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  • 3GS iPhones can no longer restore to 3.0

    As of this morning iPhone 3GS owners can no longer restore to firmwares 3.0 or 3.0.1. This is due to the fact that Apple has stopped signing these files and if you try and restore using one you'll get an error. So this means you should be very very careful until 3.1 is jailbroken because if you mess up your phone... you can only go up to 3.1 as of now. Additionally if you do not have your IBSS and IBEC signatures and you restore, you may never be able to jailbreak again.

    iPhone 3G and first generation owners should still be able to restore with no problems.

    via [Big Boss Blog]
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    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
      Quote Originally Posted by virtualcappy View Post
      What's with the "I told you so"? That's not helpful.

      I'm a little unclear as to how this situation with Cydia having my info on file is going to shake out. Can anyone explain a hypothetical process for 3GS users to jailbreak once the DevTeam works things out? It seems a little recursive since Cydia has the files (or at least the little message at the top of the home screen says it does) but we'll need to jailbreak to access Cydia, correct? I'm just curious since info seems a little vague at this point, but it's idol curiousity since its obviously a moot point until someone manages to release a jailbreak tool for 3.1.

      I'm itching to use the Bluetooth voice control on my daily commute, but its nowhere near worth losing sbsettings et al...
      Here is hypothetical for you:
      Dev team releases updated Pwnage tool to preserve the baseband....
    1. RossMc's Avatar
      RossMc -
      Glad I got my replacement iPhone yesturday early on as I managed to get my IBSS and IBEC signatures and also the file what gets put on cydia
    1. jerrykid323's Avatar
      jerrykid323 -
      DAmn!! I am glad I read this , I will not download anythig new untila JB is found !!!
    1. kressley's Avatar
      kressley -
      After the Cydia update yesterday I was gonna go home and get the IBSS and IBEC files using the methods described.

      Glad I didn't get to it, as I may have been stuck upgrading to 3.1 against my will...
    1. Chefanim's Avatar
      Chefanim -
      My 3GS will be here today..... Thank god I had my Stepdad jailbreak it and unlock it before he sent it... He even got the IBEC and ECID for me... I just need to be really careful not to screw it up until the jailbreak is released.
    1. nhoj_yelbom's Avatar
      nhoj_yelbom -
      Quote Originally Posted by jerrykid323 View Post
      DAmn!! I am glad I read this , I will not download anythig new untila JB is found !!!
      +1 no more beta testing until a fix.....
    1. iPodTouchOfficial's Avatar
      iPodTouchOfficial -
      Might be a little off topic but I am gonna say it anyways; What about iPod Touch users?

      I upgraded to both iTunes 9 and 3.1.1 last night, and was very worried because the same thing that happened to iTunes 8.2 might happen to 9.0.

      I trust the Dev Team. They will (most of the time) warn you if upgrading (iTunes or firmware) is not safe. Let's just hope that everyone who upgraded is still able to jailbreak.
    1. envy's Avatar
      envy -
      Quote Originally Posted by shagster40 View Post
      Ok so im on 3.0 3GS how do you get these IBSS and IBEC files?

    1. jayson9's Avatar
      jayson9 -
      Just another good reason why not to buy a iPhone 3GS..... Can anybody say,"Added Feature!". LOL

      I just love me old 3G....
    1. aboudiiiiii's Avatar
      aboudiiiiii -
    1. xchemical's Avatar
      xchemical -
      can someone tell me if you didnt upgrade to itune 9 can you down grade the phone
    1. FeistyGirl's Avatar
      FeistyGirl -
      Dumb question of the day...

      Where in Cydia do I go to get them the IBEC and IBSS files? When I first got my 3GS I did the manual method of pulling them so I have them locally, but if it's possible to store them in Cydia that would be even better!
    1. franklinromeo's Avatar
      franklinromeo -
      What are the IBSS and IBEC files?
      Where do i get them?
    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
      Quote Originally Posted by jayson9 View Post
      Just another good reason why not to buy a iPhone 3GS..... Can anybody say,"Added Feature!". LOL

      I just love me old 3G....
      That made absolutely no sense....try again, fail!
    1. FeistyGirl's Avatar
      FeistyGirl -
      Quote Originally Posted by rimshak View Post
      Yeah same here I clicked the "yes make my life easier" now it says I have a ECID SHSH on file but what really is it?
      In Cydia? I don't see that option on my Cydia launch page on the phone.
    1. Cowboy's Avatar
      Cowboy -
      ibss and ibec questions watch this.
    1. finalfantasy's Avatar
      finalfantasy -
      LMAO those who already upgraded too 3.1..... SUCKERS lmao how many time's do we have too tell you DON'T UPGRADE TILL THE DEV TEAMS TELL YOU TOO. lol... gonna say it again... SUCKERS lol
    1. tudtran's Avatar
      tudtran -
      Y is apple keep doing this?
    1. gmpv's Avatar
      gmpv -
      We can live with out jailbreake!
    1. dmerrill's Avatar
      dmerrill -
      This is very disturbing. Afte upgrading iTunes to 9, it saw my 3G no trouble, but after connecting my 3GS it stated that it couldn't read the phone and told me to restore. I didn't do it because I'm waiting for the 3.1 JB and MMS and didn't want to go through a full restore process at 10PM or I'd still be working on it. I have my EICD, IBEC & IBSS files, but not my husbands (only have the EICD).