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  • Tethering on 3.1 - MyWi 3.1.8

    Folks have been waiting for tethering on 3.1.x, and it's available now with the 3.1.8 release of MyWi.app. MyWi is a Rock.app application we've mentioned before, which runs $9.99 to purchase. It comes with a free trial. The nice thing about the tethering? Not only does it work on 3.1 firmware, it runs on the iPhone 2G just as smoothly as the iPhone 3G/3G[S] (of course at a slower speed, since the 2G obviously only runs EDGE).

    Version 3.1.8 is now available from the Rock App.. All trials which have occurred before are being reset as well, so folks are getting a full trial regardless as of this release.

    Features are the same as before, but now with 3.1.x and iPhone 2G covered as well:
    • Create WiFi Hotspot to connect mutiple laptops or mobile devices to share your iPhone''s internet connection
    • 40 bit and 104 bit WEP Security to prevent others from accessing your WiFi HotSpot
    • Ability to enable USB and Bluetooth Tethering on your iPhone as well
    • Uses less battery and much faster then PdaNet due to native routing
    • Broadcasts the Network Name (SSID) - no need to fuss with creating an adhoc network on your laptop
    • Shows up and down bandwith usage

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    1. rwin84's Avatar
      rwin84 -
      Sweet this will make a lot of people happy... Unfortunately 3.1.x is garbage and full of issues
    1. dunlapface's Avatar
      dunlapface -
      Thank god. I have been trying to use this now that I have updated the phone's firmware and I don't get the blue notification at the top saying that the phone is Tethered. Can't wait for the update.
    1. Poseidon79's Avatar
      Poseidon79 -
      Great news! Glad to see they are still on top of their game. This is a MUST HAVE app in my book.
    1. z28kid's Avatar
      z28kid -
      Woohoo, well that makes me kinda happier about losing my 3.0.1 jb. Although, I dunno if i will pay for the app. Ill prob wait for some type of free version.
    1. jpsam's Avatar
      jpsam -
      Bravo !
    1. suicidesam's Avatar
      suicidesam -
      Does this work on non-jb phones?
    1. kkiran's Avatar
      kkiran -
      Why do you guys endorse RockApp so much and not Cydia? All of this is possible using Cydia. I feel Icy and RockApp should be left out.
    1. Poseidon79's Avatar
      Poseidon79 -
      ^^^^ The people that run Rock App wrote this application!! Updates are pushed out through RockApp... not Cydia for this program.
    1. plcrules's Avatar
      plcrules -
      lol its the only good thing rock ever did

      except for the pc app that saved my *** a bunch of times
    1. TheSkepticalGuy's Avatar
      TheSkepticalGuy -
      Quote Originally Posted by kkiran View Post
      Why do you guys endorse RockApp so much and not Cydia? All of this is possible using Cydia. I feel Icy and RockApp should be left out.
      Are you kiding me? Cydia loads really slow and Rock App Loads faster then Cydia and Icy.
    1. skburke's Avatar
      skburke -
      Still will not work on JB 3.1.2 3GS. Tired of this app over promising and under delivering. Tried everything including uninstalling PDANET.
    1. karlreed2's Avatar
      karlreed2 -
      Very nice! I love RockApp and MyWi! I've been waiting for this update and can't wait to be tethering again! Definitely a "must have" app!
    1. exNavy's Avatar
      exNavy -
      Quote Originally Posted by kkiran View Post
      Why do you guys endorse RockApp so much and not Cydia? All of this is possible using Cydia. I feel Icy and RockApp should be left out.
      +1. It is their site though. Rock App has been out just over a year now and it has all of 18 applications and they all cost money. It's not much different than Rip Dev's Icy. Both are alternatives to Cydia just to push their handful of for a fee programs. Can't blame 'em for trying. Certainly if you find something useful there and you are willing to pay then they have served their purpose. Neither platform has anything that interests me. Cydia has many programs that interest me, and some that I have purchased. To each his own.
    1. jwalkd9's Avatar
      jwalkd9 -
      I'm glad something like this finally came out but i am having some problems, not necessarily with the app itself. I am trying to tether the my PSPGo to my iphone3G for internet connection. I was able to start up the tethering on the iphone and connect to it via bluetooth with the PSP. I then try to connect to as a bluetooth modem and it will let me select the iphone but then it asks me to put a dial-up number. I don't know what to do here and it won't let me leave it blank.
    1. Chberain85's Avatar
      Chberain85 -
      do I need to get a diff Internet plan? would this app be using my current Internet iPhone plan? afraid of downloading this app and then receive a 5,000 dollars bill from AT&T
    1. danke721's Avatar
      danke721 -
      Nvm, now working on blackra1n jailbreak 3.1.2 3gs

      Thanks all who worked on this. Was my main gripe about upgrading to 3.1
    1. skeels's Avatar
      skeels -
      skburke: Can you send your syslog to RockSupport? Perhaps try a reboot after uninstalling PdaNet? (We have had issues with PdaNet in the past and we forcibly remove it - but do not require a reboot - this could be the issue).

      I have it working on my 2G/3G/3GS and many others successful on blackra1n 3.1/3.1.2 3GS. Please try a reboot after install if you're having problems.

      Not wanting to turn this thread into another Rock vs Cydia thread . So i won't make any comparitive comments. Rock is a browser into APT just like Cydia. Use whichever you like. We made MyWi + updates available on both (thanks to MMi). Yes MyWi will install the RockApp - but that's for you to have the ability to manage your licenses with one central id. exNavy Note: RockApp out of box has 6000+ apps in it. And you can add thousands of more through APT urls
      jwalkd9: Sorry - I believe others have had issue with PSP connecting. Note the WiFi router connection is adhoc, and i believe the psp will only connect to infrastructure networks. Not sure about bluetooth - google will be your friend for that
    1. xchemical's Avatar
      xchemical -
      i updated my already since i update to 3.1 and lost mywi for a month now that i got it back im so happy been using it since it first come on on rock app i must say it is a must have app oh by the way i use over 50 gig of data last month before the 3.1 and my bill is the same
    1. cactusweasel's Avatar
      cactusweasel -
      Well, they wont be getting my $10 unless they make it available through cydia, cant be arsed faffing around with rock just for this app
    1. ekull25's Avatar
      ekull25 -
      This is awesome! After prematurely "upgrading" to 3.1.whatever, I had all but given up on tethering my 3GS.

      I downloaded the current Blackra1n program, ran it, then installed that "Rock" application, then installed MyWi.

      At first, it seemed to work, then nothing. Then I seemed to be caught in a re-spring/re-boot loop. I read that someone else with the 3.1.2 firmware wasn't able to get tethering working again.

      I was about to uninstall the trial of MyWi, when I noticed that the iPhone's native tethering option was back in my settings/general/network screen! Hmmm. I flipped the switch to ON, and my laptop instantly saw the connection!!

      So I couldn't get the MyWi app to work, but got native tethering to work. So, who needs MyWi, right? I uninstalled it, but now my native tethering option was GONE! WTF!?!?

      I reinstalled MyWi, rebooted the phone, relaunched the MyWi app and it still wouldn't work, BUT the native tethering option had once again returned to my settings/general/network screen!! I'm currently typing this message on my laptop, through my iPhone's tethered 3G connection.

      So now I have it all!! Muhaha!! Unless a new firmware version promises to pick winning lotto numbers, I'm NEVER "upgrading" again!!

      When my MyWi free trial ends, I'll gladly pay them. Excuse me, but I'm gonna go pay a donation to that Blackra1n guy now... He's a friggen genius!!