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  • WWDC 09 Set for June 6th-12th? New iPhone? Snow Leopard?

    Historically WWDC is held in mid March but if the prediction by The Baltimore Sun is correct WWDC could be moving to a date in June. This speculation is fueled by the Moscone Center events schedule which has a corporate meeting listed between June 6th and 12th.

    Although completely unconfirmed it would make perfect sense that Apple would be moving to a June date. Apple has set the product cycle of the iPhone for the one year intervals and the next version has been officially announced around June for the past two years.

    While we are expecting the new iPhone to be announced in June already Snow Leopard might also be coming out at WWDC. Although Snow Leopard appeared to have a release date of Quarter 1 2009 in a previous slide posted on Engadget the latest build doesn't quite look finished enough to have a public release around the corner. June however seems viable.
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    1. staterunner180's Avatar
      staterunner180 -

      And very cool can't wait for the new iPhone!!!
    1. greenleaf187's Avatar
      greenleaf187 -
      Any details on the new iPhone?
    1. tha5150's Avatar
      tha5150 -
      i cant wait for this Rumor iPhone. i hope it is as it looks in that thread. so so so so so sexy!!
    1. yehiamorsi's Avatar
      yehiamorsi -
      oh my god i need this new iphone !!!!!!
      hope it has bluetooth send and recieve files !!!!!
    1. billchase2's Avatar
      billchase2 -
      This would be perfect. For us first generation users, our 2 year contract will be ending... so what an excellent time to upgrade!
    1. BenzoHartt's Avatar
      BenzoHartt -
      This does make a lot of sense. I can't wait for the confirmation. :-)
    1. aaauustiinnn's Avatar
      aaauustiinnn -
      Can't wait
    1. rockjohn's Avatar
      rockjohn -
      can't wait who will be waiting in line for the release ?
    1. BenzoHartt's Avatar
      BenzoHartt -
      If someone is willing to pay for my airfare, entry, and hotel, I'd be happy to wait in line for/with them. I'll have some more vacation time by then.
    1. iluvmine's Avatar
      iluvmine -
      Can't wait either!