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  • Cydia Store Going Live Tonight

    Lets face it. Apple does not allow many very cool apps for sale in the App Store because of their very tight (and in many cases unreasonable) restrictions. The developers of these apps (PDANet, MySMS and iBlacklist to name a few of the many) still want to earn a little revenue for their hard work and until now have been forced to come up with their own sales solutions on Cydia/Installer.

    Tonight the game will start changing as Jay Freeman (Saurik) releases the Cydia Store. Just moments ago Freeman announced on Twitter that "Tonight (late) a new Cydia will come out with one package 'for sale' (more over the next week): more details will be in Cydia." Developers of popular paid Jailbreak programs will be able to sell their applications straight from the overwhelmingly popular Cydia without having to worry about the hassles of independently creating sales solutions.

    Whats more is the Cydia Store will have many features to rival the App Store. According to Freeman in addition to application sales "There will also be a method of voting via the classic stars, but are linked by a review, which must first write a comment / review, and then you can vote. This feedback system will require a login which should be based on Google or Facebook."

    Freeman isn't the only one with a third party store to compete with Apple's App Store. RockYourPhone.com is another independent application store that is currently in development. The Wall Street Journal also mentions a third store thats name has yet to be revealed. While it is clear that there is a market for applications outside of the App Store it is not clear whether or not Apple will allow third party App Stores to compete without legal intervention. Freeman says he has lined up a lawyer in case Apple takes legal action. "The overworking goal is to provide choice," he says. "It's understandable that [Apple] wants to control things, but it has been very limiting for developers and users."

    [via Saruik on Twitter and wsj image via iptf]
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    1. boe_dye's Avatar
      boe_dye -
      Quote Originally Posted by monroe0605 View Post
      Biggest waste of space! Why don't you kids stfu and let it will be. Let live and let go. Some of you take this hobby too seriously. So what if a new money sucking addition is coming to our beloved device. Why can't you just shut your traps until it actually comes out? It's not the greatest thing to happen since sliced bread, it's just another section in cydia where you can get ripped of for stuff and feel proud of it because Apple didn't do it. Go to bed and stop writing enormous responses. It's not neccessary!
      Sorry, my thought process and attention span goes beyond a sound bite.

      "kid..." That's funny

      "It's just another section where you can get ripped off stuff and feel proud" That's even funnier because ripping off implies that these apps were cracked...

      You sir missed the point entirely.
    1. jay2712's Avatar
      jay2712 -
      i dont mind paying for stuff, dont mind them charging for their hard work. i mean cmon, developing an app is not a walk in the park, and they dont even charge that much. hardly 99 cents.
      What is really interesting is how Cydia tackles the issue of avoiding repeated purchases, backup-restore, saving settings for apps, and the overall stability post-usage of the cydia-app.
      Especially the repeat purchasing thing. Apple's "check purchases for download" and backing of apps on the computer are the most impressive feature seen on any software market for phones. No one else does this, nokia, palm, no one...as far as i know.
      Now if cydia manages this, only then will i say it matches up to the app store. Oher than that, this change wont make much of a difference to me.
      Good for developers though..Cheers!
    1. boe_dye's Avatar
      boe_dye -
      Quote Originally Posted by wolverinemarky View Post
      is the cydia store up yet? and if it is how do i access it

      yep there are apps u already pay for I bought swirly mms for my mms messaging havent bought snapture yet but am thinking about it, People are assuming and making a** of themselves thinking that all apps will cost money
      "In an interview with The Wall Street Journal , Freeman says that Cydia "intends to charge developers no more than the commission Apple does for his site's billing services." The Journal also reported that two more rival app stores are also underway, including one interested in "selling adult games for the iPhone."

      Perhaps I misunderstood this then...

      And then perhaps I misunderstood exactly what his intentions were.

      Last I read Cydia was based on Apt-Get, and it functioned very much like Debian does when you want to add/remove programs. If I am to understand this correctly, are we to see an end of repository based sources and only have apps in Cydia Store in a centralized location?


      Is it in addition to all of this?

      If it's in addition to all of this, then fine and good, but if it's a total replacement, then that is something else entirely.
    1. dreadlk's Avatar
      dreadlk -
      I Get it! I Really Get it!
      Cydia guys are saying that if we pay and it's easy to pay then more people will pay, so most of the existing apps will get better and many more new developers will jump in for a bite.

      Reality Check:
      Who the heck is going to send PayPal or Credit Card info to an unknown entity who is operating in the grey zone?

      What guarantee do you offer people who are buying the stuff that it's properly made and not some sort of Spyware or just defective? Once money is involved, some good people will jump in, But a whole lot of Money grubbing SLIME will also start appearing.
      For example I installed iLocalis on my phone and even after turning it off and then uninstalling it, the software remained and was still sending out my position and possibly other info. I had to completely reset my phone to get rid of it.

      Once you go down this road all sympathy for the cause will be gone. Cydia will now be a business competitor against itunes. Apple will have new ammunition, this will allow them to go much further in shutting down Cydia.

