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  • Back to BlackBerry? Turncoats Upsetting iPhone Users

    Image via CNET

    Adam Richardson of CNET sounds like a lot of my closest friends these days.

    Unfortunately, Richardson and this growing band of iPhone malcontents are bouncing back to the BlackBerry after flirting once more with Apple's iPhone. And the more I look around, the more I hear people entertaining the possibility of the switch. But why?

    I am now a reverse switcher - I switched from a BlackBerry to an iPhone about six months ago, and now am switching back again. Why? Basically it comes down to the fact that the iPhone is really good at the stuff I do 10% of the time, but pretty poor at the stuff I do 90% of the time.
    The BlackBerry, of course, has a burgeoning reputation as the serious smartphone for the serious person. And it's incredible just how how many iPhone turncoats cite the same reason for the iPhone-to-BlackBerry reversal.

    Typing is what I do more than anything else on the iPhone, and it's the thing that causes me the most frustration. It's my #1 reason for switching. If I could get on with the touchscreen, I would probably keep it.
    Naturally, iPhone's outside competition will target consumers looking for something different than what the iPhone offers. That much is clear. But what isn't clear is why so many iPhone lovers get defensive about the BalckBerry - particularly when the subject is broached that Apple may have to make the iPhone more "business friendly."

    I'm clearly in the minority with my gripes. Most people seem to love their iPhones. Like I said, I'm not trying to bash the iPhone and say no-one else should like it; this is a very personal choice. But at least for the time being, the Bold is a much better match for my needs.
    The "needs" that Richardson and others speak of are not the "needs" that Apple primarily caters to. And at no time has
    Apple indicated the intention or willingness to change its core functionality or breezy components to better suit potential
    BlackBerry turncoats. My point? This town is big enough for more than one smart phone. So chill out.

    The message boards of CNET and countless other tech-centric webpages have been growing increasingly volatile in tone against BlackBerry users. And it just doesn't make any sense. Our beloved Apple iPhone is neither going away or changing its fundamental characteristics. If anything, those who bicker with BlackBerry fans over the trivial and childish gripes that now fill the digital territory between these warring factions simply lend greater evidence that the iPhone and its users aren't "serious enough."
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    1. cpjr's Avatar
      cpjr -
      I have several iphones and have had several blackberries, including a Bold right now. I love both for different reasons, if they mated the outcome would be the perfect phone
    1. KartRacer's Avatar
      KartRacer -
      Dude I work with has the Blackberry Storm and I wouldn't touch that POS with a 10 foot pole. The UI is horrible, the screen moving when you touch it is annoying as hell, and the settings pages are impossible to navigate. I'll never be able to use a regular stock iPhone without being disappointed after jailbreaking, much less using any other phone.
    1. cpjr's Avatar
      cpjr -
      ^I agree, Blackberries attempt at a touch-screen (Storm) was a complete fail.

      All there other phones are good.

      And yeah I dont think I could happily use a stock iphone either.
    1. sirluis94's Avatar
      sirluis94 -
      I cant use the blackberries, i cant use the keyboard.
    1. cmanningjr's Avatar
      cmanningjr -
      I've owned a BB Curve and switched to iPhone. I've used the iphone for work and can do everything I could on my BB.
    1. Kiserai's Avatar
      Kiserai -
      A buddy of mine also has the BB Storm, and he loves it because he's used to the BB interface and likes to have push e-mail. I've tried using it and I find the interface clunky and difficult to use, but I'm sure that if I got used to it then I'd be fine with it.

      The touch screen keyboard on the Storm isn't really that bad either. I've used it and sure it takes some getting used to after using the iPhone (clicking the whole screen just feels weird to me) but after a while I was fine with it. But the BBs with the actual button keyboard piss me off to no end. I have quick thumbs due to a lifetime of console gaming, but I have large hands and pushing a small button with my thumb just doesn't work. I need a touchscreen keyboard to take my thumb image, figure out where the center of the press was, and then push that key. Even on web pages that aren't very zoomed in I can usually push a small hyperlink very easily with my large thumb and the iPhone knows exactly what I want to do. Using the keyboard on the iPhone I can usually hit about 30 wpm with few errors thanks to the autocorrect, although it's not perfect and I often have to proofread before I hit send. Still, it's not nearly as bad as the typos that come up when I'm trying to type on a BB Bold keyboard or on a Samsung Blackjack.

