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  • iPhone 3.1 "Coma Mode" Reports Mount, Apple Silent

    Apple's support forums are humming with reports of iPhones gone non-responsive after their owners upgraded to version 3.1 of the firmware, and users are growing increasingly restive at Apple's steadfast denial that any bug exists. When the error occurs, the iPhone isplay appears to be functional, but does not react to any input on the touch screen or external buttons, and needs a hard power cycle and reboot before it will work again. The problem - dubbed "Coma Mode" for the phone's complete lack of interactivity when it gets in this state - has been noted sometimes when the phone has been put to sleep, sometimes when it's locked, and sometimes at completely random moments.

    One user brought his 3G in for service at the Apple Store, where they promptly tried to sell him a 3GS. However, he got a mixed message from the Genius Bar tech, who gave him an interesting mix of party line and good guidance:
    the official line is 'it is an un-repeatable error that can't be replicated on demand' so therefore, we don't acknowledge it as something to fix'.... but guys, I think your best bet is to roll your O/S back to the previous version if that worked better for you.
    Fairly consistent reports show that rolling back to 3.01 resolves all "Coma" issues, a strong indication that the problem has to do with the new firmware.

    Problems that can't be easily replicated are definitely frustrating to developers, and it's understandable that companies may not want to allocate resources to chase down a problem that may not be a problem after all. However, customer perception still has dollars-and-cents value, and Apple should be cognizant of the price they pay when polls like this one start cropping up on websites:

    Has anyone experienced this issue, and if so is there any consistency in when and how it appears?
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    1. se23's Avatar
      se23 -
      Yep same, ive had it once on a custom 3.1 it happened same day i updated but hasnt again since, been about 5 days now. funny thing is my mate at work is on a non jailbroke, unmodified 3.1 and his is going comatose on a regular basis, it just happen to him about 10 mins ago.

      Oh we both got 8gb 3g
    1. zwaldowski's Avatar
      zwaldowski -
      I've gotten into Coma Mode a couple of times, but only when I lock it. The screen won't turn on, etc. I have to hold lock and home until I see the Pwnapple to reboot.
    1. boozie's Avatar
      boozie -
      My 3G has done it 3 times since updating. Mine would go to sleep and not wake back up. I hit home and/or power and nothing. Reboot fixes it temporarily?? I thought it had something to do with the jailbreak, but when I think about it, it happened the first time before the jailbreak and I thought maybe I had turned it off. I had the "no slider response" on the 3.1 betas a few times when someone would call and I couldn't answer. It was not jailbroken then. This is a perfect reason for apple not to disallow downgrades. Also I'm having an issue accessing a work related web site over vpn. It just closes safari. I tried it on 2 3G's and 2 3GS's on 3.1 and all do the same. I downgraded to 3.0 and I can access the page just fine. Wierd...
    1. The Digital Alchemist's Avatar
      The Digital Alchemist -
      Isn't that the whole problem with apple not signing SHSH keys for 3.0 and 3.0.1?
    1. jayson9's Avatar
      jayson9 -
      iPhone Coma Mode, how adequate! LOL! They will probably want to charge us for fixing it permanently. Just like bad 3G reception.
    1. adrian1480's Avatar
      adrian1480 -
      don't you love it when a company pretends that issues you have don't exist?

      I recently read that Sony finally admitted to an nVidia chipset problem that users have been complaining about for years. I recall MS denying the Xbox 360 having problems for a good year before admitting there was a problem and extending warranties.

      How long for you, Apple? From "Coma Mode" to Google rejections, you're continually reminding us that you're no better than the rest...and sometimes a little worse.
    1. captjap's Avatar
      captjap -
      I had this issue when I first applied a custom firmware and then ran a restore from backup. I figured I would try restoring again from a custom firmware but set my phone up as a new phone. Since then I have not had the "Coma Mode" issue. Just figured I'd drop in my experience.

      How many are using custom firmware's when experiencing this problem?
      How many are restoring from a backup?
    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
      Quote Originally Posted by The Digital Alchemist View Post
      Isn't that the whole problem with apple not signing SHSH keys for 3.0 and 3.0.1?
      If you are anything but the 3GS, just put the phone in DFU mode and restore and point to 3.0
    1. creolesoul's Avatar
      creolesoul -
      This has happened to me at least 3 major times when trying to unlock the device and numerous minor times when exiting the email or ipod app (however, during those numerous minor times it responded after 20-30 seconds).
    1. sn0ws's Avatar
      sn0ws -
      I have had this problem at least 5 times over the last 4 days that I have upgraded to 3.1 It's not annoying enough yet to the point where I have set aside time to restore to 3.0.. yet.. The other weird bug I have noticed is that when I go to bed with 7% battery it will die over night and yet I wake up and plug it in it turns on with something like 27% battery after 20 seconds...
    1. Mes's Avatar
      Mes -
      Apple created these problems with all their restrictive programing elements. They took a perfect OS and added so much protective junk it will take years to figure out what/when/how. Interesting turn if events .
    1. se23's Avatar
      se23 -
      Hey captjap

      I restored from a 3.0 backup. Do u think that's y I have no problems? Also I had no carrier then as soon as I restore from back up it came back.....who knows
    1. dynalmadman's Avatar
      dynalmadman -
      My wife has the 3Gs32 and about a week after she got it, she told me that a couple times at work, her phone would not unlock. The screen came on and the slider was doing the shimmer thing, but she could not slide it.

      She did the reboot and everything was okay until the next time.

      I need to ask her if it is still happening. She is running 3.0.1, JB the first day we got it.

      But this coma is certainly not limited to 3.1.

    1. lofi's Avatar
      lofi -
      i refuse to install 3.1 on my iphone after putting it on my work phone and my girlfriends phone. both lag in control once in a while and do freeze up requiring a reboot. its really annoying that this upgrade performs more like a winme or a first year vista os. guaranteed that there will be a new os tho, so if you haven't installed 3.1 yet....don't.
    1. boe_dye's Avatar
      boe_dye -
      oh wow...

      I was thinking that my suddenly blank screen was just my phone wearing out...

      In my situation what happens is, i will undock it, unlock it, go to make a call and the screen is totally black. My wife will call and it will ring, and not go right to voice mail.

      The only solution I have found is holding in the lock button and trying to get it to reset.

      Interesting that this is a bug. Good to know! Thanks MMi!
    1. mac3194's Avatar
      mac3194 -
      this happen to me today but kinda different i went into lock mode and tried to hit the lock button or menu button to reopen it and no response had to restart the phone.
      3GS on 3.0
    1. DarkoNova's Avatar
      DarkoNova -
      Just an FYI, I've had this happen around 5-6 times on "older" firmwares. I'm on 3.0 and it still happens every now and then. It even happened on 2.2.1, so this is nothing new.

    1. smuggler's Avatar
      smuggler -
      why would i even think about upgrading to 3.1?
    1. jbarrett652's Avatar
      jbarrett652 -
      Yeah this happend to me on multiple ocassions. Unfortunately I damaged my LCD which gave me no recourse when I went to the apple store.
    1. reddawg's Avatar
      reddawg -
      I can't reproduce this problem as I have an iPhone 3G running 3.0, but I wonder if turning off "Auto Lock" in Settings -> General will help the coma problem. If it doesn't then it probably has nothing to do with the slide to unlock process, but a sleep mode issue.
      integer JailbrokenPhone = 1;
      do {
         printf ("Calling Apple....)";
         CallApple (UID,SN,JailbrokenPhone);
      while (JailbrokenPhone == 1);
      I guess Apple's programmer's should have used an if statement.