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  • Get MMS on your iPhone TODAY

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    Cult of Mac has a simple straightforward hack to enable MMS messaging on your iPhone 3G or 3GS if you just can't wait... or if, like me, you have fun playing around in your phone's guts a little.

    It takes about three minutes, and Leander Kahney warns that some users have said it doesn't work. Your mileage, as always, may vary.
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    1. TheOrioles33's Avatar
      TheOrioles33 -
      Works like a champ on my wifes 3GS but not mine. The camera icon wont show up. I used to have it a while back but it never worked and then one day it was gone. I wonder if its a jailbroken app not allowing it to show up. Strange.
    1. jamesgrenard's Avatar
      jamesgrenard -
      Quote Originally Posted by Dr. House View Post
      Yeah you can go on this site iPhone 3.1 How to Activate MMS (AT&T)|SegaGraphics. It shows how to do it on windows.
      I've done ALL of this...but when I press Shift+Check For Updates, it only lets me look for "ipsw" files and not ipcc.

      So, I can't find the file I downloaded.
    1. mdc929's Avatar
      mdc929 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Carlos View Post
      This is what I did to get MMS working on my iPhone 3GS 32GB Using iTunes 8.2 on my AT&T Network:

      1. Open Terminal (Applications > Utilities)
      Type the following command: defaults write com.apple.iTunes carrier-testing -bool TRUE

      2. Downloaded and Installed the file for Carrier 5.0 file (Reboot iPhone)

      3. Put my sim card into an alternate phone that takes a sim card

      4. Went to here (https://mymedianet.wireless.att.com/app/MC) and signed up for media net

      5. Sent A MMS or SMS from or to the Alternate phone (This step changes your phone in your At&t account and makes your online account think you have the alternate phone as your primary)

      5. Switch the sim card back into the iphone and Bingo!!! MMS

      Hope this helps someone that was having trouble
      i used this method too and it worked great
      i tried it on 2 3GS's and a 3G
    1. ifonemaniac's Avatar
      ifonemaniac -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rescuer View Post
      BEST POST I'VE SEEN ON MMI... thats awesome rescuer

      You could fiddle with all that MMS crap...or you can be awesome and have mms for the past year on the 2G without having a single problem /@$$hole mode
    1. thu6's Avatar
      thu6 -
      i couldve sworn this was done/stated way back on the previous mms woking for some thread...
    1. RandyC's Avatar
      RandyC -
      Worked for me in SF Bay Area.
    1. Plotkin35's Avatar
      Plotkin35 -
      Forgive me if I'm wrong, but if this person is sending an MMS to an EMAIL address, is that not emailing the picture and not MMSing it to a cellphone number? If so, I can do that now....what I cen't do still is sent MMS, no matter what carrier file I try, or settings I use. So me being a grumpt 34 year old, I'll wait 9 more days, and forget all this MMS crap for now.
    1. johnboy797's Avatar
      johnboy797 -
      Quote Originally Posted by jamesgrenard View Post
      Do I reboot it and THEN check for update+shift?

      I'm not even sure when I go to Run>>cmd and enter "C:Program Files (x86)iTunesiTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1" its even working.

      How do I know I'm doing that correctly?
      reboot your phone ater you update the settings
    1. southfrisco's Avatar
      southfrisco -
      Settings>General>Network>Celullar Data Network and under the MMS section:

      What I had...


      mms proxy

      Changed to...

      username [email protected]
      password CINGULAR1
      mms proxy

      I am using an iPhone 3G, firmware 3.0.1, carrier ipcc file with AT&T is 5.0

      Before these changes I had the camera but when I would send a photo I would get the red exclamation point. Now I can send a photo and this time it looks like it sticks at about 85-90% again but actually goes through after maybe 10 seconds or so. It sent. My pop up showed a text message from ###-###-#### (it did not show a picture preview). I had to open my messages app and there it was, the picture I sent to myself to test it out.

      The reason I had the settings the other way was I downloaded the 5.0 ipcc file from another site. The contributor was adamant that it would work without a username and password. Well I decided to add it from this post and add port 80 to the mms proxy field and...boom MMS now goes through for me.

      EDIT: Also I have my WiFi on and the photos are going through for me.

      EDIT 2: It might be worth noting I use to be a Cingular customer and was phased into AT&T when they merged. This could be why I need to have a username and password. Customers who were never with Cingular might not need these fields filled as some seem to say it works without them. That could be a possibility.
    1. loco's Avatar
      loco -
      Any chance of mms working on 1st gen iPhones? :P
    1. southfrisco's Avatar
      southfrisco -
      Quote Originally Posted by loco View Post
      Any chance of mms working on 1st gen iPhones? :P
      Nope. MMS only will work with iPhone 3G and 3Gs, this has been stated by Apple and on many other sites.

      You can get an 8GB 3G pretty cheap now. Check craigslist you can probably get a used one for a great price. Might want to think about upgrading if you use MMS a lot.
    1. danw217's Avatar
      danw217 -
      i've been trying to get this to work with no success... I am able to update my IPCC file and the phone shows Carrier: AT&T 5.0 in the About page... and i've entered all the Cellular Data connection info (user name, password, proxy, etc...) but there is still no camera icon! And no option to enable MMS under my message settings..

      I am running 3.0.1 on my 32GB 3GS... anybody else have a clue?
    1. mediocre420's Avatar
      mediocre420 -
      would this maybe get swirly mms working again on my 2g? It suddenly stopped working a few months ago and i havent been able to figure it out.
    1. clikzip's Avatar
      clikzip -
      i called at&t and told them i had a blackberry, they even changed the data plan which should change your apn on their end. Internet still worked but didnt seem as responsive as before, mms works great tho..
    1. agent005's Avatar
      agent005 -
      Thank you, I knew there were various methods around, but this seems very easy and straightforward. I'm just waiting for my iPhone to reboot right now.
    1. timmytk's Avatar
      timmytk -
      haaha thats why i miss MMS not every girl has email capabilities on her phone
    1. KartRacer's Avatar
      KartRacer -
      Not totally on topic, but many have said before that they get to 95% and it hangs then throws the dreaded red exclamation point saying it didn't send. Is there a way to have that show up on the springboard badge like the way it show you have 1-2-3-4 and so on messages? Instead of only numbers have an exclamation point showing a text didn't go through? Cause I have many problems getting texts to go through all the time and it would be nice to see it didn't go through rather than finding out 20 minutes after I hit send.
    1. kline1's Avatar
      kline1 -
      would this work if i have an original iphone plan, but using an iphone 3gs......i have tried the old way that ppl been talking about but nothing.......is it because i have regular $20 iphone plan with my 3gs?
    1. bteamer's Avatar
      bteamer -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rescuer View Post
      the "latest" method? more like the SAME method that's been around for months.... with plenty of threads already made about it...
      Jeezum bro. I've never even heard of this, so now thanks to Paul I get MMS. Dont be such a jerkoff
    1. ecd5000's Avatar
      ecd5000 -
      Ok maybe this thread has been out for a while ( I've never seen or heard of it) but I also don't spend my days knocking informative posts when I should be working, if it's such a big deal don't bother posting on this topic then but anyways i can't wait the 2 weeks so I'm gonna give this a go!!