      I agree with everybody's gripes about how the iPhone does all these things that no other phone does while leaving out things that every other phone does. The fact that MMS and tethering are just now coming to the iPhone is ridiculous. But as Apple starts getting all these other features under their belt and starts catching up on what other phones have been doing for years, and continues releasing things that no other phone can do, they have a potential to release an absolutely fantastic phone. I think that next summer's model (which we all know there will be one - why break the cycle this year?) will have some pretty cool stuff and capabilities, and I'm stoked to be upgrade eligible at the time so I can go and get one.
    1. aekhamsouk's Avatar
      aekhamsouk -
      people who can't type on the iphone are retards. and i don't care how big your fingers are. it's still the most accurate and easy to use keyboard i have ever used. and i've had many other different types of phones... with different OS's, different input methods, etc.

      i can type 10 times faster on the iphone than any other phone. btw, using the broad part of your thumb actually works better than trying to tilt your finger to use the edge.

      although the battery life does suck balls..
    1. Cokeman's Avatar
      Cokeman -
      There are a lot of little issues that makes me look for a different device on a daily basis. I enjoy my iPhone & will agree with the others, there is no way I could ever be happy with a stock iPhone.
      My biggest complaint is bluetooth headsets. The whole concept of hands free communication is to NOT have to look at my phone to answer it. I have never seen a device that required the user to answer the call by touching the screen to use the connected bluetooth device.
      I drive a lot & my work requires hands free communication. We are not allowed to use iPhones just because of this reason.
      The lack of organization just irritates the hell out of me. Having to resort to apps like categories is ridiculous. There are some handy jailbroken apps, but categories is just to limited for what it does.

      Apple needs to relax & let go of some of its our way or no way attitude. Let developers start bringing in serious apps. How many fart apps does a store need? If Apple wants to be the 1 stop store for apps fine but loosen up. So what if an app performs similar functions. Your making money from it.
      I have the 3GS & if Apple doesn't change some things by the time the next iPhone is released this will be my last. Having a work phone & a toy phone is not needed with today's technologies. There are plenty of phones that can do both.

      Switching to a Blackberry...No way.
    1. iPhoneMuscle's Avatar
      iPhoneMuscle -
      BLACKBERRY these nuts!!!!!!! iPhone 4 life!!!!
    1. southfrisco's Avatar
      southfrisco -
      Quote Originally Posted by supr2nr View Post
      Truth is all of the more basic functions like MMS, Video Recording, Video Editing, COPY AND PASTE!!!!, voice dialing were all there from the start of the blackberry and if they weren't they were added by a software load, NOT BRAND NEW PHONES THAT YOU HAVE TO PAY $500-$700 FOR!!!!!.

      The iPhone is a great phone for a younger person looking to carry their music, some apps, and make phone calls. That's about it. Someone who needs a professional phone that will help them perform in their job needs something more along the line as a blackberry that actually can do everything we already need it to do.
      Really? MMS? Video Recording? Video Editing? On a BB from the start? Or added by software? You can add a camera lens via software update to a device that doesn't have one?

      The iPhone is great for younger people? You are confusing the iTouch (no monthly bill) with the iPhone (monthly bill). Younger people will be attracted to the iTouch where business professionals will be attracted to smartphones and PDA devices.

      Unfortunately the iPhone doesn't have an app for close minded individuals.
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      Quote Originally Posted by cpjr View Post
      I have several iphones and have had several blackberries, including a Bold right now. I love both for different reasons, if they mated the outcome would be the perfect phone
      Perfect, lol. I am a smartphone freak and have been through a fair amount of different smartphones. I loved them all for different reasons. You put it perfectly .

      Side note: I expect this thread to get big responses. You just wrote about 2 major players to people.
    1. Teoyaomqui's Avatar
      Teoyaomqui -
      Wow, people complain about something that has to do with macs or Apple and they are treated like the enemy.

      oh so this is what an Elites is. Thanks for opening my mind.
    1. dmoses1969's Avatar
      dmoses1969 -
      I have had a lot of phones in the past 2 years and have always went back to the iphone for these reasons. Easy to use and has the best touch screen available. There is no phone out that has a screen or ui that is as smooth as the iphone. But, when another phone maker comes out with a comparable touch screen and has all the functions that everyone is missing with their iphone. Look out Apple, Palm almost did it. I went and checked out the Palm this weekend and its a pretty cool phone. I just cant type on that little keyboard. I love the iphone keyboard! Also cant wait to see what the BB Storm 2 has to offer as far as touch screen. I might switch.
    1. metaserph's Avatar
      metaserph -
      Had BB's and Nokia E61 (which I preferred to the BB's). I can pretty much do everything I did with those and more on my iPhone. For me the thing is platform maturity. By the time another platform rivals the iPhone's touch interface, the Apple platform will be that much more advanced. For me, there's no comparison, not really.
    1. Ozdude's Avatar
      Ozdude -
      Quote Originally Posted by clive.weller View Post

      In particular I refer to the non existance of full function bluetooth whereupon I cannot transfer my contacts list to my car SATNAV headset and to this end not use the system as a full hands free unit as intended.

