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  • AT&T MMS is On - Boom

    3.0. No carrier setting edits. Cody gets a text from AT&T saying:
    Picture and video messaging (MMS) is now available for iPhone. Txt, pic, or video msgs you send/receive are included in your msging plan and subject to the limits of your plan. To enable MMS, connect iPhone to your computer and click "Check for Updates" in iTunes, then restart your iPhone.
    Send and receive are both working well for him (who else out there - who has never done a carrier settings hack and is on AT&T?).

    EDIT: A little more info - his Settings > General > About shows carrier as AT&T 5.0, mine is showing AT&T 4.0. What are you guys seeing?

    AT&T had said they'd be launching on Friday... and it looks like they are finally sticking to a deadline.

    Working for anybody else? My iTunes still only asks me to update to 3.1, with no carrier update available, and doesn't show the Photo icon for MMS...
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    1. Lazworks's Avatar
      Lazworks -
      Still doing some searching so piggy-backing on egoldy's question of "Not Available" for Network & StealthBravo's inquiry as to whether a hacktivated/unhacktivated image was used.

      I upgraded from 3.01 JB to 3.1 JB using Dinozambas' steps for Windows (YouTube). Everything appears to be working fine with the following 2 exceptions:

      - possibly just an aesthetic issue - Network = "Not Available" under Settings->General->About
      - no MMS via iTunes (Check for Update), IPCC 5.0

      3.1 JB image = iPhone2,1_3.1_7C144_Custom_Restore.ipsw (provided by Dinozambas's YouTube sidebar).

      Calls, SMS, internet all working through AT&T. Still in the process of researching whether Stealth's manual IPCC install is the way to go. Appears tethering is also currently toggle-able and am not sure if 6.0 IPCC / 3.1 JB will affect this.

      Thanks to anyone who can shed some enlightenment on this.

      UPDATE #1:
      Went ahead and updated to StealthBravo's 6.0 IPCC and MMS now appears to be working. Tethering toggle remained (functionality untested). Network still shows "Not Available" <- I can live with the aesthetics if that's all it is.

      UPDATE #2:
      According to Dev-Team Blog - 3 • fun! page:
      Update 2: Unlocked users on the 3G will probably notice that the name and/or logo of their carrier is missing, but they still have full bars and a signal. So far this seems to be purely a cosmetic issue and it doesn’t impact your signal or coverage. We hope to have this issue “fixed” when we release the 3GS compatible version of PwnageTool. This is very likely tied to Update #3…

      Update 3: As of 3.1, the *.ipcc carrier bundles are signed, and you can no longer force tethering capability simply by crafting your own bundle. The good news is this obstacle can probably be overcome by virtue of the jailbreak. But so far that extra hack is not part of the PwnageTool custom IPSW creation.
      Thanks, Stealth, for the IPCC and easy doc.
    1. kagehito54's Avatar
      kagehito54 -
      Any ideas as to why my carrier only says 5.0 after installing the ipcc which Stealth so graciously gave us to make it 6.0? I'm able to mms just fine but the tethering doesn't seem to work it only gives me local access. I'm a 3g user running 3.0.1 jb using redsnow 0.8 for windows.
    1. jarorivera's Avatar
      jarorivera -
      Do the people that claim that tethering on 3.1 works, actually test the functionality?

      Whenever I enable the toggle to appear and attempt to tether it fails and the iphone os removes the tethering toggle. So even though you might see the tethering toggle it does not mean its working....

      I just want to confirm once and for all if tethering works on a jailbroken iphone 3gs 3.1, and if so how did they get it to work?
    1. Lazworks's Avatar
      Lazworks -

      To address your concern of tethering actually working post 3.1 JB'ing - no, it didn't work for me.

      I just tested it and as you mentioned, the toggle disappeared after I attempted to enable the connection.

      However, I am replying via PDAnet tethering right now. I had some problems tethering via WiFi (which I had successfully done in the past) and am doing so via USB. I am not certain if it's a configuration issue or if WiFi mode is broken. I'd have to troubleshoot that and/or research whether people are having problems with that feature.

