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  • SmartStart - Start Your Car from your iPhone

    Image via Engadget

    As if just having the iPhone isn't enough to make one look cool, Directed Electronics has introduced a new iPhone app that will make you look cool just getting into your car.

    The app, dubbed Viper SmartStart, enables users to control parts of their Viper SmartStart-enabled vehicle directly from the new iPhone or iPod Touch app.

    Our friends at Engadget put it this way:
    If you already own a compatible Viper security system, the SmartStart module will let lock and unlock your car, arm and disarm your car alarm, pop the trunk, or fire off that panic alarm -- all from your cherished handset.
    As you can imagine, though, looking cool comes at price. Although the app is gratis, you will also need Viper's SmartStart system in your car.

    A new install will run about $499. But you will only have to cough up $299 if your ride already has a Viper alarm system. Of course, you will also need an active subscription to Viper's Smart Start service. If you don't already have the service, your first year will be free. After that, you're looking at $29.99 a year. But at least the app will work wherever you get a 3G signal.

    Jealous of the way those hipper-than-thou ZipCar people are always unlocking the doors to their rented Minis with an iPhone? We aren't either. But if you are looking to recreate that scenario with your Dodge Dart, have we got a gadget for you!
    As if starting your car from your iPhone isn't snazzy enough, imagine a cold winter morning turning into an instantly toasty ride by defrosting your car before you even leave the front door. Here in Chicago a guy like me could use an app like that.

    How about you?
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    1. mikerlx's Avatar
      mikerlx -
      I have remote start and it would be cool if the app was universal to work with other brands than viper.
    1. staterunner180's Avatar
      staterunner180 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Messany View Post
      [IMG]http://modmyi.com/images/Messany/091013-But at least the app will work wherever you get a 3G signal.
      Because that is in SO many places with AT&T lol.
    1. tudtran's Avatar
      tudtran -
      Nice. I already have an Viper alarm system in my car. I hope this work.
    1. TC316's Avatar
      TC316 -
      Another example of some of the amazing things you can do with and touch/iphone..... Very cool indeed......
    1. deezine2000's Avatar
      deezine2000 -
      Autopage Alarms has had the fuctionality for almost a year now. Called C3 technology and theres even lets you track your car via interactive map.
      Welcome to C3 ~ Powered by Moshi
    1. crane1's Avatar
      crane1 -
      Way cool idea, and the $30 a year not that big of a deal. This is just way to expensive. Ive already put about $500+ into my Viper 5901 RS, so common Directed, lets drop the price on that receiver.
    1. nktrnl's Avatar
      nktrnl -
      could also be good if you have last door arming set and put your keys on your seat to get something out of your cooler. Then you would not have to call your someone @ some ungodly hour in the morning to drive half an hour to bring your extra set of keys to you. well, thats assuming your phone is in your pocket.
    1. rwin84's Avatar
      rwin84 -
      I need this in my life!
    1. vampr's Avatar
      vampr -
      So I can start my car, open my trunk and play with the locks...but I still can't open my stupid garage door!
    1. iBlade's Avatar
      iBlade -
      Quote Originally Posted by vampr View Post
      So I can start my car, open my trunk and play with the locks...but I still can't open my stupid garage door!
      And the best you don't get any confirmation as it's only one way control. Viper should have included control of everything you can think of plus leave room for custom stuff like door poppers, hydraulics basicly everything controlled with electricity. Come on just think of the possibility. Have your car on the iphonescreen and open the doors pull up or down your windows have your car in 3D and turn it around to close the one window that was left open. Close your sunroof when it starts raining....man I could go on forever here. Anyway you get the idea.

      Edit: Oh oh hello GPS track your car, see where it's at. I know I know I get carried away, just open your door turn your key and drive...boooring.
    1. Mantis1996's Avatar
      Mantis1996 -
      I just had this installed on my 08 Ford Fusion & I love it. The install was really easy. I already have the Viper 5701 installed so they basically plugged this module into the 5701. Viper is going to be releasing an update to the app that will allow 2-way communications between the iPhone & the smart start module. You will get notifications of the alarm being triggered, etc. This thing work anywhere you have a cellular signal. Just playing around with it I started my car from 30 miles away. (The wife was at home to verify it started & I was able to shut it off). When I get home this evening I will post a link to my youtube video of the app working on my car.