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  • MMi Gets a New iPhone Style

    In expectation of the giant amount of upcoming iPhone users, and to help out those of you who already browse MMi from your iPhones, we've tweaked our iPhone style quite a bit - in fact, its completely brand new.

    Feel free to check it out simply by going to modmyi.com from your iPhone, and clicking the giant yellow banner that says "click here to use the iPhone style of MMi". Only iPhone users on their iPhones/iPod Touches see that.

    Once you've got to the iPhone style, you'll stay there until you decide not to, by selecting "use normal version" from the bottom left of the page. The idea is though that you'll never need the normal version from your iPhone.

    We hope you guys like this new style as much as we do! Suggestions, thoughts, improvements, please post here, and we will let you know what we can do.

    Just another way MMi is striving to give you the best iPhone community on the planet.

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    1. ajl917's Avatar
      ajl917 -
      Last suggestions of the night lol

      When you post and the page loads, could your post appear right after the page loads, editing posts, and a drop down bar to choose which forum you would like to go to...
    1. spoofdogg's Avatar
      spoofdogg -
      Thank you guy's, I love the new quick layout. Much better.
    1. tattoojack's Avatar
      tattoojack -
      oh and btw it is pretty sweet. Excellent job PF!

      iremember no where on community sources. I know i had a cookies fix!!!!

      how do i thank you for this????

      And love the forum jump bar. A little long tho.
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Forum jump bar is pulled. I was testing.
    1. burdell1's Avatar
      burdell1 -
      I love the new iphone optimized site!! it is great! the only thing I would add is having different themes (like an optional black theme similar to what they use in Twinkle." Keep up the great work!!!
    1. iPHoneHome's Avatar
      iPHoneHome -
      This is much better/faster than the old version - thanks and congrats! My only suggestion off the bat is this: one of the things I like about the version for desktop browsers is being able to preview the first post in a thread by hovering the mouse over the thread name. Do you think it'd be feasible to include the first couple lines of the first post next to each thread name?

      Again, though - nicely done. I'm addicted to this forum!
    1. tc91's Avatar
      tc91 -
      The new theme is great! Thanks to whoever coded/created it.
    1. ajl917's Avatar
      ajl917 -
      Is there anyway we could get a way of going to the last page right from the list and maybe see when the last post was made and by who?
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      It does show when the last post was made on the forums page before you click a thread. I can look into adding by who as well. Going to the last page is a no for now, but I'll figure out if I can add something in later and keep the same functionality - I don't want to wind up with the same old style.
    1. akamandito's Avatar
      akamandito -
      What happen to home page? I always like to read news on modmyi.com. It would be bad*ss if it working wit mmi style. Hope u can working on this one.