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  • Case-Mate Barely There - [GIVEAWAY INSIDE!]

    Up until a week ago, I didn't really use a case. I've tried quite a few cases, and for various reasons always wound up back at the case Apple sends with the iPhone - no case at all. Cases were always too slippery, sliding right out of my pocket, or too rubbery - bringing lint out half the time.

    Case-Mate has pulled me back to a cased iPhone though with the Barely There I.D. Case series. Not only does it protect the iPhone, it's major selling point for me is an added feature - the built in ultra slim slot for holding 2 credit/debit/ID cards. This case serves more purpose than just protecting my iPhone - it's become my wallet.

    And the thing still weighs in nice and thin. It's only 2.5 mm thicker than Case-Mate's Barely There cases.

    They're pretty giving, too - $29.99 gets you the case, a protective film which adheres (safely) to the back of the iPhone to protect from any scratching the cards would do to the device, and a glossy screen protection kit to protect your iPhone's screen. I prefer a matte screen protector, but hey... you can't have it all, right? The case comes in 8 colors.

    You're still able to access all ports of course while the iPhone is in the case. It won't fit in your dock anymore, so I lay mine on the table when charging.

    Oh, and if you're too lazy to run down to the store to pick one up (or pop over to their site) - we've got a couple to give away!

    Simply respond with a sentence (starting with CMBT -) telling us why you'd like to ditch your wallet... and Friday evening I'll pick a couple winners and get these shipped out to you!


    Congrats to tplatt2 and mtmckay for winning!

    I will email you both to grab an address (at the email associated with your ModMyi.com account).

    One random... and this mtmckay post I HAD to give a prize too - "this would eliminate the bulge in my husbands pocket!"

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    1. Neffs88's Avatar
      Neffs88 -
      CMBT - I'd like to ditch my wallet because as a college student, all I need is my ID and my phone...nothing else
    1. dtruong23's Avatar
      dtruong23 -
      CMBT- I would like to ditch the wallet because I am just like George Costanza, I carry every receipt in my back pocket. My back is starting to ache.
    1. gabesir's Avatar
      gabesir -
      CMBT = Chaos and Madness Begin Text: this case is SWEETTTT loving the colors!
      ModMyI always has the cool stuff!!!
    1. d00ditsjake's Avatar
      d00ditsjake -
      CMBT - my wallet sucks and likes to break all of my cards that are in it =/
    1. Khoffice's Avatar
      Khoffice -
      My wallet is always causing me all sorts of problems. The number one issue is I have a bad back even at 25 years old. Even though I know I your not supposed to sit with your wallet in your back pocket, I do anyways, and it continues to cause me pain and suffering. If my case could fix the issue for me I would be thrilled. Thanks
    1. Falkor's Avatar
      Falkor -
      CMBT - I would like to ditch my wallet because my jeans are way too tight for my iPhone AND my wallet. I usually just carry my iPhone.
    1. Dipial's Avatar
      Dipial -
      CMBT- Hey theres many reason why i would love this product to ditch my wallet!
      1) i work in coca cola and to get around we need a card to slide trough doors and since i deliver papers all day its gets tiring to reach in my wallet so with this product it would make my life easier.
      2) I never have money i always use my credit cards..its faster and more convenient
      3) On the weekends i ref games so i just take my iphone and like a credit card with me since my wallet is so chunkyy haha..so i always stuffed my iphone and credit in my bag.. i lost my chevy chase one 2 times all readyy i dont know how =/
      4) Also i once did something like this product i tape my card onto my iphone lol =p

      Anyways thankss!
      Best website ever!
    1. DNAlex's Avatar
      DNAlex -
      CMBT - I hate wallets, and would love this as an alternative.
    1. iCeDmAn's Avatar
      iCeDmAn -
      CMBT - this is genious, the iPhone puts everything in one device, this removes even more clutter from my life. Proof that sometimes even the most simple inventions are the best ones.
    1. johnnyhaque's Avatar
      johnnyhaque -
      CMBT-My bottom is already big! Having a huge wallet in my back pocket make it looks even bigger! Love to have that awesome case!
    1. treble26's Avatar
      treble26 -
      CMBT- i would really love one of these! i carry my I.D. almost every where i go. and some times bringing a wallet just isnt worth it. and when i sit, my butt cheek starts to hurt (i think thats why my back has been hurting) cuz my wallet sometimes get bulky. having 2 cards with my iphone would really help out and i wouldnt need to bring my wallet when i go out to buy a few things.
    1. the sr5's Avatar
      the sr5 -
      CMBT - Because my current wallet hurts my F*&%ing A.S.S. =X sorry for the harsh words BUT IT DOES!

      Edit: oh oh i also think it would be cool if i do get it to have my paypass card in the back of it, and just wave my phone over the paypass thingy, and make it look like i just paid via iPhone!!! yeah yeah yeah!!!
    1. xSkaterOnex's Avatar
      xSkaterOnex -
      CMBT - Would love to ditch the wallet!! One thing less to worry about n i could just hold a couple things with my phone! Very convenient-
    1. GTOpilot's Avatar
      GTOpilot -
      Security Nightmare!

      Sure everyone wants a freebie but youre just asking for trouble by using your phone as a wallet.

      With all the security measures that we have been bombarded with (password safety, not clicking on malicious links, careful opening email etc etc) I'm surprised to see so many are so anxious to create such a serious breach.

      Now thieves not only get your phone but your ID and CC as well, how convenient! While they are at it, they can use the phone to access your bank account or worse while having proper ID and account security answers.

      Again, sorry to be the wet blanket but as someone who is in Law Enforcement I see this as a recipe for disaster. Use the thing as a case and keep your identity and CC's separate.

      Wallets suck for sure but compromising your personal info and account info isnt worth the discomfort.

      I dont want to see anyone get cleaned out and trust me, there are people out there who would do it in a second.
    1. the sr5's Avatar
      the sr5 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Falkor View Post
      CMBT - I would like to ditch my wallet because my jeans are way too tight for my iPhone AND my wallet. I usually just carry my iPhone.
      Then stop waring such tight pants, Haven't you heard the newest news study? "Tight pants are making little boy's we-we's fall off" =X
    1. vtmikevt's Avatar
      vtmikevt -
      CMBT - Because I don't carry cash and my wallet has a condom ring from a condom I never used on it. :-(
    1. llescaflownell's Avatar
      llescaflownell -
      CMBT - would definitely like to ditch my wallet and have some room in my pockets now.
    1. Houls's Avatar
      Houls -
      CMBT - I would like one so that if I'm a complete dumbass and lose my phone I'll also lose my license and a credit card to complete the misery.
    1. BluScreen's Avatar
      BluScreen -
      CMBT - My current case pulls all the lint out of my pocket, too. =/ It would, like you said, be a great added bonus to keep my wallet things in there. =)
    1. robhard24's Avatar
      robhard24 -
      CMBT - I rarely carry my wallet around. But I always have my iphone on me.