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  • AT&T MMS is On - Boom

    3.0. No carrier setting edits. Cody gets a text from AT&T saying:
    Picture and video messaging (MMS) is now available for iPhone. Txt, pic, or video msgs you send/receive are included in your msging plan and subject to the limits of your plan. To enable MMS, connect iPhone to your computer and click "Check for Updates" in iTunes, then restart your iPhone.
    Send and receive are both working well for him (who else out there - who has never done a carrier settings hack and is on AT&T?).

    EDIT: A little more info - his Settings > General > About shows carrier as AT&T 5.0, mine is showing AT&T 4.0. What are you guys seeing?

    AT&T had said they'd be launching on Friday... and it looks like they are finally sticking to a deadline.

    Working for anybody else? My iTunes still only asks me to update to 3.1, with no carrier update available, and doesn't show the Photo icon for MMS...
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    1. dsanchez's Avatar
      dsanchez -
      Idk guys the AT&T guy Twitter said it was gonna be a carrier update not a new firmware
    1. NiteStar's Avatar
      NiteStar -
      Quote Originally Posted by crackingadamo View Post
      I downloaded the alternative ipcc from this thread and it worked for me
      Guide: MMS and Tethering working with AT&T on 3.0 iphone

      I hadn't gotten the text from AT&T yet saying MMS was turned on, but I'm impatient and noticed I also was only getting the "update now" to 3.1 in iTunes that others were saying and knew i'd be stuck there too. So I used the alternative ipcc file from the link in previous post and wouldn't you know it, IT WORKS!! 'bout time.
    1. iN2K's Avatar
      iN2K -
      I can no longer send with 5.0+ with JB 3.0.1 on iPhone messaging plan. I had the second phone trick before with regular messaging plan.
    1. dsanchez's Avatar
      dsanchez -
      You gotta patch your iTunes so you can update your ipcc
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      There seam to be a lot of links to the file but they are all hosted at very strange places...
      Why has no one linked to the Apple server.

      If I needed it that's the only link I'd use - well, actually, no.
      I'd probably use SB's one...
    1. brokentwice's Avatar
      brokentwice -
      Just got off the phone with ATT. They told me there network is having problems and that calls are coming in non stop about MMS not Working at the moment. They are trying to fix it..

      you know with all the money we give these jerks you would think they could at least get something right.. I mean they had a year to do so
    1. Magnum's Avatar
      Magnum -
      Quote Originally Posted by McMike View Post
      I can only update ipsw files with shift+update - I can't select the ipcc file
      everyone!!! after you download the ipcc file and you cant see it as an option to choose when youre trying to update you must first run this command in order to make it visible to select in iTunes!!!

      Mac OS X:

      1. Close iTunes if it is open
      2. Start Terminal (Applications > Utilities)
      3. Run the following command: defaults write com.apple.iTunes carrier-testing -bool TRUE

      Windows 2000/XP/Vista (32-bit):

      1. Go to Start -> Run (
      2. type in "command" and hit enter
      3. Type/copy+paste this into the command console that comes up: "CProgram Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
      4. Hit enter

      Windows XP/Vista (64-bit):

      1. Go to Start -> Run (
      2. type in "command" and hit enter
      3. Type/copy+paste this into the command console that comes up: "CProgram Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
      4. Hit enter

      thats C : \ with no spaces...damn smileys
    1. dsanchez's Avatar
      dsanchez -
      My friend here in ct has a stock 3gs not jailbroken just sent me a picture
    1. celltech's Avatar
      celltech -
      Quote Originally Posted by netboy View Post
      I followed these instructions and it worked for me. I am on Jailbroken 3.01

      iPhone Update - MMS - 9.25.09
      The instructions worked for me too. I have 3Gs 3.01. Thanks Netboy!
    1. NissanGoddess's Avatar
      NissanGoddess -
      mine works perfect!
    1. ron4543's Avatar
      ron4543 -
      I have a 3GS on 3.01 and just did the carrier update, didn't need to call ATT or switch sims, worked right away
    1. chadgraves7814's Avatar
      chadgraves7814 -
      My carrier settings show AT&T 5.1 and my MMS works. I'm not getting the update in ITunes for the carrier settings, all it shows me is the update for 3.1 cause i'm still on 3.0.1. I'm not real worried about it since my MMS has been working for a while, but i didn't know if anyone else had this issue.
    1. dsanchez's Avatar
      dsanchez -
      Just tried it and its still working
    1. manz's Avatar
      manz -
      no mms for me. 1st gen
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      ATT_US_STEALTH 6.0 will give you the best of both worlds with MMS, tethering, and cellular data settings
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Quote Originally Posted by Magnum View Post

      thats C : with no spaces...damn smileys
      I was going to say - good tutorial apart from the smileys.

      Nice work.
    1. coolemt's Avatar
      coolemt -
      the ipcc is greyed out on my mac when i try and update. any suggestions?
    1. trevorrawson's Avatar
      trevorrawson -
      Works great!! Just updated my carrier settings and restarted. I'm on 3G using 3.1 Jailbroken. About freaking time!! I'll have to admit it took forever, but it looks nice! I've never hacked my settings before. It says i'm on AT&T 5.5
    1. playboii's Avatar
      playboii -
      Quote Originally Posted by StealthBravo View Post
      ATT_US_STEALTH 6.0 will give you the best of both worlds with MMS, tethering, and cellular data settings
      very nice!!
    1. volcomc's Avatar
      volcomc -
      3G, 3.1, jailbroken, AT&T. Ive never done a carrier edit and mine is working 100%! It takes forever to send but I'm sure the network is flooded right now.