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  • AT&T 3.0 Firmware MMS and Tethering Details
    So we know that AT&T is going to be behind everyone else in allowing MMS and tethering once iPhone 3.0 firmware is released. The question is why. A BoyGenius report via one of their "AT&T Ninjas" fills in the supposed details.

    The reason AT&T is going to be slow on getting MMS provisioned for iPhones is laughable. To prevent MMS from working properly on iPhones AT&T has added "Opt Out MMS codes" to iPhone accounts preventing MMS. Once the codes are taken off accounts MMS will work fine on the iPhone with 3.0 firmware at no additional cost -- it is included with the standard $20 SMS/data plan required for iPhones already. The catch is AT&T has to removed these Op Out MMS codes from every iPhone account manually. Hah.

    Tethering for AT&T is a different monster. The delay is reported to be completely intentional on AT&T's part and at the launch of iPhone firmware 3.0 tethering will be disabled entirely for AT&T customers. It will become an option at a later date as soon as AT&T has managed to cobble together na unlimited data tethering plan for the iPhone at expense of an additional $70/mo.
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    1. glxyent's Avatar
      glxyent -
      I'm also having the problem of updating the ipcc file using the Shift + Check for update. It only lets me see the ipsw files. How do I get it to see the ipcc file so I can update it?
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      ^ Which itunes are you using?
    1. glxyent's Avatar
      glxyent -
      The new 8.2, I had trouble with the previous itunes version too when I had the 3.0 beta 5. I had to SSH the carrier bundles manually in beta 5, but I can't jailbreak this new gm 3.0 yet right?
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      you have to use the itunes 8.2 prerelease
    1. BOYD's Avatar
      BOYD -
      Quote Originally Posted by StealthBravo View Post
      you have to use the itunes 8.2 prerelease
      so if i have the reg itunes 8.2 update i wont be able to upgrade to the 3.0 on my mac?
    1. vokal_guy's Avatar
      vokal_guy -
      Quote Originally Posted by StealthBravo View Post
      you have to use the itunes 8.2 prerelease
      Do u know the site where that can be downloaded?
    1. Late421's Avatar
      Late421 -
      kinda curious about something...as I've previously stated, I currently have a RZR v9 contract with AT&T but use my sim in a 1st gen iphone and have SwirlyMMS working fine and has been for months...I recently did the upgrade and preordered my 3GS through the AT&T site, my SwirlyMMS still currently works now and they show on the order that they'll be sending me a new sim along with my 3GS...if I was to not use the new sim they send, wait for a jailbreak/activate, could I slip in my original sim Im currently using and have AT&T MMS functionality?
    1. mxpimp47's Avatar
      mxpimp47 -
      No it won't be activated with your current sim. It will prolly say connect to iTunes. Once the jailbreak is released you'll be able to activate it that way.
    1. Late421's Avatar
      Late421 -
      thats what i mean, i can continue to use my current sim in my current 1st gen iphone and then when the jailbreak/activation is released for my 3gs, jailbreak and activate the 3gs and use the sim im using now and my AT&T MMS will work?
    1. steve1231's Avatar
      steve1231 -
      Quote Originally Posted by mr.sparky View Post
      $70 on top of the $30 we already pay?

      no... that's only IF you want tethering enabled
    1. Videodude132's Avatar
      Videodude132 -
      Wow I hate this Apple/AT&T working together so much.

      LAST YEAR there was an issue with who get get an iPhone 3G and AT&T told us that apple did this, but apple said it was AT&T's fault and we had to talk to too many AT&T and Apple representatives.

      And now it's the same old thing. AT&T are blaming apple, and apple is blaming AT&T and it never ends.

      Why does apple claim they have a good relationship with AT&T and that they want to continue to work with them which means possibly coming up with a new contract and staying with apple instead of going to other carriers. It doesn't seem like they get along.
    1. andygev35's Avatar
      andygev35 -
      Exclusivity = price gouging...
    1. NessLookAlike's Avatar
      NessLookAlike -
      Charging extra fees for tethering is ridiculous no matter what price you put on it. Tethering itself shouldn't cost money since its a feature natively supported by 3.0 software and most laptops/desktop computers, and only involves connecting iPhone via USB cable to a PC; "tethering" should come under the same unlimited data plan that AT&T already sticks its users with. It's like saying "well sure, you HAVE to pay $XX/month for UNLIMITED* data. *but we won't actually let you use it any way you want, and we're work our hardest to make sure that you donot really use it at all, if possible."
    1. jwblocal701's Avatar
      jwblocal701 -
      PDANet works great if u jailbreak i never had a problem
      check it out at Junefabrics.com
    1. lalp's Avatar
      lalp -
      Quote Originally Posted by sneakyzekey View Post
      i been able to do the teathering and mms for awhile too
      Would you post your settings??

      Quote Originally Posted by Zwayne View Post
      My mms work's it must have been fixed at some point in time.
      Check your settings and post them for us. We will try them and see if doing it fom the phoneś end, does the trick
    1. NissanGoddess's Avatar
      NissanGoddess -
      any update on how to get MMS on the new 3.0 ??
    1. abuthemagician's Avatar
      abuthemagician -
      If i create a vpn tunnel and send all traffic, can i then tether without att noticing if i don't use too much bandwidth? I only really want to RDP to severs at work from my laptop while i am on the road...
    1. jimmypgood's Avatar
      jimmypgood -
      Quote Originally Posted by lshin037 View Post
      I think you have to have the blackberry data plan but you didnt have to pay extra for the tethering.
      Depending on who you get at Tmobile (I work in the unsupported department... we'll tell you that you need to have the smart phone internet package for $24.99 because our towers now go off the IMEI number of the phone and if it is not a tmo imei well it won't work. this is why you get the "upgrade message" when you use the $9.99 unlimited web2go or the $5.99 tzone package with an iphone or any non-tmo phone.

      BB plans are specifically designed for the blackberrys to go through RIM's network.

      T-Mobile is the ONLY company that DOES NOT CHARGE EXTRA FOR TETHERING.

      And for those of you wondering about the 3G... I'm sure you're all aware of this... T-Mobile uses AWS 1700Mhz/2100Mhz for their 3.5G network. for the phone does not haev AWS or the 1700Mhz freq it WILL NOT WORK on 3G
    1. oscar25's Avatar
      oscar25 -
      Not sure if was in this thread but someone stated that back to my mac now worked for them with tethering. I had the same success. I was never able to log in remotely into my Time Capsule, but am able to easily with tethering. Strange.
    1. chemalito's Avatar
      chemalito -
      I read all 6 pages in this post hoping for an answer on mms, and I can easy say that as today, june 28, mms cannot be activated on the iPhone if you dont have the menu(my case)on the phone and you have to be lucky to get an att representative on the phone that make it works for you... Im right??? Im wrong??? Someone find it and want to share???? Or should I just pray while holding in line for a customer service guy that can make magic???