      Stupid move guys but I guess its human nature to seek the $$$
    1. mythamp's Avatar
      mythamp -
      Quote Originally Posted by cricketlang View Post
      some of you people are sickly cheap as hell. you guys cant buy a well developed app for a small price? dont embarrass yourself here. you have an iphone yet you cant afford to buy something which is usally the price of dinner? wow. i feel bad for you.

      as for the store, i leave the same comment in this thread. Jay Freeman...always working to make everything work for everyone. helping developers and helping consumers in the same step.
      Its like this, we risk jailbreaking our phones, which is now "illegal" to get free stuff which give life back to iphones. We would have gotten bored of iphone if we didnt have free stuff to download and enjoy. Some research I read recently showed, only 5% of the people who get these apps actually bother to use them constantly, the rest just play around and dont use them.

      A Cydia Store, will only mean the best of Cydia will have a price, maybe winterboard will cost money soon? followed by cycorder. You wanna pay for it with your dads card go ahead, not so many people have that luxury.

      I respect what jay freeman has done till now, he has made the fact we are discussing this even possible. But this move will only encourage everyone to make some money and this community will become a money making machine, not much out of the box development will take place as not everyone will afford these new apps and the only few who buy them will not encourage the developers to come up with anything newer. Maybe Jay is just trying a few idea to see if this works, my belief is it wont, maybe I will be wrong

      Thats my 2cents
    1. imnotfunny's Avatar
      imnotfunny -
      so im supposed to trust and give money to a cydia store that can't even be released on time???? that makes me feel comfortable.... welcome to anarchy my friends.... the day of communism is upon us.....

      im sick of people using the "cheap" card, just cuz we don't wanna blow our money freely on apps that arent gauranteed to work.... and i can just see 90% of everyone charging now just because they can...
    1. n00neimp0rtant's Avatar
      n00neimp0rtant -
      Maybe now we won't have to deal with the "Pay apps tied to your current iPhone" issue. This is good. (I am ALWAYS changing iPhones.) Maybe now I can actually buy SwirlyMMS.
    1. thetoothfairy's Avatar
      thetoothfairy -
      I would like to point out something for the people that want free all of the time.... right click on the screen within this window and click on view source...... can you understand what you see? If one thing was wrong on this page could you fix it? All it takes is . to be in the wrong place to mess up things....

      Just think what it is like for a dev to make an app...... and what they are charging is hardly nothing for all of their years of experience..... THAT IS.... if it is a good working app! There is nothing worst than buying an app and it was not tested enough before it was released..... so the devs have to really do their part before charging as well..........
    1. ajl917's Avatar
      ajl917 -
      Quote Originally Posted by playful_cyanide View Post
      Just wait for Apple to walk in on it's throne of lawyers. They'll beat the crap out of the store.
      From what Ive read in the newspaper, he already has a lawyer ready to go with Apple. If you think about it, Apple copied Installer/Cydia to make the App Store...
    1. pacmac's Avatar
      pacmac -
      this will be great app store/cydia store... cant wait
    1. ajl917's Avatar
      ajl917 -
      Quote Originally Posted by boricua4life564 View Post
      wow this is B.S if cydia makes it like that then cydia would b worst than installer and i would rader use installer. i jailbroke my iphone to get FREE stuff/apps not 2 pay 4 them if so then i can just go 2 app store which looks nicer n runs smoother..if u think about it cydia is #1 becuase it give use many FREE apps easily
      You must not have read the articles. NOT EVERYTHING WILL COST MONEY! All the Cyida Store is doing is making it EASIER to BUY apps! Like if you choose to buy PDANet, instead of having to get a license etc., you can just pay right through Cydia Store. If a developer chooses to charge for the app, he can. He couldve charged for the app all along, but this just makes it easier to do so...
    1. Seephour's Avatar
      Seephour -
      Quote Originally Posted by ajl917 View Post
      If you think about it, Apple copied Installer/Cydia to make the App Store...
      Good point.
    1. bookem15's Avatar
      bookem15 -
      what is a couple of dollars? Is it really gonna kill anyone to have to spend a couple of bucks to get some really cool stuff? I can not do what they do so I fall in the category of "pay or do not get" and I am alright with that. Peace out
    1. dualcorex's Avatar
      dualcorex -
      The only problem i can forsee is the drm mechanism. Crackes already cracked APPLE's drm. what makes saurik think they wont do it again with these apps?

      I guess he is just depending on honest people
    1. Poseidon79's Avatar
      Poseidon79 -
      There are cracked versions of almost every Cydia paid app already dude. If someone wants to steal software they will... for the rest of us it will make life easier to pay for and download the apps from a single source.
    1. bruinsrme's Avatar
      bruinsrme -
      C'mon now we are worried about transferring money to people operating in a grey area?

      We have been downloading software to our phones fr how long. We download all sorts of things which potentially could damage our phones, steal personal information and so on. Now concerns arise sending money through paypal. How is sending money through paypal to one of these developers any more dangerous than sending money to someone on ebay, craigslist or other outlet.

      Let me guess you don't pay bills on line because it is not safe, but you will send a check in the mail where many people may have access to the envelope and steal the check.
    1. nycdiplomat's Avatar
      nycdiplomat -
      its out now...refresh and upgrade guys
    1. whatheck6's Avatar
      whatheck6 -
      The store is open now
    1. Broomhead's Avatar
      Broomhead -
      First paid package

    1. JStraitiff's Avatar
      JStraitiff -
      i for one have noticed two things:

      1) there is a substantial difference in performance of cydia since the update

      2) now we know what jay looks like