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  • AT&T MMS is On - Boom

    3.0. No carrier setting edits. Cody gets a text from AT&T saying:
    Picture and video messaging (MMS) is now available for iPhone. Txt, pic, or video msgs you send/receive are included in your msging plan and subject to the limits of your plan. To enable MMS, connect iPhone to your computer and click "Check for Updates" in iTunes, then restart your iPhone.
    Send and receive are both working well for him (who else out there - who has never done a carrier settings hack and is on AT&T?).

    EDIT: A little more info - his Settings > General > About shows carrier as AT&T 5.0, mine is showing AT&T 4.0. What are you guys seeing?

    AT&T had said they'd be launching on Friday... and it looks like they are finally sticking to a deadline.

    Working for anybody else? My iTunes still only asks me to update to 3.1, with no carrier update available, and doesn't show the Photo icon for MMS...
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    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -

      I took the official ipcc and added tethering and access to the cellular data menu. Here is AT&T 6.0
    1. veidde's Avatar
      veidde -
      all im getting is if you want to update to 3.1 is there supposed to be another box?
    1. didupart13's Avatar
      didupart13 -
      mine doesn't work since i refuse to update to 3.1 until there is a jb for 3g[s]. i just enabled it with the hack here Get MMS on your iPhone TODAY
    1. vince_ross's Avatar
      vince_ross -
      You have to upgrade to 3.1 then you can download the carrier update.
    1. stereo313's Avatar
      stereo313 -
      mine worked last night with a hacked update. it just hangs now with the official update
    1. c1ockwerk's Avatar
      c1ockwerk -
      how did you get it working without going to 3.1

      I have 3.0 and dont want to upgrade yet. I just plugged into itunes and all i got was the 3.1 firmware alert.
    1. amusic's Avatar
      amusic -
      It took them long enough...but hey at least it's here...
    1. kuhndsn's Avatar
      kuhndsn -
      we 3gs 3.01 users need the carrier setting. nan someone post it?
    1. deserteag1edel's Avatar
      deserteag1edel -
      I'm on 3.0 JB and mines work with the hack
    1. nickswagger's Avatar
      nickswagger -
      same here, its only asking to update to 3.1, and if i try option shift update and choose the carrier file, i get an error
    1. Kronsch19's Avatar
      Kronsch19 -
      Do I have to remove my mobile config from BenM to get this upgrade to become available. I'm on 3.0 and don't want to lose my tethering. I'm assuming I will lose tethering if I upgrade
    1. brokentwice's Avatar
      brokentwice -
      is Anyone else having Problems sending now ? seems to me was working great past few days and now with the offical launch its stopped working or is lagging bad
    1. crackingadamo's Avatar
      crackingadamo -
      I downloaded the alternative ipcc from this thread and it worked for me
      Guide: MMS and Tethering working with AT&T on 3.0 iphone
    1. jaxon1023's Avatar
      jaxon1023 -
      I'm on 5.5 but I am also on 3.1
    1. xchemical's Avatar
      xchemical -
      my carrier say 5.5
    1. tudtran's Avatar
      tudtran -
      I didn't get that text from At&t. I did the update via iTunes but mms still doesn't work.
    1. jeezy45's Avatar
      jeezy45 -
      so do we have to update to 3.1 in order to send mms? went on itunes and the update for 3.1 comes up nothing else. lady at att says in order to mms you have to update to 3.1. and i did not recieve text yet from att. please help dont want to lose jb.
    1. xchemical's Avatar
      xchemical -
      for the people who do not want to update to 3.1 and cant get the new ipcc file from att here is the new 5.5

      MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

      just click on the link
    1. gadgetguy32's Avatar
      gadgetguy32 -
      Hey guys I'm having a problem. I have a Jail broke 3G on 3.0. I'm having a problem restoring my phone. It everything goes fine until it says restoring iPhone software and halfway through it freezes. Any help would be appreciated.
    1. Imagine09's Avatar
      Imagine09 -
      The video quality is horrible!!!