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  • Are Verizon's New Commercials iPhone "Attack Ads"?

    Image via erictric.com

    It isn't news, but its making headlines this weekend: Verizon doesn't like AT&T... or Apple.

    And, frankly, Verizon wants us to know it. Consequently, it seems Verizon is behind the launch of what some are calling a blatant "attack ad" on the iPhone that rivals some of the worst political attack ads we've seen in recent years.

    The ”iDevice” is what Verizon is calling the iPhone in the ad.

    From TheiPhoneBlog.com:

    Verizon has now aired their first new Android 2.0-centric, anti-iPhone (technically “iDon’t iDevice”) attack ad and placed a new website online to go with them.
    The campaign has already been rolled out, but if you're yet to see the controversial commercial in question, it will reportedly be featured prominently during Sunday's NFL games.

    Here's Daring Fireball's take:

    “Droid” is going to be a Verizon-owned brand. It’s purportedly a Motorola-manufactured phone, but Verizon is the licensee of the “Droid” trademark. (Which name, by the way, strikes me as the perfect name for an Android OS phone — sort of implicitly establishes it as the Android phone.) That’s the big thing. Verizon doesn’t see itself as a mere carrier for other companies’ phones. It sees itself as being bigger than the phones. It’s Verizon-vs.-Apple in this spot, not Verizon-vs.-AT&T.
    No matter which carrier is behind an "attack ad," I hate to see competition devolve into mudslinging, which is exactly what the "iDevice" mockery add truly is. Instead of emphasizing the quality attributes of a handset or its carrier, this campaign resorts to little more than simply degrading a competitor.

    So what can we glean from these ads? Call me crazy but if Apple should allow their exclusivity deal with AT&T to expire, it's unlikely that the iPhone will find a home at Verizon any time soon.
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    1. smittyjf's Avatar
      smittyjf -
      I met with verizon for our corperate account last year. They tried to pitch me 3000 less minutes a month for aprox. 250.00 more. The did this on the pitch that you use less minutes on Verizon because they drop less calls that you will have reinitiate for another billed minute.

      I had to laugh. They need to come up with a better sales pitch than that.
    1. gotem3303's Avatar
      gotem3303 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Messany View Post
      No matter which carrier is behind an "attack ad," I hate to see competition devolve into mudslinging, which is exactly what the "iDevice" mockery add truly is. Instead of emphasizing the quality attributes of a handset or its carrier, this campaign resorts to little more than simply degrading a competitor.
      Ummm, isnt this what Apple pretty much does to microsoft on a daily basis? I mean, the Mac vs PC ads are Apple specifically attacking Microsoft on what they lack.

      I dont find anything wrong with any of it. Its trying to make the iPhone not look good so that Verizon can get customers. Whats the big deal? I mean, the iPhone is pretty much the best phone on the market and has almost everything, so if Verizon advertised that with their new phone you can play games or read email or something people would say, "well, the iPhone does it so I might as well get one instead!" So instead they point out what it doesnt have.
    1. xxpwnxx's Avatar
      xxpwnxx -
      iDont care what a P.O.S android wish it does
    1. Channan's Avatar
      Channan -
      iWish people would stop doing this. It iAnnoys me.
    1. whereswaldo's Avatar
      whereswaldo -
      hey Verizon, jelous much?
    1. tudtran's Avatar
      tudtran -
      Quote Originally Posted by cpjr View Post
      iDont like Verizon.
    1. mawells787's Avatar
      mawells787 -
      I think the reason for these recent Verizon attacks on at&t and now the iphone, probably has to do with a verizon/apple deal going south.

      i'm pretty sure verizon was panning on having talks with apple and getting the iphone next year. something happen and apple said FU verizon we offered it to your back in 2007 and you said no we're sticking with at&t. Verizon said FU apple/at&t and thus we have these recent Verizon attack ads.

      just a thought.
    1. njr1489's Avatar
      njr1489 -
      lol, this is very reminiscent of those sega ads, "Sega does what nintenDONT"

      A jailbroken 3GS is all I want, not too interested in the droid.
    1. Kamil18's Avatar
      Kamil18 -
      I find it halarious that iPhone holders are saying things like
      "I don't care if android does these things, apple is still better"
      -Clearly a fanboy, but i mean, COME ON! use some common sense! just cuz
      its apple doesn't mean its better.

