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  • Case-Mate Barely There - [GIVEAWAY INSIDE!]

    Up until a week ago, I didn't really use a case. I've tried quite a few cases, and for various reasons always wound up back at the case Apple sends with the iPhone - no case at all. Cases were always too slippery, sliding right out of my pocket, or too rubbery - bringing lint out half the time.

    Case-Mate has pulled me back to a cased iPhone though with the Barely There I.D. Case series. Not only does it protect the iPhone, it's major selling point for me is an added feature - the built in ultra slim slot for holding 2 credit/debit/ID cards. This case serves more purpose than just protecting my iPhone - it's become my wallet.

    And the thing still weighs in nice and thin. It's only 2.5 mm thicker than Case-Mate's Barely There cases.

    They're pretty giving, too - $29.99 gets you the case, a protective film which adheres (safely) to the back of the iPhone to protect from any scratching the cards would do to the device, and a glossy screen protection kit to protect your iPhone's screen. I prefer a matte screen protector, but hey... you can't have it all, right? The case comes in 8 colors.

    You're still able to access all ports of course while the iPhone is in the case. It won't fit in your dock anymore, so I lay mine on the table when charging.

    Oh, and if you're too lazy to run down to the store to pick one up (or pop over to their site) - we've got a couple to give away!

    Simply respond with a sentence (starting with CMBT -) telling us why you'd like to ditch your wallet... and Friday evening I'll pick a couple winners and get these shipped out to you!


    Congrats to tplatt2 and mtmckay for winning!

    I will email you both to grab an address (at the email associated with your ModMyi.com account).

    One random... and this mtmckay post I HAD to give a prize too - "this would eliminate the bulge in my husbands pocket!"

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    1. AZbear's Avatar
      AZbear -
      CMBT - I would love to have one fewer thing to drag around
    1. rabbittpro's Avatar
      rabbittpro -
      CMBT - WOW! This is an all in one! I have left home without my wallet but never my iPhone. This is a two for one...A true must have!
    1. Decker's Avatar
      Decker -
      CMBT - Because I don't have a butt I sit lopsided due to having a wallet on one side, therefore getting this case and rid of my wallet I will be able to sit flat for once.
    1. shiPhone25's Avatar
      shiPhone25 -
      CMBT- I have been waiting for something like this to come around. i made one out of duct tape for myself but it didn't last long.
    1. GameraFan's Avatar
      GameraFan -
      CMBT - Free is good.
    1. ritzthekracker's Avatar
      ritzthekracker -
      CMBT - have had so many difference cases and hated each one for scratching my phone on the silver part but i think this case would be the solution to my dilemma as it doesn't cover the silver part. Plus who needs a wallet these days anyways
    1. lalp's Avatar
      lalp -
      CMBT- I can leave my house without my wallet, when I am in a rush, but never without my iphone :-D
    1. Fubie's Avatar
      Fubie -
      CMBT - This would be better than carrying my woman's purse!
    1. kingchkn's Avatar
      kingchkn -
      CMBT - After Redlasering something for a cheaper price I won't have to reach for my wallet, ain't that nice!
    1. memnoch_thedevil's Avatar
      memnoch_thedevil -
      CMBT - I would love to ditch my wallet because it hurts my a**. I usually leave it behind in the car or at home and just take a CC and ID with me...this would rock and make that easier to do!
    1. england5864's Avatar
      england5864 -
      CMBT- I'm looking for a way to stop carrying a wallet and this case will solve the problem. Thanks!!!
    1. eballesq's Avatar
      eballesq -
      CMBT - who needs to lug a wallet around when my DL and CC will fit snugly in this? Love the "regular" Barely There case and this would be a nice complement.
    1. smmeloy's Avatar
      smmeloy -
      CMBT - I Like, much better than my wallet!!
    1. Bill69's Avatar
      Bill69 -
      CMBT - I need to ditch my wallet! I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR ONE OF THESE FOR SO LONG! it got so bad i was working one night and asked a customer where he got his iphone case (it was leather and had a place for cards on the flip) This one is SOO much better. I hate having to carry arround a precious wallet AND a precious phone it would be way easier to consolidate!
    1. defmute's Avatar
      defmute -
      CMBT - I would like to get rid of my wallet because I can't keep it in my front pocket as it can be too bulky, and the back pocket makes it awkward to sit down for any period of time.

      Please pick my entry. Burlap.
    1. ufc21's Avatar
      ufc21 -
      CMBT- Who needs a wallet when u have the iphone.. which is also a WALLET !!
    1. Boker's Avatar
      Boker -
      CMBT - That is awesome. I was looking to get something like that in the near future, like just for the money/wallet aspect because I'm in college now and less in the pockets is always better. I have a normal wallet now but the bulk is a pain. If I had the case I would have my Visa my ID and my iPhone. Thanks.
    1. mac3194's Avatar
      mac3194 -
      CMBT -i need one because i have my phone 24/7 and i always forget my wallet
    1. Lordslamm's Avatar
      Lordslamm -
      CMBT- My wallet is crushed by my fat *****! ha!
    1. uturn68's Avatar
      uturn68 -
      CMBT- because wallets smell like dead cows!