      If Apple decides to wake up from its comma then I shall remain happily with the iPhone and indeed upgrade as necessary in the future.
      Sorry mate, don't know what is up with your car's bluetooth operation, but my stock Audi MMI system picks up the iPhone contact list in seconds. It also allows me to look at dialed numbers, missed calls, and received calls right on the dash interface. I have to remind myself sometimes to use the car and not the iphone as it's easier navigate and control right from the steering wheel.

      For those who can't work the touch screen to type easily, I feel sorry. I can type very quick no probs at all, even with fairly large hands. I'm certainly not a kid either being in my late 30's. I'm also a business user, although I don't live and breath emails in my position, people can wait or pick up the phone if it's that urgent. I'm quite impressed with apps like Intelliscreen that are useful when I'm on the road. Really handy way of seeing what emails are coming through without any fuss and also see my calendar. I can't personally see the point with messaging apps vs sms frankly. The SMS conversation chain is so easy work with in itself.

      Quote Originally Posted by Teoyaomqui View Post
      Wow, people complain about something that has to do with macs or Apple and they are treated like the enemy.

      oh so this is what an Elites is. Thanks for opening my mind.
      Could you be any more narrow in your perception. I'm a PC head through and through but I can see the functionality of the iPhone through and through. I tried going over to CE on both the LG Omnia and HTC Touch HD. I got rid of both after a week and kept using my iPhone. I've also toyed with several 'Hackintosh' PC installs and had a bit of fun there, but I personally keep finding don't have need to operate in Leopard over Win 7.
    1. rave-m2s's Avatar
      rave-m2s -
      I now have both, I've been using a Blackberry for 5+ years, and will probably be using one for the next 5 years. I got the first generation Ipod touch ( which I eventually sold) and replaced it with an older 2G Iphone to use as an Ipod, and for it's Music making apps and Games, and of course to watch Revision3 shows via Podcast before bed (Tekzilla, HD Nation, etc). I use both devices daily but they serve different purposes for me. They DO work out great as the Batman and Robin of my digital life.
      but then again , I also own a MAC and a PC and again they both co-exist and are critical for the tasks they each perform. No choice is the best choice, Multiple devices gets the job done nicely.
    1. Indutrial_Bandit's Avatar
      Indutrial_Bandit -
      To all those who say you can't type on the touch screen and you need tactile response:
      I have written 1000 word essays on my iphone first gen. Very easy. I have many friends with BB's and they are surprised at how easy it is to type on the iphone and with in-line corrections, it just wins over anything else. I can type faster on my iPhone then I can on my laptop. (not literally, but its damn close!)

      it all comes down to personal choice. I choose the iphone and it works great for me.
    1. RaginAsian55's Avatar
      RaginAsian55 -
      I had a blackberry pearl before getting my iphone. I loved the Pearl!! It was easy to type on, had great battery life and was surprisingly durable. I dropped it several times and aside from regular knicks and scuffs from the falls it held up very well. The interchangeable battery was nice, as well as the easy to clean trackball. I also liked that it had a standard mini-USB charging port, because all the phones I had before were motorolas with the same charging port- reducing the need to repurchase all charging accessories.

      The problem with my blackberry was the internet wasn't easy to use. The interface, to me, was terrible and not very intuitive. I paid $20/mo for a service I didn't find friendly at all. GMaps (downloaded) was good though, the only thing I ever really used the internet for. So I scrapped my blackberry and got the iPhone. Since I'm on TMobile I only pay $10/mo now for EDGE service (which is actually pretty quick on the 3gs, ~200kbps) and the interface is SO EASY. Mail is the same on both sides but I don't even use it that much. Plus the iPhone has my vote for all the apps/games you can add on, as well as doubling for an iPod which lets me upload movies to my phone so I can watch them if I'm stuck at work or traveling. It's nice. I used to have an iPod Touch + phone, now it's all in one. Although, my uses for the iPhone are purely entertainment/boredom driven. I'd only say about %5 or less is "productivity" stuff I'm doing.

      Alternatively, my boyfriend has a blackberry curve and he loves that thing. He's on Sprint so he gets good speeds, it's cheaper than his old Cingular plan (which he used an older blackberry on and didn't get 3G) and he likes the full qwerty. He, like many other blackberry/palm users out there, really dislikes the touch keyboard on my iPhone. And all the things I use my iPhone for- he simply wouldn't use it that way. And all the things he does with his blackberry, I don't use my iPhone for that.

