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  • ZumoDrive Updated: PRICING, AAC, iPhone App (Giveaway Inside)

    Back in January we covered ZumoDrive Beta cloud storage and then showed a first look of their iPhone App. As of earlier this week ZumoDrive has gone from beta to public and made some major updates to the service while they were at it.

    With the beta I had two major issues. The pricing was a concern with 70GB of cloud storage running a whopping $20.99/mo. Many others also voiced their opinions about the pricing and the folks at ZumoDrive listened. While pricing is still slightly higher than their competitors, the ZumoDrive service is also more innovative making it worthwhile (at least for me and my iTunes library).

    My other (maybe largest) complaint was that ZumoDrive's awesome "store your iTunes library on the cloud" technology didn't support the most popular iTunes music filetype - AAC. While there hasn't been an official announcement yet, .m4a support has been added and it is now working both on my iPhone via their app and on my desktop via the iTunes "store your library on the cloud" feature

    Thirdly ZumoDrive's iPhone application called SuperSize Me is available now on the AppStore. The AppStore version has the exact same functionality as the beta I demoed back in January. Still room for improvement (file editing .etc) but great for the first public version. You can grab it here (free for a limited time only).

    Now for the exciting part -- I get to giveaway free stuff to MMi members! The folks behind ZumoDrive have been kind enough to give me three free for a year 25GB accounts which I am giving to you. To enter just reply to this thread with ZumoDrive at the top of your post.

    Winners will be randomly selected on March 6th, 2009.
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    1. hybirdd's Avatar
      hybirdd -

      dude that sounds so awsome

      soo to those who post after me, what do you do when you got 25 GB in the Cloud?

      <i>Ps: first
    1. agent005's Avatar
      agent005 -

      and to you hybridd, it means your data can be stored on an external server that you can connect to with internet access. I loved the looks of ZumoDrive because it tricks your computer into thinking it was local- similar to your C drive on your computer now. I tried the beta and LOVED it. It is just simply amazing.

      I hope I win...I could really use this hahaha
    1. wtfisanIphone's Avatar
      wtfisanIphone -
      That would be sick to win this

      PS: 3rd l0l
    1. KelvinalF's Avatar
      KelvinalF -

      I'd love to be picked
    1. skeredmobile's Avatar
      skeredmobile -

      ive been using the beta... im living it!
    1. i8d14u's Avatar
      i8d14u -

      This sounds good, but the price is still kind of step!
    1. Onemajorflaw's Avatar
      Onemajorflaw -

      Sweet! I can delete some stuff off my phone finally...
    1. c0mpguru's Avatar
      c0mpguru -

      This would be cool to have!
    1. CAPcadetJC's Avatar
      CAPcadetJC -

      Awesome, I would love to have this!
    1. VPxPrettyBoy's Avatar
      VPxPrettyBoy -
    1. SUPER FLY's Avatar
      SUPER FLY -
      This would be really handy for school stuff.
    1. Ramsin5894's Avatar
      Ramsin5894 -

      This is sick.
      I hope i win =p
    1. mbrooksr's Avatar
      mbrooksr -
    1. B-Mo's Avatar
      B-Mo -

      I am using the free 1GB version on all my machines and iPhone and absolutely love it! Great service!
    1. techgirl's Avatar
      techgirl -

      Loving it! I love Simplify Media, but only on wifi.
    1. skyhighrocks's Avatar
      skyhighrocks -
    1. dualcorex's Avatar
      dualcorex -

      WOW this would be fantastic for college. Make my life so much easier
    1. lencho's Avatar
      lencho -
    1. jabij1's Avatar
      jabij1 -

      Awesome..I would love one of these accounts. Thanks for the opportunity!
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      Would be great for iTunes

      EDIT: I love how nearly everyone entering the giveaway so far has less than 50 posts >_>