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  • iBike: Phone, Music, GPS and Radar Detector on Two Wheels

    image via Gizmodo

    Leave it to the French.

    Car kits for the iPhone are so commonplace now they're almost boring. Even the TomTom kit, after all, is just a pricey app and cradle. But iPhone solutions for two wheels have been few and far between, and decidedly unsexy.

    The iBike kit gives iPhone-using motorcycle integration in style, with an aggressively designed weatherproof wrist mount case carrying a list price of the equivalent of about $42. For complete two-wheel integration, you can add a helmet headset for about $85 so that you can make calls and access your tunes without dismounting.

    Additionally, the "So Easy Rider" option also allows voice control of GPS, and reads directions back into the flat helmet-mounting headset. Add Trapster support and you have a complete solution for your hog or rice-burner.

    If only I could use this thing on my ten-speed without looking like a total tool...
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    1. didupart13's Avatar
      didupart13 -
      Quote Originally Posted by ahffk1100 View Post
      what do you mean by you taped down a piece of paper with instructuions on your gas tank?
      ^ Taping it down was the only solution for me until now! I'm definitely gonna get this after i read about 100 more reviews of it lol

    1. mdc929's Avatar
      mdc929 -
      thats sick
    1. Gammatoro's Avatar
      Gammatoro -
      I have been stoked since getting my motorola rokr bt headset, works great under my helmet for some clean loud wireless enjoyment while on my bike, but I still had to keep my phone in my pocket. This device is my missing link, thanks for the review!

    1. Dragon RR's Avatar
      Dragon RR -
      like stated earlier it sucks that it won't work with gloves. a good step towards something usable nonetheless
    1. Fallguy's Avatar
      Fallguy -
      This looks like it would be hard to operate , and they should of called it the Predator , because it resembles the gadget the Predator used in the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.
    1. realisticmind1's Avatar
      realisticmind1 -
      Its a must. I wonder what would happen if i took that onto the track....

    1. rdfisch's Avatar
      rdfisch -
      I'm anxious to hear from someone who has actually bought this ... what is the quality of the arm pouch. If this is crappy vinyl with even crappier vinyl "piping" around the edges I'm not too interested. If it looks of decent quality and seems like it will stand up to daily use I'd definitely order one.
    1. CZroe's Avatar
      CZroe -
      I've had a handlebar mount and an in-helmet Bluetooth kit for my 3G since November of last year (and had a charge-through A2DP adapter because that predates FW3.0 w/ A2DP/AVRCP). That said, I did lose a phone to water damage when I crossed the country in December (it was in my pocket; not the handlebar mount).

      Come on! Am I the only one riding a baby Ninja?!

      Quote Originally Posted by clikzip View Post
      Agreed..Great invention, altho ive been told using headphones while riding is illegal. I still do it tho
      Only in some places. For example, in the US, it differs by state but the vast majority allow it. In some states you can, others you can't, and still others you can but they must output mono (can still be two speakers). Remember, earplugs are suggested to motorcycle riders to protect their hearing. Also, bike cops have in-helmet radios/intercoms.

      I have a GMAX 58S helmet and it actually has pockets for helmet speakers. I installed a Parrot SK4000 Bluteooth kit. Other than the ridiculously loud whistling the helmet makes, my only problem is the damned handlebar remote's range is terrible (I have to lean toward it which is worse than just putting the buttons on the helmet).

      Now, has anyone solved the glove problem? All the solutions I see either expose the thumbs or are meant for insulation, not venthilation/protection. What we need is a DIY to attach the "buttons" from, say, dotsgloves.com to any set of riding gloves. This thing absolutely should come with a solution to that too.

      FWIW, the Parrot SK4000 syncs with your phonebook/contact list and adds voice dial to any phone, so it doesn't need a 3GS for voice dialing like this kit appears to require.

      Quote Originally Posted by didupart13 View Post
      ^ Taping it down was the only solution for me until now! I'm definitely gonna get this after i read about 100 more reviews of it lol
      His confusion comes from where you called it "instructions" instead of "directions."

      Anyway, I have a tank bag with a clear pocket for inserting directions. Works great and keeps 'em right in front of me.
    1. cpjr's Avatar
      cpjr -
      Quote Originally Posted by ukoda View Post
      Actually it's great timing with summer almost here. Can't wait for December / January and the summer holidays here in New Zealand.

      VTR1000 Superhawk

      I had one, just sold it a few months ago, 2003 in Blue. V-Twin sportbikes are a BLAST Wheelies anytime, anyplace