      Either way, although native tethering appears to be broken with official AND 3.1 JB it would seem that there are still workarounds available to accomplish the task.

      I hope this helps.
    1. jarorivera's Avatar
      jarorivera -
      Thank you very much. I am using PDAnet right now as well. WiFi mode is very buggy and USB mode seems to be the only reliable way to use it.

      I hope they find a fix for native tethering as it was much better. Having the freedom to use Bluetooth or USB was nice....
    1. Lazworks's Avatar
      Lazworks -
      Yeah, I couldn't get WiFi to work on PDAnet at all. Granted, I only spent about 10-15 minutes on it. USB worked fine. It was kind of cool using PDAnet via WiFi a few months ago but even then I only did it just to do it. I rarely have need to tether but would still like to see the feature fixed...and I know it will be.

      Everything else is working fine but I think I may try to re-JB 3.1 with a firmware file that is flagged as "non activated" in the hopes that I won't have to use ultrasn0w to unlock given that I'm on AT&T. It's not a big deal but I'd like to keep it as simple as possible...which might be ironic that I'm running JB with Cydia apps...
    1. jarorivera's Avatar
      jarorivera -
      Yea Wifi on PDAnet will connect for me but it randomly disconnects when there is a lot of internet traffic or I'm downloading a file...
    1. metaserph's Avatar
      metaserph -
      I have tethering working through Addition's iPhone Modem, well worth the $10.00 to avoid Apple/ATT crap. On 3.1 Pwnd.
    1. elmos's Avatar
      elmos -
      I installed ipcc 6.0 and my MMS is working, and no I didn't receive text from AT&T. Do I still have to change my settings to match these:

      Scroll down until you see settings for MMS
      APN= wap.cingular
      Username= [email protected]
      Password (Case Sensitive)= CINGULAR1
      MMSC= mmsc.cingular.com
      MMS Proxy=
      MMS Max Message Size= 61440
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      ^ You do not have to change those settings
    1. darwina's Avatar
      darwina -
      I had to call AT&T 3 times and talk to about 5 different people, but whatever the last person did finally worked. Talk about a bunch of idiots. Ugh.
    1. jarorivera's Avatar
      jarorivera -
      Yes MMS works just fine on firmware 3.1, it is the tethering that does not seem to want to work.

      Seems Apple and AT&T are requiring that the IPCC files be signed so we cannot just simply use anyone's modified IPCC file to enable tethering anymore.

      The iPhone Dev Team mentioned this before they released a 3GS compatible version of Pwnage Tool but they made it seem like tethering on 3.1 would not be that hard to enable because of the jailbreak.... It seems like they were wrong because no one has gotten native tethering working on the iPhone 3GS with Jailbroken 3.1
    1. shawn o's Avatar
      shawn o -
      Having issues with my iphone I jsut found out the other day. I updated my 3G to 3.0 after MMS was released officialy. Was able to send and recieve MMS then as I tested it right after updating.

      I then jailbroke my iphone with Redsnow and I guess that did something to my MMS capability.

      I can recieve them from my wife no problem (she's on AT&T also on an unlocked Nokia E71). But I've tried to send her several MMS and not of them are recieved. I can send here a text and it's recieved in seconds.

      I just updated my ipcc file from 5.5 to 6.0 thinking that might fix the issue but it didn't.

      Any ideas?
    1. jimcking's Avatar
      jimcking -
      Am using a 3GS on 3.0 firmware jailbroken. Updated carrier settings to SB 6.0 using WinSCP to SSH the payload. MMS and tethering seem to work fine. Thanks SB.

      One thing seems a little strange to me though. Although I can send and receive MMS from other iPhones that have MMS enabled, when I send an MMS to an iPhone that does not have MMS enabled, there is no error message. Neither the sending or receiving phone has any indication that there is a problem. Not even the text part of an MMS message goes through. Is this normal?

      It seems to me that even an iPhone that does not have MMS enabled should at least get the text part of the message or at least an indication that a message was sent to it?

      Seems like a very unreliable means of communications.

      Jim K.