have given up on themes with icons. Too much trouble.

      This is simple, and requires no fussing! It has a place in my dock. A couple suggestions:

      Home button should dismiss back to where I was.
      How about some zoom functionality where I could tap and hold to view a page then select or not.
      Page titles?
      Unlike some others I think the black background, especially behind the pages, needs to stay. This stuff is pretty small to see already.

      Thanks for this wonderful utility.
    1. threeonparfive's Avatar
      threeonparfive -
      It would be really awesome if we could set Orbit as the double-click home button. The app still rocks as is!
    1. Sniper366's Avatar
      Sniper366 -
      I bought this app immediately. I've been waiting for something like this. I'm a fan so far, but there is definitely room for improvement. It needs to recognize the home button so that home will take you back to SB (like Rusty said), and maybe add a subtle glow around the current SB page.
    1. fletch33's Avatar
      fletch33 -
      bought it. like it. looking forward to the suggestions above and any other features that may arise from it.

      thanks for the work and a fair price.
    1. sherman901's Avatar
      sherman901 -
      I downloaded the cracked version of this, toyed around with it and enjoyed it so much I felt bad for not contributing to the developer so I deleted the cracked version and bought it. This is an awesome app and I love it. You guys that are wanting it for free... you kind of people piss me off. If you enjoy someone's work, pay them for it. People's expectation for everything to be free nowadays drive me nuts. What's the incentive to work hard if you aren't going to get anything for it?
    1. edwilk55's Avatar
      edwilk55 -
      Quote Originally Posted by cpjr View Post
      I so get tired of hearing "Why cant I leech off of other people's hard work without contributing anything myself" complaints.
      +100 ... esp since it's a couple of bucks. From what we spend a month on service and the phone itself, you can't pay a dev a couple dollars for a great app. *shrugs*
    1. scraggles's Avatar
      scraggles -
      Quote Originally Posted by rustyhoge View Post
      Home button should dismiss back to where I was.
      Page titles?
      Unlike some others I think the black background, especially behind the pages, needs to stay. This stuff is pretty small to see already.
      Quote Originally Posted by Sniper366 View Post
      subtle glow around the current SB page.
      These are awesome ideas.

      I spoke to the developer on twitter with my suggestions.

      1) Allow us to use a big icon for the page... Say page 3 is all games. Let us use a custom game icon for it. And page 4 is apps, custom icon for that.

      2) If that isn't a possibility, how about a lable under each of the icons like 'games' 'apps' 'utilities'

      He responded suggesting his other app 'stack' to me. All available versions of stack are garbage and until 3.0 is out(which he doesn't seem to be working on at the moment due to orbit) I'm stuck looking still.

      I do like orbit, but with something along the lines of custom icons to denote the entire contents of the page(if your organized) then it's the closest we're going to get to actual folders anytime soon.
    1. tattoojack's Avatar
      tattoojack -
      Quote Originally Posted by klouud View Post
      because - if we want independent dev's to bring really really really cool programs to Cydia there will need to be some incentive. I have no problem paying for useful apps.

      already bought about 3-4 Cydia apps.
      bought 0 App Store apps

      ^ If that doesn't say something I don't know what does...

      NOTE: now we need the ability to delete downloaded vids with the "YourTube" add on to YouTube.
      swipe from left to right like in email
      and delete
      or ssh and remove them
    1. Ticko's Avatar
      Ticko -
      i like this app but i would like to be able to use it without actually having to launch the app everytime...it would be sweet if our actual springboard was like the app itself and when we click on a page it would take us to that page and home button would bring us back to the multi paged view where we can see all our pages. and of course would like to keep the dock while using the app like in the video
    1. rhekt's Avatar
      rhekt -
      i heard one user claim (not here) that it doesnt work with any of the 5 rows/columns/docks tweeks. can anybody else confirm this
    1. taxbax's Avatar
      taxbax -
      it works with my 5 column dock.
      i'd like to see someone come out with an expose icon for this, the Orbit icon is ugly.

      2.0 sounds amazing, I can't wait for that. I wonder how hes doing with stacks?
    1. sherman901's Avatar
      sherman901 -
      Definitely works with my 5 dock tweak.
    1. icreepin's Avatar
      icreepin -
      Quote Originally Posted by eremeya View Post
      Because it would be nice for the Dev to get a little something for his work...
      Yeah I agree developers should get paid something.
    1. Shashlike's Avatar
      Shashlike -
      For people with 5+ screens this is the app to buy. Works nicely and truly speeds up switching between screens. Please stop whining about the pricing. Yes Apple should've thought of this from day 1 but plz reward people for their work. In my opinion it also sends an indirect message to Cupertino. Correct me if I'm erong, but wasn't OS 3.0 inspired by evil "crackers" which wanted copy & paste in their MMS from the start?

      I also found it useful to place the orbit icon in the middle using the 5 icon dock for easier access. Throughout the springboard.
    1. juggz143's Avatar
      juggz143 -
      Personally I'm waiting on this...

      [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZHrOgIbpvs]YouTube - Coverflow iPhone Multitasking[/ame]

      not holding my breathe tho
    1. lll2for3lll's Avatar
      lll2for3lll -
      I would get it if you could use fiveirows and five column springboard. And does themed icons and wallpaper work with this?

      Quote Originally Posted by juggz143 View Post
      Personally I'm waiting on this...

      YouTube - Coverflow iPhone Multitasking

      not holding my breathe tho

      This "IS" better. I'm waiting for it as well. They should make it so that you can make the cover flow at the bottom of the screen disappear with the home button if it doesn't already have that feature.
    1. scraggles's Avatar
      scraggles -
      I'm seeing this developers tweets on twitter and he doesn't seem that focused on the apps he has out right now. I'd hold of a month or so on buying anything from him and see if things change or stay the same.
    1. edwilk55's Avatar
      edwilk55 -
      Quote Originally Posted by taxbax View Post
      i'd like to see someone come out with an expose icon for this, the Orbit icon is ugly.
      You can have it anything you want. The first one is the one I'm using, but you can make it whatever.
    1. mavisxp's Avatar
      mavisxp -
      Quote Originally Posted by scraggles View Post
      I'm seeing this developers tweets on twitter and he doesn't seem that focused on the apps he has out right now. I'd hold of a month or so on buying anything from him and see if things change or stay the same.
      Good call. I wish I had run across your post before I wasted my money on this.

      After trying in vain to manually add doubletap Home functionality for Orbit, I emailed the developer through Cydia asking for help. He responded within minutes, claiming that an update would be released 'in the next week,' enabling that function. That was back on October 18th. heh ... Closer inspection of his Twitter feed and profile lead me to believe that he has a very short attention span and that I probably shouldn't hold my breath waiting for an update. Oh well - now I know better.