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  • AT&T 3.0 Firmware MMS and Tethering Details
    So we know that AT&T is going to be behind everyone else in allowing MMS and tethering once iPhone 3.0 firmware is released. The question is why. A BoyGenius report via one of their "AT&T Ninjas" fills in the supposed details.

    The reason AT&T is going to be slow on getting MMS provisioned for iPhones is laughable. To prevent MMS from working properly on iPhones AT&T has added "Opt Out MMS codes" to iPhone accounts preventing MMS. Once the codes are taken off accounts MMS will work fine on the iPhone with 3.0 firmware at no additional cost -- it is included with the standard $20 SMS/data plan required for iPhones already. The catch is AT&T has to removed these Op Out MMS codes from every iPhone account manually. Hah.

    Tethering for AT&T is a different monster. The delay is reported to be completely intentional on AT&T's part and at the launch of iPhone firmware 3.0 tethering will be disabled entirely for AT&T customers. It will become an option at a later date as soon as AT&T has managed to cobble together na unlimited data tethering plan for the iPhone at expense of an additional $70/mo.
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    1. fletch33's Avatar
      fletch33 -
      ^^^ i was able to get my mms on my 3GS with a family unlimited text plan and ALSO one on a single plan plan working with no problems by on both of them updating the ipcc file then placing the SIM card into an old KRAZR i had. monce you log into ATT and see the KRAZR as your phone all i did then was on the family plan i cancelled the plan then agreed and submitted and as soon as it accepted my cancellation i went and signed back up for it again. i then sent a MMS with the KRAZT to verify and when it worked i put the SIM card back in my iPhone and this has been working since launch day of the 3GS. on the my friends single account phone i did the same thing as far as waiting until the website showed the KRAZR as his phone and then cancelled his 200 tex messages and then went back and purchased the 1500 plan and it also has been working with no problems.

      this is the method that is described on a bunch of web sites and does not require talking to ATT.
    1. chemalito's Avatar
      chemalito -
      Expect a pm from me later today Fletch, I gotta go to work right now, thanks for the info.
    1. XxEnigmaticxX's Avatar
      XxEnigmaticxX -
      so i have a question. i have read countless post/threads on mms on iphone. and made a number of calls to att and apple to try to get them to activate mms on my iphone. all ending in failure. my question is. if i have them switch my phone form the iphone 3g to my blackberry bold and have the proper setting on the iphone will mms finaly work on my iphone.
    1. jjr3211's Avatar
      jjr3211 -
      prob not i tryed that a while back and it worked for a while like an hour or to then it quit so i wouldnt waste your time the sim swap is the only way right now unless u get lucky with at&t but i wouldnt hold my breath
    1. ugshotgun's Avatar
      ugshotgun -
      Quote Originally Posted by chemalito View Post
      I read all 6 pages in this post hoping for an answer on mms, and I can easy say that as today, june 28, mms cannot be activated on the iPhone if you dont have the menu(my case)on the phone and you have to be lucky to get an att representative on the phone that make it works for you... Im right??? Im wrong??? Someone find it and want to share???? Or should I just pray while holding in line for a customer service guy that can make magic???

      Wrong: My son has a 3G running the latest firmware; here's exactly what I did to his...MAKE SURE YOU READ EVERYTHING BELOW...TO THE END!!!

      1. Download the ipcc file from here: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
      2. Once you have the ipcc file, then open up a command prompt and copy/paste
      This code "CProgram Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
      and hit enter. Note: the code starts at " and ends with 1
      3. Now open up iTunes select your device; then hold shift and hit update.
      4. Now navigate to the place you downloaded the ipcc file.
      5. You'll have to hit the drop down box to select files of type...ipcc.
      6. Once you selected the file, it will update your carrier settings to att 5.0.
      7. Reboot your phone.
      8. Now go see if you have the camera option in your text message app.
      9. Now, if its there, then you did it right; then proceed...
      10. Now take your SIM card out of your iPhone and put it in another ATT phone.
      11. Once in the other phone, make a couple of phone calls, wait 3-5 mins.
      12. Now go here: https://mymedianet.wireless.att.com/app/MC/Login.aspx
      13. Now that your on the att media net site, enter your phone number and hit submit.
      14. You should then be directed to another media net page where you'll be asked to enter a four digit code that was texted to your phone, if you get the error stating that your phone is not compatible or something similar to that, then make another phone call or two and repeat from step 12.

      15. Now assuming that you received the 4 digit code on your att phone *not iphone*
      Type the 4 digit code into the place available on the media net site.
      16. Once you've entered the 4 digit code and submitted it on the site; send yourself a mms and make sure you receive it before going to the next step.

      17. Now assuming you received the mms, which you should have; take your sim out of the att phone and put it in your iPhone.
      18. Now reboot your phone and you should now, as I have, the ability to send and receive mms.

      If after a few mms's you lose the ability to send/receive them; simply repeat steps 10-18. I had to do it once after the original time; but have been running flawless since.

      Hope this helps!


      I think in order for this to work, you'll have to have a NON IPHONE TEXT MESSAGING PLAN!!! I have the ATT Unlimited Family Text Messaging Plan. I tried this same method on my brothers phone 3GS and he has the iphone text messaging plan, it did not work. My son has a 3G on my plan, and this process worked for him as well.

      Hope I've been able to help!

    1. mxpimp47's Avatar
      mxpimp47 -
      there is a lot of stuff that is posted in these threads that work. if you get it to work and then it stops working, search posts that i have made and youll see what will fix it for the people that have the problem with it turning back off on its own... i know for a fact if your on a family plan with normal devices (black berry doesnt work) it will work with settings people have posted. any further questions feel free to ask me. i set up so many phones and have never ever had one stop working.
    1. bbillh77's Avatar
      bbillh77 -
      i hope at&t never allows teathering as long as it keeps working for us jailbreakers