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  • Tethering on 3.1 - MyWi 3.1.8

    Folks have been waiting for tethering on 3.1.x, and it's available now with the 3.1.8 release of MyWi.app. MyWi is a Rock.app application we've mentioned before, which runs $9.99 to purchase. It comes with a free trial. The nice thing about the tethering? Not only does it work on 3.1 firmware, it runs on the iPhone 2G just as smoothly as the iPhone 3G/3G[S] (of course at a slower speed, since the 2G obviously only runs EDGE).

    Version 3.1.8 is now available from the Rock App.. All trials which have occurred before are being reset as well, so folks are getting a full trial regardless as of this release.

    Features are the same as before, but now with 3.1.x and iPhone 2G covered as well:
    • Create WiFi Hotspot to connect mutiple laptops or mobile devices to share your iPhone''s internet connection
    • 40 bit and 104 bit WEP Security to prevent others from accessing your WiFi HotSpot
    • Ability to enable USB and Bluetooth Tethering on your iPhone as well
    • Uses less battery and much faster then PdaNet due to native routing
    • Broadcasts the Network Name (SSID) - no need to fuss with creating an adhoc network on your laptop
    • Shows up and down bandwith usage

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    1. Daps's Avatar
      Daps -
      I'm interested in this but have a few questions. I'm using the trial of PDAnet and must say it works great for my needs. I use USB only, i even use the VPN client on my phone and then connect PDANET and im able to get to machines on my work network. Can i do that with MyWi? Im using PDAnet as i type this because the hotel charges for internet access unless you have a tmobile acct.

      MyWi is $10 vs PDAnet $30. I dont have much need to tether as I'm normally around wifi at home or work but having the ability is good when needed. I rather not pay $20 more for something that I can do cheaper. I probably have at least another week of the pdanet trial left

      If I want to try the MyWi and I JB my phone using blackra1n do I just install Rock via the blackra1n icon and then get MyWi from there? Also it's my understanding that MyWi will uninstall PDANet, is that correct or will i have to do it? Oh will I have to install a client on my computer like i did with PDAnet or will it use the apple drivers like the builtin tether?

      If MyWi works I'll go with that otherwise I guess I'll eventually get PDAnet

      Thanks for the input & sorry if im rambling im in a 2hr difference time zone and normally would be lying down to go to bed now
    1. Darkhunter130's Avatar
      Darkhunter130 -
      PDAnet trial never runs out. You can upgrade it for 30 dollars though
    1. Daps's Avatar
      Daps -
      Quote Originally Posted by Darkhunter130 View Post
      PDAnet trial never runs out. You can upgrade it for 30 dollars though
      REALLY! Well hot dang that sounds great What was the 14 day thing I thought I read and why would I pay $30 to upgrade when the trial works? Will some function time out in the trial?
    1. rhekt's Avatar
      rhekt -
      PDAnet does expire.once trial expires you loose full internet access. if you try to uninstall and reinstall trial.... the app will recognize your phones unique ID and will indicate that your trial has expired.

      you get full unlimited internet access with the $30 paid version..whereas certain sites are unatainable after the trial is over...which ends up being a hell of a lot.
    1. Darkhunter130's Avatar
      Darkhunter130 -
      Wait maybe its not it says you cant connect to http connections with the free version...damnit now I gotta buy one too lol
    1. metaserph's Avatar
      metaserph -
      Just paid for MyWi after test-driving. The options are great, hell it gave me faster browsing than my Hi Speed ATT wireless, for real. Just saying...
    1. Daps's Avatar
      Daps -
      dang looks like im bak to trying mywi lol

      has anyone tried vpn connections with it? im guessing i can do it the same way as pdanet

      guess i'll give it a try after my flight home tomorrow...so i use the rock install built in blackra1n,download mywi and go correct? no other client software...
    1. metaserph's Avatar
      metaserph -
      Correct Daps.
    1. rhekt's Avatar
      rhekt -
      MYWI is great...[when its working]. had it on 3.0 and loved it until it became incompatible with 3.1. MYWI has quicker access and enables others to easily tether as well, [if you wish]. as for the battery consumption i found it to be the same or close enough to that of PDAnet....if you can get MYWI to work for you all...thats great! and in fact i recomend it over PDAnet. (due to its ease of use) however its not working all around for everybody on 3.1.+ including me..and to make things worse for MYWI, PDAnet never lost a step between -3.0-3.1-3.1.2 w/o any updates....the way i see it is PDAnet is to MYWI as how Apple is to Microsoft...its just so much more reliable.
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      For those asking about Rock Your Phone coverage on MMi - we cover cool stuff for the iPhone. If that comes out in Cydia, we cover it for Cydia. If it's in Rock, we cover that. If it's a random app not in either... we email the dev, get it in Cydia, and cover that.
    1. rhekt's Avatar
      rhekt -
      heyyyy...wait a minute...you just pulled a fast one..LOL
    1. skeels's Avatar
      skeels -
      Ok for folks who have a connection - but not being able to surf:
      1) We've release 3.1.10 to further help the dns issue.
      2) Please upgrade to 3.1/3.1.2 - it's more stable then 3.0 for tethering via WiFi.

      Thanks all again for your feedback. Based on sales - it's working well for many!
    1. cpjr's Avatar
      cpjr -
      Hey psuskeels...have you heard of any issues with MyWi crashing MMS, Ive got 3gs 3.1.2 and MyWi wont tether but everytime I run it....it will kill my MMS and I have to reload the ipcc file in itunes?
    1. skeels's Avatar
      skeels -
      cpjr: No - are you on 3.0? Can you send a syslog to rock support (under rockapp -- make sure you have syslogd in rock installed)
    1. demiurgical's Avatar
      demiurgical -
      I'm having the same respring + reboot cycle each time I try to enable WiFi Tethering. uninstalled and reinstalled MyWi, same thing.
    1. kaaroFC's Avatar
      kaaroFC -
      gr8 news, but I have a question could att charge you extra for this? have they enabled tethering on the iphone yet??
    1. aries_green_monkey's Avatar
      aries_green_monkey -
      Dude, i am so psyced to download this app.

      Trial for now, but when i get paid next week, these guys will be too!
      Something that enables tethering is so valuable to people with laptops...
      I mean seriously: this just makes hecka stuff MUCH EASIER for me.

      As a technology commissioner for our Student Gov't class, i have to say
      that tethering with my iPhone (and cutting out the stupid school blocks)
      will just make life better in general.

      IDEA: I wonder if i could get the school to reimburse me somehow...
      Well ill see what i can do. Thanks for such a functional and awesome app.

      (iPhone 3GS running 3.1.2 and blackra1n of course)
    1. meda903's Avatar
      meda903 -
      Will we be chargeD for tethering or is it still part of our Internet plan
    1. 808mp5's Avatar
      808mp5 -
      All i can say is that i wish i never updated... it was working flawlessly before i updated... now when i try to tether via wifi it just keeps crashing... blah

      i guess they're working on it... cuz this thread is about the 3.1.8 version... i updated to that one... and now there is already another update 3.1.10 and it's still crashing
    1. rsaruhn's Avatar
      rsaruhn -
      I used 3G Unrestrictor with MyWi, and the connection got a lot faster.
      You should try it!