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  • Microsoft's First Store Opening "Imminent"

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    Microsoft ís first store is ready to open and it could as early as Monday according to multiple published reports. Phoenix will play host to the first store as the software maker ups the ante in its competitive posturing with Apple.

    As Reuters reported this weekend, the timing for Microsoft is perfect, as Microsoft's new Windows 7 operating system also rolls out next week.
    Expectations are running high that its first store, in the Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale, Arizona, will open next week, to coincide with the launch of Microsoft's new Windows 7 operating system next Thursday.
    Microsoft has hinted that the new store will be a grand showcase of all things Microsoft - from mobile phones demonstrating Microsoft software to Xbox 360 game consoles. It has also been reported that visitors to the store will have an opportunity to play Xbox 360 on a giant 94-inch in-house screen.

    With a close friend living in Phoenix, I'm told foot traffic by the location of Microsoft's store has been "overwhelming."

    Microsoft has so far been coy about its retail plans and a company spokeswoman would not officially pin down an opening date beyond "the fall." Chief executive Steve Ballmer teased reporters with an imminent opening on Friday, but also would not commit to a date.
    Combating Apple in the retail department won't be easy, but Microsoft has said the stores will exist to help create more "direct connections" with Microsoft hardware and software users, one area in which Apple presently has Microsoft beat hands down.

    Microsoft's David Porter, corporate VP of retail stores said, "Our customers have told us they want more choice, more value, and better service, and that's what we'll deliver through our Microsoft Stores."

    Despite earlier reports that Microsoft would only open its stores "right next door" to Apple stores, it seems that plan has now changed.

    "We'll open a couple of stores, try to improve, open a couple more stores," Ballmer said.
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      That's because mostly SMART PEOPLE use a PC and don't need help using one. Crapple users on the other hand are mostly dumb retarded idiots who don't know how to use a PC so they jump on the Crapple bandwagon because everyone knows how DUMBED DOWN Crapple's are
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      Quote Originally Posted by one1 View Post
      So......... microsoft is going to open a store and sell Xbox 360's and Zunes? Stacks of Windows 7 and Office lining the isle's up and down? They don't manufacture computers like APPLE and need a store.
      I'm sure they'll sell computers, but from who...

      I'm sure they'll have plenty to showcase. Zune, 360's, and Windows 7 are strong sellers. Hell you can even throw a couple of netbooks and show how awesome 7 runs in them (it's amazing what people have gotten 7 to run in).

      You can also throw a Games for Windows section, a nice software aisle or two. It'll be mostly what little MS has for hardware complemented with what runs on MS software.