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  • PwnageTool 3.0 Released [Mac]

    You can now Jailbreak firmware 3.0 thanks to the Dev Team's hard work on PwnageTool 3.0.

    Some notes:
    • UltraSn0w is not out yet. If you have an iPhone 3g that NEEDS to be unlocked for you to use it wait until UltraSn0w is released (we will post when that happens) before upgrading to 3.0 and Jailbreaking.
    • iPhone 3g owners that don't need to be unlocked feel free to upgrade and jailbreak.
    • Factory Unlocked iPhone 3g is fine to upgrade and jailbreak. It will remain unlocked. If you don't know whether or not yours came unlocked from the factory then don't risk it.
    • iPhone 2g owners you are perfectly fine, create custom .ispw via PwnageTool and you'll be unlocked and jailbroken.
    • iPod Touch 1g you this will jailbreak your device
    • iPod Touch 2g, there is not 3.0 jailbreak yet
    • This DOES NOT work on the iPhone 3G S

    Direct Download
    MMi Member Mirror

    You can download via torrent here
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    1. Rulez28's Avatar
      Rulez28 -
      Where can i find beta 5 ispw?
    1. stocis's Avatar
      stocis -
      where is ultrasn0w cmon cmon cmonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
    1. edwards86's Avatar
      edwards86 -
      Get this program (Acute Systems TransMac) to use this PwnageTool 3.0 Released [Mac]. Comes with 15 day trial period that requires no sign up. I found with some luck. Hope it helps guys. Here is the link: Acute Systems web site for those of you who don't trust links simply google it or type it in yourself. Have a great day.
    1. jpbiamby's Avatar
      jpbiamby -
      Quote Originally Posted by psajcho View Post
      same here
      same prob here.
      i wish i didn't update my iPhone to 3.0 b4 i tried to JB 3.0

      why does pwnage tool keep quitting when i am building the ispw?
      any ideas?
    1. santi_281's Avatar
      santi_281 -
      have a 2g 3.0 fw but wen i try to jailbreak n unlock my fone using the pwnage tool i am able to get to step 3 then it says cant find bootloader v3.9... what is a bootloader and where can i find it plz help ive beentrying to pwn it for the past few days