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  • Sena Magnetflipper, Executive Leather Cases for iPhone 3GS [GIVEAWAY INSIDE!]
    Sena, a company formed in 1999, is one of the finest mobile phone case case makers. They specialize in making high quality leather cases. These are handcrafted by experts, making each piece an exclusive. The Napa calfskin leather used in these cases is imported from Italy and Turkey that ensures supreme quality standards. They offer a wide range of colors and even different textures of leather.

    Coming to the particular case we're reviewing, Sena's MagnetFlipper is a stitched leather case with a great flip-style. The leather, as mentioned, is of high grade. The flip mechanism works with the help of magnets. These are low power magnets and it has been confirmed that they cause no harm at all. However, using the phone inside the case might interfere with the magnetic compass.

    It is an easy-to-install case. Just insert the phone from top and once it's firmly in place, with all cut-outs lined up, lock it on top. The chances of the phone slipping out are slim, as it is snuggly held by the case. The openings for buttons are nicely cut out. In fact, everything from speakers to the proximity sensors near the earpiece is easily accessible. The phone can be used normally just by flipping over the screen cover.

    The case comes with decent holster option as well. Just screw the holder to the case as mentioned in instructions and put the clip over it. You can then swivel the clip easily and set it at 6 different angles. Another small feature I like is a little pocket that allows you to fit in a business card and other stuff.

    You can buy it online directly from Sena for $52, along with many other nice ones. This premium price is well justified by the quality and the amount of engineering put into the case. In my words, it is a treat for leather lovers and maybe even those who who are not much fond of it!

    Sena was nice enough to provide 3 Magnetflippers for a giveaway! If you are interested, enter now by leaving a comment - just make sure that it begins with 'S-'. You even get to choose from a variety of colors available at Sena's website.

    <s>The giveaway ends on 18th October at 5:00 pm GMT. Winners will be announced within 24 hours after the giveaway ends.</s>

    The giveaway has ended and the winners are <s>MUSTANGLEE</s> dmaximob, choihyun and santaf
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    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      S- ayam, Can I haz?
    1. PMwebhouse's Avatar
      PMwebhouse -
      S-S-S-S-S-S-Ssssssssst i'm sleeping and dreaming about my NEW SENA case
    1. FRiiTOZ's Avatar
      FRiiTOZ -
      dont mind me guys just gotta do one extra step to get into my phone, dude that flap is soooo unnecessary
    1. artjr's Avatar
      artjr -
      S- Wow nice case! I appreciate a good case to protect my iPhone.
    1. shannon.harvey's Avatar
      shannon.harvey -
      S-hannon Could Use This Nice Case
    1. hackint0uch's Avatar
      hackint0uch -
      S- Cool I wanna get would look so cool my YouTube videos would have it it would be so cool. Anyway I never win any giveaways or anything (I blame it on the ladder on the landing I have walked under it god knows how many times every time it's been out cos' my rooms past it) bet there are loads of other people too that never win anything.
    1. jjustme's Avatar
      jjustme -
      S - sweet
    1. sTrAnGe mOdS's Avatar
      sTrAnGe mOdS -
      S- looks like a nice case! would go well with my nice new white iPhone
    1. caliguy's Avatar
      caliguy -
      S- Sweet, I like it
    1. StevenB's Avatar
      StevenB -
      S-Would be nice to have that case!
    1. michaelgazin's Avatar
      michaelgazin -
      S- Looks like I might like to have one of these on my hip...
    1. dmighty's Avatar
      dmighty -
    1. brentwomble's Avatar
      brentwomble -
      S- Leather is where it's at.
    1. soccer5bl's Avatar
      soccer5bl -
      S- i want one
    1. Dr. House's Avatar
      Dr. House -
      S- This giveaway actually looks really nice
    1. operate's Avatar
      operate -
      S-uper story bro!
      perfect for my new iphone
    1. RonHC's Avatar
      RonHC -
      S- Looks cool, i need a new case
    1. Amraam's Avatar
      Amraam -
      S- I'd love to have one of these! Here's hoping!

    1. petoria's Avatar
      petoria -
      S-I never win these things but wth
    1. isanta's Avatar
      isanta -
      S-I love the style of the case. It definalty is worth the money. Hope I win!