      "I'm not interested in android, just give me an iPhone."
      -Ignorance at its best. I thought apple fans always attack others because they lower their expectations when they want a WM/Android/WebOS phone...
      the iPhone is supposed to be the supposedly "best phone ever".

      and you guys are just gonna take whatever apple gives you, and praise it as the best? Apple wins, and you lose. Congrats for making Apple feel like they don't need to do anything more cuz of your stubbornness!
    1. DoubleD's Avatar
      DoubleD -
      I think this "attack" as some are calling it will be positive for the iPhone. If Verizon mounts a sizeable "attack" and the average smartphone user notices and industry people talk this may make ATT a little nervous and put some pressure on Apple to enable alot of these features we are all wanting. Apple themselves will feel tension from these ads, especially if they do not respond to them. The current iPhone 3G and S are perfectly capable of these features. I like the keyboard were have on the iPhone and have had no issues with my original 2G and my new 3GS battery failing.
    1. steve-z17's Avatar
      steve-z17 -
      There's nothing wrong with the ads, the only thing wrong is everyone who owns an iPhone and keeps posting complaints about it and how Apple sucks and is restricting and needs to put more things on the phone. Seriously? If it's so crappy then why own one? It obviously had enough things on it that you liked to buy it in the first place. No phone is going to have everything little thing that you want, which is another thing that makes the iPhone so great because all you have to do is update to the latest firmware which keeps the phone moving. But why own something that you're just going to keep complaining about? Those are the ppl who bought an iPhone because its an iPhone and its "cool" to have. It's simple, if you don't like the phone and its features or the direction its moving in, just get another phone, otherwise you're just going to keep complaining and not be happy.
    1. niZmo v2's Avatar
      niZmo v2 -
      Verizon doesn't hate Apple, they want the iPhone. That would just effect their business, since iPhone is taking over.
    1. souledge316's Avatar
      souledge316 -
      Low blow by Verizon? Sure, but it's not like everything they're mentioning on the ad isn't true.
    1. Kamil18's Avatar
      Kamil18 -
      People got the phone PRECISLY BECAUSE it offered many things other phones didn't have... thats how the iPhone got successful.

      Do you think the iPhone got popular because of its hardware? It was mainly because its software had things people didn't even know phones could do.

      If the iPhone has any chance of staying in its current position, it HAS TO adapt. If i doesn't, it will give a clear path for an iPhone killer to pass by. I, frankly, don't care if in 2 years the better phone will be an iPhone, an android phone, or even a WebOS phone. As long as the phone companies do evolve and offer more features.

      "Verizon doesn't hate Apple, they want the iPhone. That would just effect their business, since iPhone is taking over."

      omg... you guys still think that Verizon has been sad over the fact that they didn't get the iPhone? their actually glad. AT&T might have gotten a lot of new paying customers, but frankly, AT&T is losing quite a lot of Money from paying Apple to exclusivley have their phone. Verizon put them down because apple wanted a ton of the money made from iPhone. Verizon knew that they wouldn't profit, and might have even lossed money. so they turned them down.

      Heck, AT&T doesn't even want the iPhone. Its not good for buissness as they thought it would be.
    1. Zeal's Avatar
      Zeal -
      iPhone should be able to do all of those things anyways.

      Thx Apple.
    1. LongN3ck's Avatar
      LongN3ck -
      It's called capitalism. Verizon is simply making their claim to get more market share. I wish apple/AT&T would do something about all that Verizon stated. Sure Jailbreak will get you some or all of the things that Verizon is talking about, but I think the phones/jailbroken phones ratio is still small, and not officially part of the Apple/AT&T package.
    1. ebl4287's Avatar
      ebl4287 -
      Doid can have all the features in the world but the fact of the matter is..Droid doesnt have a appstore to compete with iDevice
    1. JayXL14's Avatar
      JayXL14 -
      This is truly pathetic on Verizon's part because they would LOVE to have the iPhone on their carrier.

      That ship has now sailed.
    1. twitchee3's Avatar
      twitchee3 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Kamil18 View Post
      How is this degrading? True, its resorting to word play and talk backs, but its listing what it (verizon) feels is missing from a phone.

      Verizon is offering a phone with the above things the iPhone is missing (or so the comercial leads us to believe).

      Just because it goes against something, doesn't mean its an attack. Its called "Constructive Critisism" people.

      I would be incredible happy if the iPhone had 4/7 of the listed features. It doesn't, and Verizon is adressing it, and releasing what "THEY" believe is a better phone.

      Will it be? It better, cuz if it isn't, verizon loses A LOT of credibility...

      wait, you guys think verizon is expensive? I really hope your not comparing it to having an iPhone with an AT&T plan...
      Pointing out the things their new phones/OS WILL have is not an attack ad. Pointing out specifically what another company's phone/OS WON'T do, and mocking its name no less, is deffinately an attack ad. If you are a consumer and you need those features, you will look into it yourself before purchasing. If not, a simple ad saying, "hey, here's our new phone, look at the new features!" would be fine. Because the feature lists of both devices will be easily available to the consumer for comparison, the only reason to focus this type of advertising on the products of the competition is to ridicule them and instill negative feelings towards that product within the viewer. When an ad campaign focuses on the device (or product/service) it is competing with SPECIFICALLY, it is always a blatant attack.
    1. gmacdo1's Avatar
      gmacdo1 -
      Quote Originally Posted by xxpwnxx View Post
      iDont care what a P.O.S android wish it does