      In my opinion, the iPhone is just a really cool gadget. I've even equated it to being like the Green Lantern ring- It can do [virtually] anything you can think of, but you have to recharge it every 24 hours. The blackberry's and palm's- they're more like Batman- just as capable but a lot more practical.
    1. cots69's Avatar
      cots69 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Melech518 View Post
      One last thing, What other company provides updates constantly for their devices that add features that most would have to buy a new phone to get? Yes I know BB has updates as well, but never as significant as iPhone software updates. So many iPhone users still have their 1st gen iPhones and even their 3G they bought in the first few days it was released, and are able to use almost all of the same features and functions as everyone else running 3.0, 3.0.1, or 3.1 on an iPhone. How many BB users still have the first BB every made and are able to use it with the same functionality of the Bold or the Curve?
      This is the key reason for me to stick with my iPhone. I am still using my first generation 2G phone and continue to update consistently.
      But really,we are comparing apple(s) and oranges...personal preference/diversity.
      Can't we all just get along...LOL
    1. RaginAsian55's Avatar
      RaginAsian55 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Melech518 View Post
      I think its BS for anyone wanting to switch back to the CrapBerry. 90% of my friends of them and the other 10% have iPhones. Even thought they all swear by their BB's, every single one of them at one point while I am with them asks me, "Can I use your iPhone for a second?". Makes you wonder doesn't it....

      I find most of the people I know reasons for staying with BB is one reason, BBM or Black Berry Messenger. The majority say things to me like, "I just could never give it up." But the reality is all text messages appear to be in Instant messenger format on an iPhone. And if every one you know has an iPhone, it would be the same as BBM. They also all have 2 common complaints about their BB's. One is the web browser. The BB web browser does not support most websites and is not easy to navigate. However, the iPhone web browser is well like being on a computer. Second, the BB resets of crashes constantly erasing all of the users data. I have a friend who switched yesterday to iPhone after saying she could not deal with the constant crashes any longer. Yes, you can back up your BB, but how many people actually find a reason to sync their BB everyday. Now when you have an iPhone, you have a reason to sync up daily. Your iPhone is your iPod, Computer, Planner, Address Book, Gaming Center, etc.... 9 times out of ten when an iPhone crashes it is some fault of the users and not vice versa. But there is always a handy backup of all your info laying around. As iPhone users we are also privy to services suck as iDisk Mobile and Mobile Me. Our phones keep all of our information in sync even when we forget to do it ourselves, and also give us the feature of locating a lost phone that has Mobile Me enabled. Does a BB do that?

      One last thing, What other company provides updates constantly for their devices that add features that most would have to buy a new phone to get? Yes I know BB has updates as well, but never as significant as iPhone software updates. So many iPhone users still have their 1st gen iPhones and even their 3G they bought in the first few days it was released, and are able to use almost all of the same features and functions as everyone else running 3.0, 3.0.1, or 3.1 on an iPhone. How many BB users still have the first BB every made and are able to use it with the same functionality of the Bold or the Curve?

      I don't know how valid I find all these points. True, the BB internet browser is hard to use. That I agree with. The other points I'm not really sure about...
      1) I'm not really sure what "crashes" your talking about because I had a Pearl before and it never did that. If anything my iPhone has done a spontaneous reset on me twice whereas my BB never did- but it is unlocked and jailbroken. My BB was great! The one stick up on iPhone was the BB had time stamps on every message- the iPhone doesn't do that for me.
      2) The Mobile Me service is an extra cost and although it locates your iphone, you can pay for insurance on a BB and can't on an iPhone. So if you lose your iPhone you can get mobileme to try to retrieve your phone if you've paid the extra money every year, but the BB can equally be replaced if you pay for the insurance.
      3) Syncing is up to the user. Although there are more reasons/occassions to sync your iPhone it can also be tedious to HAVE to hook it up to a computer every time. BB users only need to sync when they need to backup their newest files. Less reasons, but also less necessary.
      5) The OS isn't really fair. A lot of the software updates are including things that BBs already have- picture messaging, bluetooth headset calling, copy and paste, video recording..... so they don't send out all those updates just because they don't have as much of the necessity.
      4) BB has been around for a lot longer than the iPhone. Let's see how many 2g users there are another 2-3 years from now. Especially since the batteries aren't replaceable I've already heard of a lot of 2g phones falling apart. It's either charging ports or bad battery life or a broken screen that costs $200 to fix. The 3G/3GS costs around $65 to replace, which is still expensive just to get a working screen, but the 2g costs a whopping $170. BBs, as I've seen, can have a huge (annoying) line down the middle but the screen works perfect! They're definitely more durable in my opinion.

      All in all, I enjoy your enthusiasm for the iPhone but I feel it may be a bit on the wayside. No need to bash the BB lovers out there, they just have different needs and therefore go to a different phone. :-)