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  • iTunes 8.1 to be Released Shortly

    Since the new iPod Shuffle was released today with iTunes 8.1 listed as a requirement you can expect to see iTunes 8.1 seeded in your software updates very soon. According to the iTunes What's New page iTunes 8.1 comes packed with the following new features:
    • Speed boots for library loading, iTunes Store browsing, device syncing.
    • Genius feature will include movies.
    • Default audio import settings changed to 256kbps AAC
    There are also some additional features suggested by the iTunes A to Z page.
    • Parental controls that disable iTunes Store access while allowing iTunes U access.
    • Autofill says "new." The changes aren't listed but there is speculation this feature is being updated to work with all iPods

    As always please refrain from updating until it is clear whether or not the new iTunes will interfere with Jailbreaking.

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    1. BenzoHartt's Avatar
      BenzoHartt -
      Quote Originally Posted by bhz1 View Post
      Ive had this message a few times on iTunes 8.0 as well. I just say "no" to sending info.
      WOW!!! When did they start sneaking that in? What does it mean for the future of Jailbreaking?
    1. thxride's Avatar
      thxride -
      Do jailbroken phones update fine with itunes 8.1 ?
    1. MJedi's Avatar
      MJedi -
      I have an unlocked iPhone 2G on FW2.2. Before I upgraded from iTunes 8.0 to 8.1, I checked the box in the Preferences, Devices which disables automatic syncing for iPhones and iPods. Don't know if that makes a difference, since my iPhone never auto-syncs when I plug it in. After upgrade, iTunes didn't do anything on its own. So, my upgrade was successful. I am able to sync my iPhone to iTunes 8.1.
    1. jfreezy's Avatar
      jfreezy -
      To those of you who have been asking if there were any problems with updating the iPhone with iTunes 8.1;

      I had no problems updating to iTunes 8.1 with my 8GB 2.2.1 JB iPhone 3G.

      Seems safe.

    1. rhoger69's Avatar
      rhoger69 -
      since itunes 8.1 comes out my itunes wont work properly, everytime i sync my iphone it take mor than a hour before it finish.. sometimes syncing do nothing..i think 8.1 is useless coz i never thought the new 8.1 is not that good..thats why im asking you who can help me with this problem..thank you!
    1. k9srkool's Avatar
      k9srkool -
      It seems like nobody has answered the original question, does using iTunes 8.1 interfere with jailbreaking an iPhone?
    1. lightmaster's Avatar
      lightmaster -
      No, iTunes 8.1 does not interfere with jailbreaking an iPhone or iTouch. I've jailbroken my dad's iTouch 1G, my brothers iTouch 2G and my friends iPhone 3G using PwnageTool and iTunes 8.1.
    1. k9srkool's Avatar
      k9srkool -
      So you would suggest upgrading to iTunes 8.1?
    1. lightmaster's Avatar
      lightmaster -
      I would say to upgrade. I haven't had any problems with it and I haven't heard of any major problems with it.
    1. bhz1's Avatar
      bhz1 -
      Since my last post I have upgraded to 8.1
      and jailbreak works just fine.