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  • AT&T is on Pins and Needles over MMS Launch

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    Multiple reports have been published in the last few hours suggesting that AT&T is anything but calm, cool, and collected going into Friday's introduction of MMS for the iPhone.

    According to Apple Insider, preliminary tests have indicated a great strain on the company's MMS servers. This "strain" is believed to have been responsible for a "test outage" yesterday. So anxious are the people at AT&T that the company will use every minute between today and tomorrow to shore up capacity to a greater extent than current measures have already provided.

    A note published by DSLReports cited a source familiar with the company's MMS upgrade as saying, "Starting at 10AM Eastern (on the 25), AT&T will send out a mass text to a group of iPhone users telling them that MMS now works on their phone. Assuming all goes well, "They will keep doing groups of phones on the hour throughout the day," the source said. Official word from company spokesman Seth Bloom said the upgrade would be targeted at early afternoon on the East Coast, or late morning for users on Pacific Time.
    Sources close to the project are estimating that traffic on AT&T's wireless network could prove in excess of 40% higher tomorrow as iPhone users jump head first into the service they feel is both long overdue and their birth right as iPhone owners.

    But, at least for now, everything is on track and on schedule for the MMS launch tomorrow morning. AT&T even updated its Facebook page to alleviate concerns that further delays lie ahead. "MMS Update: We know you’ve been eager for this service so we wanted to offer a quick update on the launch plans for MMS on Friday, Sept. 25," said the message. "Late morning, Pacific Time, on Friday, the new carrier settings update enabling MMS should be live and ready to download through iTunes. We’ll provide the steps and all of the details you need right here at that time."

    We first learned that September 25th would be the "go date" this past July, when AT&T said that MMS features would finally come to the iPhone. Now the moment of truth is upon us.

    Tomorrow should be interesting.
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    1. mikelarry's Avatar
      mikelarry -
      try going to benm and download the mobile config. I have a 3g on firmware 3.0 and using carrier at&t 4.0. works for me
    1. Tower72's Avatar
      Tower72 -
      think I figured out my issue...When opening the run..I was typing in command not cmd..I know they both open the same window but there was a change in what showed up when I opened it.

      Anyway Its up and working!!! Just sent my first one...3Gs jailbroken with 3.0.1 and iTunes 9.0.1

      Download the ipcc posted here
      click run (vista) and type cmd
      follow the video posted above
      When you shift click update,where the box says ipsw it should allow you to drop down and choose ipcc
      rest is history
    1. indiscretion's Avatar
      indiscretion -
      Quote Originally Posted by RaMod View Post
      You need to have NEW iTunes 9.0 or newer version!!!
      dont worry i fixed the issue on 8.2 i have mms now lol
    1. rawhog's Avatar
      rawhog -
      Alright I got it now!!!! Not sure what the other poster means about a camera icon in the texting area. I just picked a photo and went to send. Voila, MMS was an option.
    1. karch4's Avatar
      karch4 -
      Good to hear that it is working for everyone.
    1. stereo313's Avatar
      stereo313 -
      the at&t update is out!!!!!
    1. eleazar123's Avatar
      eleazar123 -
      Does anybody know if I can safely remove ATT_US.bundle folder from /System/Library/Carrier Bundles and then install the ipcc from the computer? My wife's phone keeps hanging on sending MMS', it never even errors out, just sits there indefinitely. I'm trying to fix it w/o having to redo her entire phone.
    1. Becanes's Avatar
      Becanes -
      When I download the zip file from a couple of pages back, I try to change the extension to a .ipcc, but it stays as a zip file. Can someone explain what I am doing wrong?

    1. vthree's Avatar
      vthree -
      soo anyone have a full working method with a mac and itunes 9? 3GS on 3.0.1 jailbroken..
    1. Tower72's Avatar
      Tower72 -
      If anyone wants the ipcc file I can email it to them as im not to sure on where to put it for a hosting site..Its the same file posted earlier on but it seems some people are having issues getting it.
    1. SlackMaster's Avatar
      SlackMaster -
      I followed this tutorial on my JB 3GS running 3.0.1.

      I can send and receive just fine.

      Tutorial: MMS on iPhone OS 3.1 (AT&T) - Aaron Krill

      The tutorial says it's for 3.1, but again, I'm on 3.0.1 and it's working for me.

      Also, the link on that site for the IPCC (as of 09/25/09 @ 3:32 central) is for 5.1 version of the carrier file. That is what I'm using now.

      I haven't tried it with the new 5.5 though, not sure what the differences are.
    1. laz305's Avatar
      laz305 -
      Quote Originally Posted by karch4 View Post
      Carrier Update file is here:


      Suceessfully updated my JB 3.0.1 3GS to carrier update 5.5. Incoming and outgoing MMS work.

      I had 5.1. The only difference I see at first glance is that settings>>network>>cellular data network is now missing. Apparently, the settings are loaded in with 5.5.
      I'm on 3.0 with 5.1 also will that be ok to update to 5.5?? Do you still have tethering?
    1. Dutch's Avatar
      Dutch -
      i have followed all instructions to the letter but when I hit shift/update and go to find the file there is no IPCC file to be found. I am using iTunes on Vista 64bit
      Can anyone advise
    1. Tower72's Avatar
      Tower72 -
      the file isnt found or iTunes is only looking for ipsw files? If you did everything correctly you should be able to click that box and have it drop down to allow you to see ipcc files
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -

      Here is the official signed carrier settings from AT&T with the cellular data settings screen and tethering enabled. Tethering works great on 3.0 and 3.01 but I need someone to verify if it works with 3.1 or not. Good Luck!

      ATT_US_STEALTH 6.0
    1. Dutch's Avatar
      Dutch -
      i have the option to load IPCC files but there are no ipcc files after that option is clicked.

      Stealth You Da' MAN!!!!!
    1. Tower72's Avatar
      Tower72 -
      LOL 5.5 just came out and SB shows us 6.0!!!!!!

      So how does that work if AT&T didnt even mention anything about tethering yet lol

      Does our accounts have to be flagged for it OR can we all just use this off the bat?
    1. Dutch's Avatar
      Dutch -
      OK Stealth....now how to tether, please advise!
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -

      Quote Originally Posted by Dutch View Post
      OK Stealth....now how to tether, please advise!

      You should have the option under general > network > Internet Tethering
    1. Tower72's Avatar
      Tower72 -
      xtra charge for this OR can we use it with the unlimited data package